Arsenal striker target warned about the dangers of moving to “a top three club” in England

It was revealed yesterday that the Montpellier director Laurent Nicollin, suggested that his super-talented young striker Elye Wahi was in talks for a big money move, and thinks that his preference is for Arsenal. He said in Esprit Paillade:

“His agent is talking to four or five big clubs, and I know who they are, but I won’t tell you. We know how much he loves Arsenal.”

Although Nicollin could be thinking of the bonanza of selling Wahi to a top club like Arsenal, his former youth team coach Francis de Taddeo, thinks the player should not be rushing into things and needs to think of the real consequences. Taddeo told France Bleu: “As for England, at a top three club, he would be in the rotation,”

“I think he must be careful about the status he will have (at his next club). It’s part of the decision.

“There are also integration factors in relation to the language and the environment. Being in a quiet and cushy city is better than a city where there is too much light, because he is still a player in training.

“He needs work and time. He is still far from having reached his maximum level.”

He makes a fair point, considering the riches avaliable to Arteta when picking his front three. He has Gabriel Jesus, Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli, Eddie Nketiah and Leandro Trossard already to choose from and rotate, so it is more than likely that Wahi will likely have a settling in period before he can start fighting for a starting place.

But then again, perhaps he should also look at the benfits; a much improved pay packet, the best training facilities and coaches that money can buy, and the big chamce of winning some big trophies in the future.

I certainly know which decision I would make!

But for me, all these noises coming from Montpellier seem to me to making it obvious that Arsenal really are interested. And for a rumoured price of around 30million, I think it may be a very interesting gamble….

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  1. He has a lot of pace, which is good for counter attack but useless against a low blocking side. Unfortunately for him, Arsenal play mainly against low blocking sides and is more on the receiving end of a counter attacking side. So his purchase won’t happen. If Arsenal were to invest in a striker it would be more a question of size and strength and of course technical ability to pass or dribble in close tight spaces. Berkamp, henry, drogba, Harry kane, benzema, Ibrahim etc.. You get the picture. That type of Center foward or target man, just to add an option to what we have, to defeat the low block sides.

  2. This lad seems to be talented and keen on joining Arsenal. These 2 factors will help him propell his career at arsenal and we have enough competitions to see to it that he gets his due game time.

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