Arsenal target on his way to London to seal transfer

Arsenal fans will be hoping that this early signing will prove to be the first a few new players that Arsene Wenger will add to our injury hit squad over the next few weeks and if you believe even half of the Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds then young Mohamed Elneny will certainly not be the only addition.

The 23-year old midfielder from Swiss club Basel looks like he will be the first though, as The Mirror is reporting that he will be flying straight to London after his christmas break back in Egypt rather than returning to his current club.

We have already agree a transfer fee of around £5 million apparently and the discussions on personal terms are almost done and dusted, so Elneny could be a Gunner in the next few days. The Egypt international has already earned a great deal of experience with his country and has proved himself to be a talented and versatile player.

He is an all round midfielder with more of a goal threat than our injured Frenchman Francis Coquelin and has already scored six goals for Basel this season so it could well be that Wenger sees him more as competition and cover for Ramsey and Cazorla than Flamini and Coquelin.

If that is the case, which other midfielder would you like to see come to Arsenal in the January transfer window?

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  1. i’m currentLy on my way to London to seaL a 3yr deaL that will see me earn as much as 150k per week with Arsenal

    what!….. U guys ain’t excited?

    1. Why the hell would we sign him if he does we will not win this league. Get Premier League players to help us win this League its commen bloody sense imo.

      1. sorry your opinion is not even near common sense.. dont think that your opinion has to be the most intelligent one… i would even go as far and say that your opinion is stupid
        why should it be common sense that a manager has to buy premier league players…
        was monreal a premier league player? gabriel? the only premiee league players we have are cech, ramsey and the english ones + debuchy i think… most of our players never played in the PL before they came to us.
        so my verdict your opinion is just arrogant and stupid

        1. To help in January to push for the title in a league that some players dont settle to straight away is not a smarter option or a possibly safer than an unknown sorta player coming in to shore up and defensivly hold a Premier League winning team! Okay if thats a smarter option then by all means he a better bet than Wanyama!!

          1. In the summer by all means go for foreign players but atm the smart bets are on the ones who are settled in England playing well and could really step in NOW for Coquelin and give him great competiton just not cover! Its not stupid mate! Oh and is Gabriel trusted after a year at the Club by Wenger? Dont think so.

            1. Monreal wasn’t a summer signing and it’s easier for defensive players to adapt to the league than it is for attacking dribblers. Coquelin was brought from Charlton, but did he struggle? NO. And most importantly, many of the PL players are mediocre in CL and lack the TECHNICAL ability to play the Arsenal way. It’s absurd how people mistrust Wenger’s judgement in players when he’s consistently proven the media wrong with the gems he’s unearthed. Meanwhile LVG and Mourinho continued to get support in the transfer even though they bought flops these past 2 seasons

              1. Mahrez and Vardy cost 1.2m combined….Wenger would have been crucified by the self appointed experts on this site for buying them!

                1. Thats a lie and it doestn even make sense, knowing that we had many good players in the past who did cost almost nothing.

                  The fact that we do miss on such good talents says that our talent spotters and Wenger failed to move this time. To many mistakes and you pay the pice for it. In this case, if we want to have Mahrez 25mil we need to hand them over.

                  1. Mahrez cost 350k to buy and Vardy 868k. What part is a lie? If it’s that certain people on here would have slagged Wenger for buying ‘nobodies’ then look at your own comment below that ‘5m players won’t make you a better side’….but then Vardy and Mahrez prove you wrong…don’t they!? You don’t seem to have a consistent opinion, even on the same article. Zzzz.

                    1. This 5 mil guy is no news to many, and we all know why we are after him in the first place. Its not bec of his quality alone.

    1. they are naughty…….. The least they could do is be happy for my signature……..and the fact i would bring so much to the team……. That’s something to get anyone thrilled!

  2. The sooner he signs and starts the better (Elneny)

    I still can’t believe last nig?hts result! ?
    To lose to Southampton is bad enough but to concede 4 without even scoring 1 is beyond a Joke!

    And it’s Bournemouth up next, who are in better form than Southampton, Can everyone just stop talking about us winning the premier league now!
    Its obviously putting to much pressure on our Unpredictables ( bounce back crew!)

    1. we went to saint mary’s to play southampton 4 nothing ……… Yea u got it right

      4 : nothing

      the fact that we have Bournemouth to play 2moro, onLy helps to calm my nerves and quickly forget Last night…..

  3. Arsenal is struggeling to become champions in a current crippled worne out leauge. The fact that Chelsea Manure and City are also doing so bad is shocking.

    Arsenal to become champion need to emulate the ones who are champions. 5mil buy wont make you a better side.

    You get what you pay. You pay 5 mil and you expect him to do what exactly?

    Paulista needs to start, and if Wenger thinks Paulista is not up for the job then pay the money for John Stones and spare us the torture of watching Mertesacker ever again. What are 35 mil for a playe who could cover this poz for the upcoming 10 years.

    Pay the money for Grzegorz Krychowiak. Not to cover Coquelin but rather to make them compete.

    Pay the money for Lucas Moura if Psg decides to sell him. He is Walcott who can play also ball. Right side would be covered.

    At the last in my wish list. Jack Butland. The future is him. We have the money and we need to make use of it. Comon Wenger. Spend the f. moneeeeee

    1. Bang on! We are only in this position because the other top sides are doing so poorly! Penny pinching wenger at it again!
      Pay the cash and get carvalho, young strong physical presence that we need
      Mert has to be replaced
      And lucas would be a class signing

    2. If your going to say something along the lines of you get what you pay for you could at least add although there are exceptions, Ryad Marhez cost Leic less than 100 grand from le harve and yet many on here want us to pay 20-30m to get him. There are many examples from both ends of spectrum working out and to money wasted.

      Gab should be playing if good enough, your opinion. Mert was in those last games where we won and against city he was a contender for man of match. When Gab last played we also dropped points. I know people like to blame someone but in this case it is not one error which cost us points, the entire team let us down. We looked more jaded than sou and lacked the fight needed. There were decisions gone against us but that is not why we lost. Arsene and his staff did little it would seem in preparing for this crucial game, but we are only reaching the half way point so a long way to go, we are definitely still one of the favorites and I agree that we need a signing or two. Even if it’s an impact signing to get everyone on there toes again, I trust Wengers judgement on players more so than a price tag.

      1. Well all fine and good, but we do not have the time and luxury of gambling and experimenting with uknown players. We are supposed to deliver now. Leicercity are just happy to be around. They have nothing to lose.

        Mertesacker is to slow. The epl has to many good teams who have fast attacking players. The fact that Mertesacker got bullied by a player half of his size is a big point of concerne. Wenger is stubborn in being stubborn.

        Its bec of him that players like Denilson and Nicklas Bendtner played over 200 games each for Arsenal.

        I trust Wenger judgment on players, but i dont trust his honesty towards his actions. He probably understands football and players better then everyone else in the world, but he is not honest in the things he does.

    3. Very nice logic.But a passing thought- Chelsea spend 80mil in the summer to our 10mil. So spending moneee is not the answer. Need quality not quantity and don’t buy for the sake of it.

      1. It is the answer Sumo. ( welcome baack). Money means quality. Chelsea are the current champions, that they face such horrofic times these days is no big problem to them. They will be back next year. Quality comes with a price, a price we tend to refuse to match way to often.

  4. Why (allegedly) spend 5 million on a bench player who will disappear when santi, coq, and Wilshire return from injury? Rather let chambers prove himself or loan him out.

    Players need a rocket, not backup for the backup midfielder.

    Wonder if players would have had same spineless effort if healthy Sanchez was on the pitch? Sanchez has earned captain’s armband.

    As far as post match thoughts; garbage in garbage out. Stop with blaming ref nonsense, it’s childish and beneath professional athletes and managers.

    Losses happen; being out worked is unforgivable. Work harder than opponent or just as hard as opponent. See Leicester city for reference.

    If this game was for 4th place Arsenal would have won 5-4.

      1. @soopa aeon

        Arsenal consistent with speeches and talking; unfortunately, no points awarded for twitter.

        Too many expectations come with winning the title; easier for Arsenal to finish 3rd or 4th and cash champions league checks.

        Ready for santi and Coq to return, had my fill of Flamini and Ramsey. Call me a mug, plastic, etc…. but I’m not drinking the Ramsey Kool aid. Guy is average and never be world class. Seriously, he’ll never outplay santi, not even close tbh.

        I’m done, so have at my comments

  5. Players that must be discarded are Giroud Flamini Mertesacker Campbell. Some of you might disagree with Giroud but he is just not good enough for a club like Arsenal.

    1. u show up after an epic win against citeh to cruxify Giroud against soton……..

      U’d get slaughtered on ere for it…..prepare urself

    2. Giroud is going to this years pl golden boot winner, he’s in the running and doing better than Costa among others. Also he is one of our best fighters, great on defending corners and can play a bit too. Of course Giroud is good enough to play for AFC, we just need more options or else less injuries ..either one and we’d be sorted.

      For the most part Mert is undroppable, his partnership with Kos is awesome. He is one of our calm heads with bags of experience. The only problem is when we don’t play as a team he can get isolated and targeted because of lack with pace, but allot of the time it is not he who plays the opponent on side. If we had of set up like we were playing against a top side Mert and our players would have done a whole lot better, but we didn’t keep a rigid shape and play on counter ..we need to stop underestimating Southampton.

      1. Problem with Kosc and Mert is when we go behind in a game. We push up and both become suicidal. Kosc even more so, because he has to continually see where Mert is and decide weather to play onside or offside when balls are passed through.

        I was really surprised that is was Koscielny under pressure from shane long and not Mert yesterday.

  6. We were the worst team on boxing day. Even though Manu and Chelsea are having a worser season than us, I dont exactly remember them losing by 4 goals in a game, mind you it could’ve been much worse yesterday.

    Pre match against Southampton, what was Walcott saying to BT Sport? Then what performance did he give and the rest of the team for that matter? That is why I hate it when the players talk and get ahead of themself.

    Worse thing about is tomorrow some players will have to be rested. Which means some of the players you saw on the bench will have to start, like Ox, Maybe Chambers, Gibbs, maybe even the surprise inclusion of Iwobi. Atleast give Raine Adelaide a chance.

    Did you know, Ox does more on Twitter than he does on the pitch in games for Arsenal?

  7. The brand of good football we’ve come to be known for is fast dissapearing as well. We only play good football in 1 or 2 games a month now. Even a slide rule pass is rare these days.

    We can’t win from losing positions. Only wins so far this season from losing position was Crystal Palace and Leicester. We were lucky in those games, second goal was own goal against Palace, and Leicester could’ve been 3-0 up before we scored our first goal. They hit the woodwork twice after or before 1-0.

    Against everyone else we’ve fallen behind to, we weren’t able to win games. This is a mental problem.

  8. I’m really worried for tomorrows game as well. The main reason being is the number of players that will come into the side, as other will have to be rested. Ox, Chambers, Gibbs, Debuchy, Paulista will most likely start tomorrow, and that is not good news. Paulista will be a good replacement to have, and maybe Debuchy because Bellerin has gone of the boil in recent games. But the others are a big worry.

  9. Arsenal are planning to swoop for Mexican winger Jurgen Damm, reports Metro.

    According to Medio Tiempo, the 23-year-old whizzkid is on Arsene Wenger’s transfer radar, with current Liga MX side Tigres UANL rating him at £10.1m.

    However the tricky dribbler is attracting interest from all over Europe and the Gunners will have to fight off the likes of PSG and Sporting Lisbon to seal the deal.

    If successful, the Emirates will be graced by the second-fastest player in the world, after being clocked at 35.23km/h with the ball at his feet by a FIFA study – only beaten by former Tottenham star Gareth Bale.

    This isn’t the only Mexican that the Gunners have been linked with in January, after former Man United striker Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez also emerged as a transfer target for the Gunners, after scoring an impressive 19 goals in 21 games at Bundesliga outfit Bayer Leverkusen.

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