Arsenal target Xhaka confirms desire for early summer transfer

If the Arsenal transfer rumours are right and Arsene Wenger really has made the Switzerland and Borussia Monchengladbach star the priority transfer target of the Gunners this summer, then Arsenal fans could soon be enjoying a nice early start to the summer business.

After the latest reports from the German media suggesting that Arsenal had already made an offer to the Bundesliga club for their star midfielder, the Daily Mail is claiming that the player himself has already told those close to him that he expects to be an Arsenal player next season.

But with Xhaka set to appear at the Euro 2016 tournament in the summer, there is a theory that the Arsenal boss wants to get the deal done as soon as possible, just in case he performs well for the Swiss team and draws transfer attention from some other big clubs around Europe.

While that makes sense, it does not mean that it will happen, so the words of the young player on the situation reported by Sky Sports are a welcome boost to Wenger and the Arsenal fans, because Xhaka has all but called for his transfer to be done and dusted as soon as possible, without specifically mentioning the Emirates Stadium as his destination.

He said, “It would be good if I knew where my future lies in the new season before the Euros.

“It’s not all that helpful if you have to think about stuff like that during the tournament. I would be pleased if it were to be decided before, but it wouldn’t be a problem if it’s after.”

What more encouragement does Arsene need to make Granit Xhaka the first signing of what us fans are hoping will be a busy summer of transfer business for Arsenal?


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  1. He sounds like a wise and focused lad to me. But if his dealing with Arsenal he should expect an offer on the final day of the transfer window.

    How aggressive are German clubs, Bayern and Dortmund doing there business early before everyone else wakes up. Clubs like Juve and of course Real Madrid and City have already started sugarcoating TOP player agents before the Euro’s.

    For once lets do our business early Arsenal FC, what are our agents paid for plus the transfer team? ST, DM, winger, and a mean CB is all we need for a start. That plus kicking out a host of unneeded players.

    1. the only reason i reckon teams like bayern are moving early , is the tv windfall the premier league table is gonna get means this window is gonna be shocking. epl teams will outbid everyone
      if wenger doesnt get reinforcements early he will fail like in most windows
      he needs to move quick, kante , gotze, xhaka, theres already huge talents considering there future

      1. mark my words,

        ozil an sanchez staying is down to wengers transfer dealings nothing else.
        they are winners…sanchez is a god in chile (im being serious)
        ozil…player of the year , loved by the best etc

        they will not accept this 4th merry go round, they were sold a dream.

        1. Wenger was lucky to keep his job but at least we seem active in the transfer market it seems. We’ve learned nothing from the article. Every time we’re interested in a player, it’s virtually always denied.

          It’s being reported in the Guardian, Telegraph and Skysports Germany. It’s being reported by reliable German publications and virtually every journo or under the sun. Lineker and John Cross were talking about it on Twitter. Apparently, Arsene’s two defensive midfield targets were Kanté and Xhaka. Apparently, Wenger has decided to pay up twice the price for Xhaka because he is a better passer than Xhaka! Apparently, a fee has just about been agreed and only contract negotiations need to go through.

          The Telegraph and The Guardian have reported in past month that Arsene’s top striker target ilwas Morata. It will happen if Madrid buy out his clause of £23 Million to sell to Arsenal for £30 Million +. The Telegraph said yesterday that now, Wenger will almost certainly buy a new striker. Apparently the top transfer targets are 1) Morata 2) Janssen 3) I Cardiff.

          In the way of defenders, Telegraph/Guardian claim that Arsene wants to sign a new CB as Gabriel and Mertesacker have struggled. Arsenal may go in for Roma defender Kostas Manolas who’s Chelsea’s main target. Raphael Gurerreiro and Ben Chilwell would be a replacement for Gibbs if he decides to leave.

          As well as Gibbs, Walcott and Chamberlain would be open to offers. Arteta is likely to become a coach at City. Rosicky and Flamini will go.

          Özil and Alexis are being readied for new deals close to 200k per week. Özil and Alexis want to see new signings though after being somewhat suprised at the signing of just Cech last summer.

          Unfortunately, the Telegraph report that Alexis is very unhappy and could leave if Arsenal don’t do enough in the summer if we don’t do enough to get him to stay. He apparently stormed out of the stadium after being subbed off against Norwich causing Wenger and Norwich to be less than impressed. It’s likely he’ll sign a new contract but more possible than you may think as Juve are circling him as their main transfer targets. In the unlikely situation he does leave, Mhkitaryan would be a potential transfer targets.

          The rumours about Walcott to West Ham originally originate from the Dailymail and seem to be bs unfortunately. I’d take it as a pinch of salt.

  2. Off topic:
    Shouldn’t big clubs be raiding Newcastle now that they are relegated? Players like Wijnaldum, Janmaat, Sissoko, and Krul can be good additions for any club! The played in the international level, their wages aren’t too much (I assume) and they’re actually better than our bench players. Janmaat can be a good replacement for Debuchy. Wijnaldum and Sissoko can be for Rosicky, Flamini and Arteta. People should also look for Ayoze Perez – he may have struggled at Newcastle but we all saw glimpses of brilliance of what he can do. Plus he’s still young and had time to improve. Maybe a good helping midfield and better striker can help him mature into someone better.
    If I was Wenger and refused to sign big, proven players (God knows why he does this…) I would be raiding Newcastle. Yes, the players did under perform resulting in their relegation, but I’m pretty sure it was because of bad chemistry or tactics. Because I’ve seen them perform way better in their previous clubs and on the international level.
    Just a random thought/opinion – don’t start the hate on me!

    1. We have too many mediocre players as things stand bra.

      But from your proposed list I would pick Ayoze Perez. I see some potential there too, cant do worse than Theo and Ox on the wings.

      1. Wijnaldum for me
        reckon depay wouldnt have got so much love at psv were it not for him

          1. I don’t think that Arsenal would go for any of them, but surely it would be a treat for a club like Licester. They obviously can’t go out and buy WC players to keep up in the champions league so why not add depth to the squad. They obviously need a better RB and CB so they can get Janmaat and Mbemba… And to add depth to their midfield of course there is Sissokho. And Wijnaldum can be an upgrade to Albrighton…

    2. The idea of raiding a club who have just been relegated is a mediocre thought process, no offence mate but these players are very much responsible for the magpies demise and your suggesting we buy up half thier squad ? not the best of idea’s though I kinda see why you said it.

      1. Just thought they might play for some other team than Newcastle. Yeah, their performances maybe the reason they got relegated but I’ve seen them all play better. Thought must be wrong with the Newcastle system. And haha no no, I wasn’t talking about buying their squad up. I was comparing some of their players to some of ours on the bench. Wenger needs to go big, no time for experimenting…

  3. Xhaka was just responding to the rumours which he also read, in the media… He also said that there ‘HASN’T’ been any offers made for him… Sky sports have also reported that Arsenal are yet to make an offer for this player,
    Which contradicts previous rumours of all fees being agreed, including the players wages etc.

    This basically suggests to me that Wenger is still undecided,
    Poor bloke is probably stressing 24/7 and the transfer window hasn’t even opened yet. ??

    At least we know that Wenger has no problems with signing 20 year olds at £2 -4 million a pop!… I’m expecting afew of them to be made, during the summer.

    1. Its season ticket renewal time
      que for abundant rumors (fueled by the club) that we are in for Mihikatarian or Morata or Lukaku or whoever and then…………………once everyone has shelled out again for another year the deals will all tragically fall through due to various reasons and we’ll be back with good old injured Welbeck and “cant hit a barn door with a banjo” Giroud.
      meanwhile Walcott will get a pay rise and be even less involved on the pitch (if thats possible), Sanchez will go to city and Ozil’s head will explode !!!!!

  4. If we had a football director at this club we would’ve signed xhaka by now. Instead we have an old man doing the role of manager, trainer, and football director

  5. Granted that the Xhaka transfer being done early is a step in the right direction, perhaps all the “Wenger Out” and “time for a change” banners have made somewhat of a difference after all eh?
    Trouble is lets hope its not the only deal done as the Cech deal was completed quiet quickly last summer then the shutters went down and noone else came in until january.
    Clearly now and especially now with Danny Welbecks massive injury we ABSOLUTELY NEED a new W/C striker and thats the target that Wenger should be putting ALL of his energy into ALL summer, AND I DONT MEAN A LIKE FOR LIKE LUKAKU DEAL EITHER !!!!!!!!

    1. Of course, If wenger ‘really’ wants to sign a player,
      he will get it done, ASAP!
      So basically, we should all know by now, that when the window opens and there’s no new signings announced within the first week…. It normally means that Wenger has no real intentions of signing anybody… he just waits for a last minute dot com bargain, to present itself.

  6. Maybe,just maybe Wenger hasn’t decided between Kante and Xhaka since he didn’t particularly dismiss the Kante rumours…

    But from Xhaka’s statement,he really wants a move away..
    Good news is, he hasn’t been linked with any club FOR NOW!

    We can’t only wait and see as we are used to..

  7. OT:
    Debuchy left Arsenal bcos he wants enough playing time to get in the France squad for Euros..

    Well,that is not to be as he has sustained a thigh injury that rules him out of the Euros….

    ….Sorry bro….speedy recovery

  8. Nothing now would surprise me with Wenger the press are all over this move and to be honest Id only heard a little of him before this, but we’ve been through all of this before with Higuin and suarez and with a million others.
    After last summer theres nothing that Wenger could do that would surprise me.
    If his head split open and a flying suacer flew out with a crazy alien driving it I would not be surprised.

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