Arsenal target’s behaviour called into question

Arsenal target’s behaviour called into question

The Gunners have been linked with a number of midfield players in the past month. Arsenal are definitely on the lookout for a midfielder due to AFCON.

One player whose name has consistently come up is Arthur Melo. The 25-year-old has reportedly been offered to various clubs across Europe.

Despite signing the Brazilian for a whopping €82 million, the Old Lady is now trying to move him on.

Duncan Castles, speaking on his Transfer Window podcast, said that the former Barcelona man’s off the pitch behaviour hasn’t been warmly welcomed by current manager Max Allegri.

“He actually rates Arthur as a player. But is not impressed with his behaviour off the field and is therefore prepared to cash in.

“Ideally they would sell but they’re offering Arthur on loan and they’ve offered him around the top clubs in Europe.”

The most rational decision Arsenal can make is to acquire his services on loan with an option to buy. If he impresses and shows a willingness to improve his exploits, then you always have the option to sign him.

If the midfielder doesn’t impress, then he will naturally be heading out the exit gate.

Having started only three league games this season, Arthur’s market value has definitely plummeted. Whether or not the London side are willing to gamble for his signature is the real question.

Writer’s opinion: Arthur is someone who can boss the center of the park. Play him in a pivot with Thomas Partey and Arsenal can have a reliable midfield for years to come.

But there are always two sides to the story. If he’s a bad apple, then Arsenal better not put him alongside the other good apples they already have in their basket.

Manager Mikel Arteta has worked too hard on that aspect since his arrival just over two years ago. He certainly wouldn’t want a person throwing water on his commendable water painting.

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THE JUST ARSENAL SHOW – Dan Smith has a rant over Arteta and ‘Players Welfare”

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  1. I don’t believe in superstars who doesn’t gel easily. Odegaard wasn’t a superstar when he came 2 Arsenal, but he’s becoming one now.

  2. Addressing DANS so called “rant”(which is NOT a rant in the slightest but merely an impassioned plea for some fairness for all and esp for we fans).
    Along with Simon Jordan, ex Palace owner and TALK SPORT REALIST SPEAKER, who has passionately spoken out against this foreign led attempt to reduce our Christmas holiday fixtures in favour of considering “their players health”- and forgive my snort of derision – I could not agree more with DANS view.

    Which is that ALL players are vastly overpaid by a factor of, at the very least, ten to twenty times and that need to pay these grasping greedy multimillionaires what they demand is at the heart of the money problem which creates the so called “problem” of overplaying.

    But though overplaying, certainly prior to this new Covid variant, has NOT been a real but an imagined problem, the REAL problem is, as Dan only hints at, is the massive, unfairly, one way relationship between we fans, who do ALL THE GIVING , and the grasping millionaire players, who do ALL THE TAKING.

    As I, largely alone, have been banging on about for many years – far more years then many on JA even realise – is that until and unless we can force a vast, permanent reduction in player salaries, we will never get a real change in this remorseless ride to financial ruin!

    Now, I do in all honesty consider myself a reasonably bright and perceptive man , BUT I am certain that my brain is no better or wiser than countless many others , even though I see no signs of a concerted fan led campaign to FORCE A VAST AND PERMANENT REDUCTION IN PLAYER SALARIES , IN ORDER TO SAVE THE GAME WE LOVE FROM PERMANENT RUIN.

    Be assured fellow Gooners that unless we begin leading such a campaign, that we and all other top clubs risk far more greedy, grasping, lazy, “take it all and give nothing back” types like Auba, Ozil etc and eventually , UNLESS WE FORCE THIS CHANGE, football will run out of multi billionaire owners prepared to lose multi millions while Covid still rages worldwide. I can clearly see the inevitable FINANCIAL crash coming clearly down the track!!


    What has accelerated this fan / player divide more quickly since Covid than before Covid, is ironically the social effect that the pandemic has had on social attitudes every where.

    Prior to Covid, fans were, broadly speaking , prepared to carry on subsidising the obscenity of player salaries.

    But since seeing the countless millions of hard pressed folk who are heroes in this crisis but who struggle for money to pay their bills, COMPARED TO the grasping Aubas of this world , there has been a sea change in attitudes and the average fan is no longer prepared, without something tangible in EFFORT AND COMMITMENT in return, to keep bankrolling these obscenely , monstrously overpaid players.

    I repeat, I for one, can clearly see the huge financial crash coming down the track. (In fact, I welcome it, as it will then enforce massive permanent change.) Why cannot anyone else??

    1. It is a supply and demand issue. Fans demand top players, but the supply of top players is limited, so their wages are high to attract them to the club.

      I do not hope for a crash, and I hope neither do you Jon.

      Instead, reforms are needed in the league, but I think players would object. I would like to see the following as an example:

      1. Salary cap at all clubs, a set budget for total wages. A maximum and minimum. Max to reign in the oil barons and a minimum to ensure owners invest and care.

      2. Require between 3-5 players in 25 man squad are academy players promoted to first team. Hopefully encouraging clubs to develop talent and adhere to salary cap.

      3. Restrictions on agents and their fees and the influence they peddle.

      4. Infractions should be points deduction, fines, and removed from cup competition.

      5. Lastly (it will never happen) cap private ownership at 49% and 51% public (fan) ownership.

      I admit all these unlikely to happen as the corrupt powers that be will never kill their golden goose and hand power to the fanbase.

      Unfortunately we a stuck with this corrupt system until the bubble finally bursts, as Jon stated earlier. The current system is unsustainable if anyone has a grasp of economics.

  3. Jon, the one flaw in your statement that the “grasping types” like Aubemeyang is thus:

    If the clubs, such as The Arsenal, didn’t offer such qrotesque salaries, the players wouldn’t get the contracts.

    What you seemingly fail to remember is that the fanbase demanded the club sign players, such as Aubameyang and Ozil, no matter what the cost and our club obliged.

    While clubs like PSG, city, chelsea and newcastle have the money to offer and buy ANY player in the world, there is no chance of your ideas being put in place.

    You are living in a past situation, that has been left far behind in today’s world.

    As a realist, you must surely realise and accept this, no matter how unpalatable that is to you.

    Of course we will see clubs going to the wall, as they try to compete… the likes of Derby immediately comes to mind…but the jack is out of the box as the PL ( and football in general) continue to rake the money in and companies fight for part of the golden egg.

    Another way to put it, is the perceived idea that we pay the highest ticket prices in the PL – now whether that is true or not is irrelevant – the point being that our club has a waiting list of over 50,000 fans willing to pay those prices and current s/ticket holders who continue to keep their tickets.
    That is the situation in a nutshell.

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