Arsenal targeting competition for Partey from Serie A

Arsenal is interested in a move for AC Milan midfielder, Franck Kessie, and they could land him in this transfer window.

The Ivorian is one player they have been monitoring for some time now and they are still watching his contract situation at the Italian club.

He has one more season left on his current deal with Milan and has been struggling to reach an agreement with them for a new one so far.

The former Atalanta man is demanding 6m euros per season to extend his current deal with them.

Cash-strapped Milan feels that demand is too much and they are not accepting it.

Todofichajes says this has opened the door for him to leave the club in this transfer window and Arsenal wants him.

The report claims that the Gunners have not enjoyed Thomas Partey and have been unimpressed by his injury record since he joined them.

They are now looking to add Kessie to their squad in this transfer window to compete with him and have already contacted Milan.

The Italians know he is a tremendous talent and they cannot afford to allow him to leave the club for free next summer and will negotiate a fee with the Gunners.

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  1. Would Kessie join Arsenal? I can’t see that one happening! OT Benjamin button could be on his way to Man Utd I mean Cristiano Ronaldo the man who’s body doesn’t age ๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. ๐Ÿคฃ All the Mancs slating him yesterday have now lost their voices!! Can’t wait to see him back in the PL, pity it’s with them (thanks Bruno)

      1. Almost 37 by the time his contract is up he’ll be pushing 40 on 500 grand a week ๐Ÿ˜‚ I think Utd fans are thinking they are getting the Ronaldo that left many moons ago Sue ๐Ÿ˜„

        1. @Kev82
          Heโ€™s still one of the smartest players out there. Heโ€™s adjusted his game, compensating for his age related limitations. Heโ€™s still one of the most lethal players as far as arial and penalty box prowess is concernedโ€ฆ

          1. I agree bud he’s still a threat in that regard but the PL has changed since he last graced it and as Sky Sports presenter Kaveh Solhekol said let’s keep perspective, he’s 36 years old and not the player he was 10 years ago (like some Utd fans think their getting) Ronaldo might think his body is different to other humans, but no amount of workouts and dietary plan is gonna stop the ageing process it catches us all. Even his former teammate who is younger has retired and is now In the management game.

          2. Let’s not forget either that serie A is a much slower league than the PL where is he’s used to having time on the ball, that won’t happen in the PL.

        2. Crazy money (once again) Kev! Imagine if he goes 3 games without scoring; cue the get him out chants!
          Still exciting all the same!

        3. Kev.. some of the stuff on twitter is hilarious; United re-sign Ronaldo, Chelsea re-sign Lukaku, Arsenal are considering re-signing Bendtner ๐Ÿคฃ
          Couldn’t escape this- Utd have spent less on Sancho, Varane and Ronaldo than Arsenal have spent on White, Odegaard, Ramsdale, Sambi and Tavares.

          1. I know Sue as usual we’re getting bantered because they signed Varane, Sancho and Ronaldo for less than what we signed our players for ๐Ÿ˜‘ what they don’t take into consideration when 2 of those players have retired ours will be not even peaking yet! 480,000 a week for a vain 36 year old and a 25 million transfer fee and they think that’s good business ๐Ÿ˜‚ if Ronaldo doesn’t score in 3 games they will do what they always do blame the glazers for not spending, worst fan base in world football!

          2. Sancho cost way more than any 1 of our players and was behind Saka in the England set up in the summer. Varane had 1 year left on his contract at 28 and still cost 40 mil. Ronaldo is 36 and on gigantic wages. Bit of nonsense banter basically. United are going heavy short-term for a title. Also think it’s only what 11.5 million euro (if Ronaldo is 25 mil euro) difference for 2 extra players and ignoring wages of which all 3 of Uniteds are significantly higher than any of our signings.

            Find it interesting if you trace back Uniteds squad currently to see how easily things can change though. Last year they added Cavani/Van de beek/Telles/Diallo (Cavani played most with 13 starts), year before was Maguire/Bissaka/James then Jan Bruno. Bruno transformed them. 9 of the main core of 12 in their 2nd place finish last year were all academy/players who were in their 3rd+ (outside Fred the other 8 were in their 4th+) season at the club it just settled, got older and Bruno/Maguire/Bissaka (mainly the 1st 2) took them over the top over the course of 2 years. The 9 players outside those 3 with the most minutes all had been in the squad when they were heavily slated as not good enough.

            Looking at our squad it’s easy to see a similar 9 player core coming out of Ramsdale, Tierney, Tavares, Gabriel, White, Saliba, Lokonga, Odegaard, Smith-Rowe, Martinelli, Saka and Pepe. That’s 12 young players there without the likes Balogun/Azeez/Any other youngster or the likes of Partey who will still be at a playable age. 3 big signings added to that over the next two summers (not including this one), a few squad players and we could be a similar position as they are in this summer. ST/CM/RB for instance and we’re not certain we’re done with signings this year yet. Seems like a solid plan to me yet the media is pretending our business is clueless. Seriously going forward from next summer it will be a focus on massive improvement signings in specific areas like Grealish/Sancho for the Manchester clubs this year rather than needing to fill positions everywhere as we won’t have many positions to fill.

            It will click eventually and people will view this as an exciting project. The pandemic might have royally messed up our rebuild plans last year but it has also made us way better off financially compared to basically everyone in the world than before except other prem clubs.

            All this is to say I think we could easily overtake Liverpool in the coming years Van Dijk, Matip. Thiago, Henderson and Milner are already in their 30’s (4 are 1st 11) then Mane, Salah and Firminho are 29 (2 are 1st 11 and the other was when they were winning things) and then they have Alisson and Oxlade at 28. A large transition period is looming for them and they are not as cash rich as City/Chelsea/United (been pouring everything into tying down their older stars to contracts too.) Really only their back line won’t need massive investment and that relies on Konate/Gomez being as good as VVD/Matip. Could be rough for them especially if they don’t challenge for anything in the next year or 2 having not done so last year. Start to look less and less attractive to join especially with established stars ahead in the pecking order who will have declined by the time you get established. Certainly how I’d sell it if we ended up in competition for a player maybe Isak or Bissouma this year for instance.

            In the disappointment of our recent opposite trajectories a lot of people have forgot that the baseline level we’re at financially/infrastructure/fanbase/reputation/even the squad is actually better than Liverpool were at not long ago. They had to rely on 3 large sales Coutinho/Suarez/Sterling invested near perfect and a high profile manager willing to join based on their similarity to Dortmund, we’re not in that position just have to invest right. We’ve been lagging in commercial revenues recently but that would change very quickly with a top 4 finish and a young squad. Will only take 1 season for the entire narrative to switch. Be it this year or next, be it with Arteta or without. Bit of light in the tunnel at least.

  2. I don’t want him, and I hope it doesn’t happen.
    We could’ve gotten Bissouma.

    Meanwhile Omari Hutchinson again๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    I was way ahead of the curve with Hutchinson here.
    I called him years ago to be the one to look out for.
    After Saka broke in, I remember saying it multiple times that the next best thing coming from the academy is Hutchinson.
    I’m glad his growth keeps going faster and he’s doing great.
    The full potential of this kid will be a scary one if he can reach his full potential.
    He alongside Saka were the reasons I kept good eyes on the academy and started following the academy.
    That way I know what players to be excited about and what players our fans will be overhyping.
    I’m hoping nothing stunts his growth

    1. Tbh im starting to get annoyed with all the injuries. Hes a good player, but a good player on the treatment table doesnt really mean anything. But by the gunners, im guessing they meant the club, not the fans

  3. Bissouma or Kessie? It’s definitely the undisputed Kessie with much more experience. These does not mean the former will not be a great signing. However, Kessie will not only outshine all our present MDs but will improve them all round with his versatility.

  4. Their might be a problem with Kessie over his wage demands. PLUS he has never played in the EPL (so remains an unknown quantity – just look at Partey…).

    On a different topic, with all the energy spent in trying to offload certain players, I am just wondering if Arsenal are trying to reduce their overall wage bill to make them look more Financially sound, with a possible Qatari buy-out in the wind.

    I’m a dreamer, nothing but a dreamer!!!!

  5. Can we put the pen to work please and stop procastinating…the management does not really respect our views and opinion if not they will listen to us.Kroenke out Arteta out

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