Arsenal targeting Vardy transfer to replace Welbeck NOT Walcott?

It is clear that Arsenal fans will just have to be patient in order to find out if the Leicester City and England striker Jamie Vardy is going to accept our offer and become a Gunner for next season, but in the meantime the speculation about whether the former non league player is the right man for us and how he could fit into the Arsenal system will carry on regardless.

So here are a few things for us to think about while all this international gubbins is going on, all assuming that the speedy and prolific striker ends up m moving to north London of course.

The first question is where he will play and I can fully understand the people that are saying that he does not suit our style as Arsenal are usually faced with a deep lying and determined defence and that is why the hold up and link up play, as well as the aerial threat and physical prowess of Olivier Giroud makes sense.

Maybe Euro 2016 will be vert useful to us in determining how well Vardy can play as a wide forward, with Tottenham forward Harry Kane set to be the first choice centre forward. If Vardy can get something going with Kane then it bodes well for the Gunners and him playing with Giroud. If not……?

Then perhaps the most important question, who exactly is he coming to replace? The obvious answer is Theo Walcott as they share the same pace, movement and lack of stature. This does not mean that he will be automatically playing out wide, as Walcott has been given chances in the middle by Wenger, but he has failed to take them.

For me this is the answer but a friend suggested to me that it could be the injury to Welbeck that is the real reason Wenger has gone for Vardy. And when you look at how the two play, closing down and harrying opposing players and running on to long balls, you can see his point.

Could it be that Vardy is and Arsenal transfer target because of the injury to Welbeck and not because we need to replace Walcott?

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  1. When Wenger was asked if we will buy a striker after Welbeck’s injury, he said “Yes,because we are now a bit short”….

    So its possible Wenger may not have bidded for Vardy if Welbeck wasn’t injured…

  2. Yes of course he wants a stop gap not a Giroud upgrade.
    What a fantastic way to court your new signing eh, “come to us we want you but only as Danny’s injured and we need a stand in”.
    Would anyone come to us with this in mind?
    If you need a striker Wenger and your worried about the wage bill then sell one that is surplus, Theo! simple.
    I think Wenger knows the importance of pace as an option so if he sold Theo and didnt get another pacey replacement we’d be left wanting.
    Could always buy an experienced RB and push Bellerin forward?

  3. I refuse to belive that I am the only man on Earth who doesn’t see in Vardy nothing else than just an old player who have a good season at a little team who have no presure in games this season.We need a young classy player not a cheap solution for the bench to replace Welbeck when he is injuried.To replace who?Welbeck?He is the best solution for Arsenal?A team who play in UCL and want the title,realy?Walcott is good enough for the bench we don’t need to buy any reserve,we are not Leicester to buy some players and pray for a miracle.We need to wake the **** up or we will have the same destiny as AC Milan,AS Roma,Manchester United,Liverpool,Chelsea,etc.

    1. You’re not alone buddy.

      A week ago you would’ve got at least 10 thumbs down when Vardy was a “done deal”. Now that he’s apparently snubbed us, all those thumb downers are on the ‘Vardy is not good enough’ bandwagon.

  4. If Vardy wanted to sign for Arsenal he would have done so by now. He didn’t, and that is all you need to know. Move on to the next target Arsene.

    Walcott is basically useless. Why is he still in the squad? He can’t even get a game. What a flop!
    Big salary for the little princess, but no production at all. Time to move Theo out the door.

    Arsenal need to strengthen with a defensive midfielder and strong physical defender. In addition, it is clear they need a world class striking option. The top 5 will all have premium strikers with the exception of Arsenal unless Wenger brings one in.

    Man Utd and Man City are not sitting around still waiting for something to happen. Arsenal seems to be waiting again.

  5. I thnk Vardy agreed to join Arsenal, if not ask yourself:
    Why Arsenal not linked to any other striker since the Vardy rumour..

    Leicester bid for Deeney confirmed, linked to Musa, spoken with Slimani…

  6. Something struck my mind just seems Wenger has a strong affinity for confused….

    Arshavin: he was our record signing when we were still ‘broke’…
    Cazorla: he surpassed Arshavin..
    Ozil:A mindblowing transfer that signals a new era,our new record signing..When the whole world knew we needed a striker
    Wenger opted for a midfielder that we don’t really need..

    During this period,our strikers were, Sanogo(free) Chamakh(free) Park,Giroud..

    Again.we needed and out and we bought Sanchez,he did well but we still needed a striker and later we bought Welbeck(16m)
    Although,to be fair,it wasn’t Wenger who signed him…

    Fast forward to now, Xhaka is our third most expensive player, again a midfielder(this time it is really needed tho…)

    In recent times, Midfielders have been our record signings while we lack a potent striker…now we are chasing Vardy again…

    Why can’t we go out there and buy one of the best strikers in the world too??? Am confused..

    1. Can you give examples of the best strikers who are genuinely available and willing to move?

      1. Pricey but here are 2 :

        1- Higuain

        2- Auba

        If man city can pursue Auba what are we waiting for? This is typical Arsenal- dilly dally with signings till someone else swoops in and gets their man. No wonder we have a long list of “almost signed” wc players

        Would love the Mkhitariyan and Vardy rumours to be true but I sincerely doubt we will end up getting any of them.

  7. Dear Lord why are we so infatuated with Vardy? Not the ST I think would bring us forward or should be aiming for but who am I to say. If the dude comes great, if not I won’t loose a second of sleep. This is sad that we are even in this emotional status for always wanting top players and I blame the club for that. We look silly time after time and the media eats it up and constantly writes s**t to torture us even more, not to mention fans of other clubs. I truly hope John Hartson was right in saying we could be spending between £100M – £120M this summer because top players don’t come cheap even if they have a year left on their current contracts.

    1. I’m on the fence with vardy

      Arsenal have been accused of lacking fight and if you look at wengers recent signings he is trying to rectify that

      Welbeck,Sanchez, xhaka,passionate, hungry, desire
      Even Gabriel elneny and coqulan flamini have brought that mentality to Arsen even although they may not be Garenteed starters

      This is were a striker like vardy comes in. He is a poor mans version of Suarez, but we ain’t got a chance of getting the real thing. Although there are strikers similar in that way none have scored the amount vardy has this season and in such a big leauge

  8. apparently spuds are going for both jansenn and batshuyai… them along with kane, lamela and ericsson, they would be genuine contenders for the tittle next season

  9. Ozil was sold to part pay for bale. Sanchez was sold to part pay for suarez. Welbeck was sold because manu considered he would not get game time, Cech was bought because he was available. During all of this period we needed a proven striker. Sanchez partly addressed this issue as he does score a reasonable number of goals whilst welbeck was more of a prospect than a proven striker.

    It seems to me that these players became available and we thought, he will be good for us so we bought. What we have not done is sign the players we really need. Yes we have gone after suarez, higuain etc but not signed them. What we have done is sign some very good players who have improved the team but were not what we really needed.

    Seems to me we are more reactive than proactive in our transfer dealings.

    1. Cannot agree more. I doubt there is a single player who we wanted and we ended up getting- thats the diff between us and a club like bayern. To be honest we are no more in the list of elite clubs where we are the first choice of players. And as long as wenger stays we will always be that way. So lets wait and hope that things improve pos the wenger era

  10. Well Well Well
    It appears that Vardy is NOT going to come to us and regardless of your thoughts on his suitability it smells yet again of another Suarez saga.
    I kind of feel that Vardy has used the Arsenal interest to up his money at Leicester, and Wenger may well have known this and used it to be able to say “well we ta bit like he did with Suarez.
    Regardless of peoles opinions on Vardy and his suitability with us he has scored more goals that our so called striker
    It will be interesting to see what happens over the Euro’s as France are a very strong team and if Giroud is leading the line and they do well, it could prompt other sied to look at him in a different light
    Wenger as usual will sit on his hands until the last days of the window now he has brought on one player
    Forgey Mihkatarin we wont be getting himdespite the fact he likes us Wenger WONT like his price tag

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