Arsenal targeting Liverpool raid? Please no!

Arsenal are claimed to hold an interest in Liverpool’s Christian Benteke, but I seriously hope we are not!

The Belgian international has struggled to earn a regular first-team role since joining the Anfield club last summer, but did manage to score 10 competitive goals in the year.

Benteke missed over two months of the campaign through injury, and struggled for fitness throughout, and was limited to start only 14 league matches.

Arsenal and Chelsea are linked with a possible move for the former Aston Villa star, and his agent has refused to deny such speculation.

Eric Kismet said: “If there have been contacts with Chelsea and Arsenal?”

“Many clubs want the player, it’s obvious, but he is now only thinking to do well in the European Championship.

“He wants to win the competition with Belgium. We’ll think about his future later.”

He also revealed interest from Italy also, but claims there is no offers to move to Serie A currently.

“Interest from Italy?” Kismet added.

“There are only rumours, but there was some contacts with Serie A clubs six months ago.

“Now, however, there is nothing. He is currently a player of Liverpool, we will analyse the situation later.”

With our attempts to sign Jamie Vardy looking unlikely at present, we are bound to be considering our options, but I beg that Benteke is not considered as a serious contender.

Surely we would not want to try and sign a player who is struggling with injury and fitness, as we have plenty of those issues in our current squad also. Also I can’t comprehend that we would try and sign a player who failed to earn a first-team role for lowly Liverpool.

Saying that I am an admirer of Loic Remy, who also struggles with fitness and is out of favour, but if we could raid one of our rivals for a forward, I would take the Frenchman.

Any other Remy fans out there? Surely anyone but Benteke?

Pat J

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  1. First and foremost I hope we can get someone more proven and better than Benteke, but having said that can he do any worse than Giroud? Only a fool will overlook the fact the guy has not been given a fair shake of the whip with Liverpool and even Messi, Ronaldo will struggle in the same situation Benteke is with Klopp…..he just does not fit into Klopp”s style and that is why he was rarely used, not because of lack of quality as some.ignorant folks will have you believe…he can not do any worse than Giroud and Walcott and if he is given the kind of opportunity and chances after chances afforded Giroud, going on a 15 match barren run and still retaining his shirt am sure Benteke will do better

    1. Benteke got a fair crack at under Rodgers. Especially with Sturridge injury record, many people called liv a poor mans Arsenal. They still play a type similar to us. In theory what you say sounds very plausible, sometimes it doesn’t work that way. Before he went to liv, people said if he can score that many for villa, how many could he score playing with better players creating more chances. They also said he has pace over Giroud so would be a massive up-grade. The pressure in big clubs is totally different, some players get lost because of it. Reminds me, why didn’t people say, if Vardy can score that many for Lei ???

  2. Please no Benteke nor Remy. They will both struggle with us. We need good quality striker that has pace, can dribble and most importantly score goals and he shouldn’t be injury prone cause we don’t need any more injury prone players we have had enough of them.

  3. Loic Remy, Benteke? lol. NO. It’s all or nothing law. If you need a Striker, sign a top quality Striker

  4. Let’s see now if some people will appreciate our link with Vardy since it shows that we may even go for worse.

  5. I must admit when I read this yesterday I immediately thought it was his agent talking out of his behind. At Southampton, Wham, or C Palace is more where I see him at. Highly doubtful Arsene will buy someone to do the job Giroud does, Arsene is looking for something different judging by our recent targets.

    In the beginning I was saying Vardy Vardy Vardy! to the old Wrighty chant. Now I use the Lordy lordy lordy.

  6. There are plenty of 2nd choice strikers available, that we were once linked with:
    * Benteke
    * Remy
    * Bony
    * Dzeko
    * Jovetic

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