Arsenal target makes it clear he is moving on

Arsenal target looking more likely by the day!

Whilst Arsenal fans remain fearful of what may happen to one of their current fullbacks in the form of Hector Bellerin, at least there has been a big boost from a class defender who could be joining the club!

We must all surely know the score on Ricardo Rodriguez by now! He’s a Swiss international left back currently playing his trade out in Germany with Wolfsburg. But Rodriguez is now looking for a move away from the club, with Arsenal being one of many suitors.

Rodriguez has already outlined his desire to play with Swiss international teammate Granit Xhaka at club level and that in itself gave Arsenal fans a major boost. Now the defender has gone one step further by confirming that he is more than likely to move on this summer! Let’s hope The Lord Bendtner had a few words with Rodriguez before the former Gunner got the boot out of Wolfsburg!

Speaking about a future transfer, Rodriguez confirmed his current situation to the media. In a report that was picked up by the Metro, Rodriguez was quoted saying: ‘It’s all open. Nor is it impossible to continue to play in Wolfsburg, even if it is currently unrealistic.’

It may not be the most certain levels of assurance but it seems like he definitely knows where he wants to be playing next season. Even the Sporting Director Klaus Allofs seems resigned to losing one of their star players, saying: ‘The agreement was indeed made with Ricardo. As we have recently entertained, was clear: His idea is to leave us.’

It is a positive boost for the Gunners on a day that has surrounded nothing but bad news, especially concerning reports of a Jamie Vardy snub and a Hector Bellerin tap up from Barcelona. Hopefully this is the only story out of the three that turns out to be the truth!


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  1. Never mind Rodriguez I just read on SKy Sports Henrik Mik close to signing for Arsenal, yes please 🙂
    Jansen has gone to the spuds then, damn it they did need another striker and now they’ve got one 🙁

      1. Yep, I would even have a little hope it read “sky understands” and not sky reporting posting what the Sun wrote. Calm down man.

        1. It is actually “claim” and not “understands” …
          “The Sun claim Arsenal are closing in on a £25m deal to sign playmaker Henrikh Mkhitaryan.” Sky Sports

  2. Are you sure about that Mikky story on Skysports??????

    I will be over the moon!
    At least we can enjoy that for now and forget the Vardy nonsense….

    However,Dortmund will definately lose the Bundesliga again…they have lost Hummels,Gundogan,and may potentially lose Mikky and Auba too..that the core of their team!

  3. I believe it’s true that he want’s to come to Arsenal. it’s nice when it turns out players are eager on joining the Gunners. Sissoko one wouldn’t be like this, newc are in championship yet want rid asap. Suarez done similar by courting us, but liv fans begged him to stay. Sissoko no, Rodriguez yes please. Really wont know which end is up, if Vardy does not intend on grabbing his Gunners opportunity. Bellerin, we can only hope that he meant it when saying, London is his home for the foreseeable future, and very happy.

  4. OT:
    Theo Walcott wants to stay at Arsenal according to ESPN FC …
    Off course he will stay, no one is going to match the 140k/w, one of Wenger madness …

    1. Thats funny you say one of Wenger madness when 80% of Arsenal fans wanted Walcotts contract to be renewed and even said he should play in the striker role.

      I have and will always maintain that Walcott was and is an over hyped english player. If he wasnt english he would have been shipped out long time ago.

      1. LOL @awesome gunners, i was just going to say that. People on here acting like a couple seasons ago we weren’t almost worshiping Walcott.

  5. L()L

    so…now everybody on justarsenal be turning reporters and pundits all of a sudden?

    Stuffs like according to skysports, sun, BBC etc trending

  6. I have this believe that Wenger is serious in the transfer market and ready to add to the team. just allow the Europe guys concentrate on their international game.

  7. It seems once again striker wise we might be left wanting. I have a feeling Vardy is all smoke and mirrors and won’t happen, he just wants more money from Leics. Aub looks to be heading to City (he was never a likely Arsenal signing anyway) Jansen gone to the Spuds for 12 mill (great business if true) Lukaku? If he moves Chelsea surely would be getting first dibs on him. So who is left? Ibra? He will go to Man U if anywhere….who else? Lacazette possibly? I think he might be quite good for us but unproven in BPL….although I heard West Ham were after him.

    So who is left? Anyone who shines in the Euros going to be 3 times the cost when Euros finish so Arsenal won’t pay.

    I think we are going to be left with the forwards we have with Arsene quoting none were suitable and available. Vardy isn’t coming I am sure of it, I am more disappointed we missed out on Jansen.

    Might be a long transfer window….best just to enjoy the Euros and not worry too much….we been here a few times now so should be used to it.

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