Arsenal target to announce the team he is joining soon

Arsenal target, Julian Draxler will announce his new team in March. This is what Bild is reporting about the future of the PSG man.

He has been a target of the Gunners before he moved to France and was one of the players being touted to make the move to the Emirates in the last summer transfer window.

That move never happened, and the Gunners remain interested in signing him, claims Bild.

The report says that he will not be leaving France this month as he intends to honour the remaining part of his deal with the French champions.

However, he will announce where his future lies in two months.

Draxler has become less important at PSG in recent seasons, but that is mainly down to the fact that the team itself is filled with quality players.

The German would probably make a solid contribution at Arsenal and landing him for nothing would be a masterstroke from Mikel Arteta.

As he has set the date to announce his new team, the Gunners have the time to tempt him into reaching a pre-contract agreement with them before that time.

He has played in 11 Ligue 1 games this season, returning 2 goals.

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  1. Sorry, this applies even more so for this article…BEWARE OF FREEBIES

    In the past decade Arsenal has loved them some free transfers, unfortunately there isn’t a single success story to be had when you take a closer look at the facts…don’t get me wrong, if we managed to get WIllian on free, then paid him a reasonable wage befitting someone who was going to be primarily a later game sub, like at Chelsea, then I’m probably not so bent out of shape about the move…instead we paid him like a focal point, everyday starter, that was in the prime of his career, which is absolutely ludicrous on the part of an organization that pretends to be in transitional mode and who has likewise already invested heavily in the same position Willian plays(if you remember though there was some talk about him playing more centrally, maybe to quell the obvious questions about him being an inappropriate luxury buy, but we haven’t heard boo about that since)

    Since the time we got Sol from Tots, some 20 years ago, we have totally shit the bed when it comes to free transfers…if you don’t believe me just look at the facts…here are some of our most notable incoming free transfers: Cedric, Willian, Kols, Lich, Sanogo, Flamini 2.0 & Chamakh…what about this list inspires confidence in our ability to assess the value of free transfers; not to mention, most of these individuals were vastly overpaid, considering their respective contributions, and none provided anything for our coffers going out

    As for our outgoing free transfers, they represent everything that has been wrong with this club since our move to the Emirates, both from the perspective of those who milked our payroll and never came good and those we allowed to leave without banking a single penny…Miki, Ramsey, Welbeck, Wiltshire, Cazorla, Ryo, Diaby, Fabianski, Sagna, Santos, Arshavin, Gallas & Sol…keeping in mind that besides the obvious flops, the other became starters on teams playing first division European football for at least a season following their free departures…this is reprehensible for a “professional” footballing organization

    1. Same with Milan.. They followed this strategy of getting free transfers and loan players which made them a very horrible side for a few years.. Only when got new owners and they started to actually invest wisely have they got better

  2. Dont mind freebies as long as they are given regular weekly wages. Someone like Draxler at Arsenal shouldn’t earn more than 80-90k a week based on his performances at PSG.

  3. No. Thank You.
    Promote youth and hold on to the experienced ones whose contracts are not running out this summer. Build for the future.

  4. Mesut has left for Turkey and that’s 350k a week saved in wages! Now papa to join him also.

    Willian has flopped hard at Arsenal so no more freebies in the likes of Draxler on big wages then cant be shipped on because of the size of weekly packages they receive.

    Stick with the men on long deals, helping us and let the youngsters shine. Buy a youngish midfielder in Aouer if hes available comes the summer or all out on Grealish.

    Let Torreira & Elneny go & get your man Bissouma from Brighton.

    1. Sean we will not afford Grealishs big toe, let alone pay to get him here. That is a fantasy wish and surely you realise that?

  5. Beware another overpaid has been freebie like the plague! Draxler is nothing special and unless he will come for free and take £40k pw, which he wont, thenleave well alone.

    All these free transfers harm our club as they have no sell on value and drainfinances and they are generally quite content to coast through their career for money alone Will we never learn!

    We need an owner who will care enough to invest his own money and that will never be Kroenke!

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