Arsenal targeting world class forward that could transform the team

It is almost impossible to know in advance if a particular signing will transform your team into being title challengers but by signing Real Madrid outcast James Rodriguez, Arsenal would be giving themselves a genuine chance of doing just that.

Arsenal are one of a handful of top clubs linked with a move for the 27-year-old who could be available for as little as £37 Million and make no mistake, that is a bargain for a player of Rodriguez’s calibre.

The Colombian has been on loan with German champions Bayern Munich for the last two seasons, however, he will be departing Munich this summer and return to Spain having failed to fully settle in Germany.

But he will not be staying in Madrid, Zinedine Zidane does not have Rodriguez as part of his plans for next season and Los Blancos will be listening to offers for the player.

Liverpool, Manchester United, Juventus and Paris St Germain are all said to be keen on Rodriguez and so we will face some stiff competition but there is no reason why we cannot have as much chance as any of those clubs at signing Rodriguez if we qualify for next seasons Champions League.

We can certainly afford him and he is the exact sort of player we have been crying out for, he is creative, has vision, is a brilliant passer of the ball and can change a game in an instant.

It is not often a player of Rodriguez ability comes along for such a price, he is a genuine world class player and would turn our already formidable front line into one of the best in Europe.

I am a huge fan of the Colombian and if these rumours are true I would hope that the board would do everything in their power to bring him to the Emirates in the summer.


  1. For 37 Million, well I guess I’ll take him for that amount, seeing how our creative midfielders struggle a lot in games.
    If we get him, I hope we bring in Malcolm, a left Back and and a center back,
    We can’t keep deluding ourselves with this five at the back bullshît, Kolasinac isn’t it(Sorry Sue) and Monreal has age fighting him.

    Is it weird? I just woke up from this dream, Arsenal vs Chelsea, Lacazette gets the first goal between 3 to 9 minutes, I think it’s the ninth minute,and we finished the first half with the lone goal, but I can’t remember how the rest played out.
    One thing is my dreams happens weirdly, I can’t say if it’s the Europa league final, or our league games next season,all I know is this shît will happen

    1. I’d expect a younger player for 37 millions and the CAM position is already filled by Ozil/ Mkhitaryan. Rodriguez is not a specialist wide attacker, a type of player Arsenal really need

      I agree on a winger, a fullback and a center back though, because they could offer more penetrations and goals in set-pieces

      1. Ozil and Mickitaryan are not good enough. We have struggled for creativity in the season that just ended to a point that Laca had to drop to the mid to get the ball. I think there is a need for a creative midfielder. Someone who can carry the ball and make the final pass to our two killers. A Carzola, David Silva, De Bryune, Isco type.. Ozil is not than guy and neither is Micki, Iwobi, etc..

        1. They are not good in this season, bur unfortunately both are tied to until 2021

          I don’t think there would be suitors for them, but hopefully Sanllehi and co can use their connections

        2. Formation and tactics come into play. It isn’t that we lack creative CM, it is Emery telling the team not to run through the middle and to play wide.

          Ramsey didn’t appear bothered about doing what he wants still, which was bomb forward, Ramsey in the middle made a whole lot of difference.

          Emery sets his CM up to pass, pass and pass some more.

          Look at Arsenal all season, have a look at PSG if you think it must be down to our players… The same old BS.

          You claim someone who can carry the ball and look at how Emery has treated AMN, a CM who can carry the ball. Shoved out side to accommodate Emery tactics.

        1. That’s ridiculous. We are no where near RM level and we don’t have the funds for RM type players.

          RM rejects would be an improvement over players we have now

    2. You keep saying we will get and get him oh and get a CB AND winger . Great where is all that money coming from Stan the man is not giving you any. So wake up and smell the coffee

  2. I love the pronunciation of his name! My son in law is called James, so you can imagine what he gets called ?

    I’ll be amazed if we get him… this window sure does get your hopes up.. then 9 times out of 10, they’re dashed!!!

  3. He was brilliant, every time I watched him and he was not played as a striker. I hope we get him because Ozil and Mikhi are ageing and Iwobi needs loan that gets him experience and confidence. However, I am afraid he does not play in our priority positions. And with no real wingers, play makers find little decent choices of passing.
    Never understood why he has not made it at Real and Bayren.

  4. Never liked james rodriguez.
    he is good but very inconsistent.

    for 37M i would rather we go for a centerback than another CAM.

    37M can get you umtiti.

  5. If he is available then we must try to get him
    All depends on weather we win on Baku or not. If yes then certainly we can afford him. If we do not win even if we pay the money he will not join as he will join only to a team playing in CL

  6. And what do we do with Ozil and Mkhi then?
    Both love being at Arsenal and no potential suitors this summer. We will go broke keeping all.And why are Bayern not interested in signing James? (Only for my information as i do not follow Bayern)

  7. we have to face the fact that no one will take Ozil off us with his salary scale… so we’d better off working with him for the next season and see where we head to next… hopefully UE can do some magic and take him to the next level…

    oh… forget JR. better shore up our defense with some experienced premier league players from Leicester, Burnley or Bournmouth. can include Wolves in the list too…

  8. James for 36m is a joke, will rather spend the money on a young attacking midfielder in the mode of isco or eriksen. but right now we are stucked with ozil and mikhi
    the money should be rather spend on a proper winger

  9. Personally I rate him though only as a decent player, though not world class and worth buying at the right price only. I am NOT pinning any hopes on him coming and think it a huge long shot that would not much worry me anyway if he doesn’t come. So many articles on here constantly overrate merely decent players as true world class , which he is not and simply because TRUE world class players regularly show that fact. He does not and so IS not either!

  10. As a Colombian, I have followed James pretty closely throughout his entire career because he has been one of the factors that improved our national team considerably in the past years. I know he has the capacity to become an incredible player for Arsenal because of the passion and leadership he gives to the Colombian team. He has also been a great player for every team that he has played for in Europe and gets along with his teammates pretty well. AND he is extremely popular worldwide which can give Arsenal an extra profit in shirt sales (Real Madrid recovered the transfer fee they paid for him in shirt sales) he is also sponsored by adiddas.

    However, ever since Rafa Benitez benched him at Real Madrid, he has had a falling out with almost every coach who has managed him and this has impacted his game. It seems that if he is not consider crucial to the team he acts out against management. Recently, he has also had a fair share of injuries which have reduced his playing time for Bayern and the reason why he really didn’t play much in the last world cup. James thrives for Colombia because the team is built around him. When he is not a focal point for the manager his contribution in the game can be diminished considerably, especially on the defensive side of his game.

    That being said, this guy has an incredible vision for the game, is an ambitious and creative goalscorer (which is something I cannot say about our midfielders who prefer to make the extra pass instead of shooting), and has changed the game for Bayern many times he has come in as a substitute. He gets criticized a lot for his expectations and attitude when he is not in the starting eleven, but that is something that all world class players have in common (Pires left us when Arsene Wenger benched him in the Champions League Final). I honestly cannot say we would be getting Brazil World Cup James, but I think we would be getting an affordable and great replacement for Ramsey should Arsenal sign him. The only reason why James should not be considered is if Arsenal are going to spend the right amount of money on a world class defense.

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