Arsenal targets signing that will help their fans forget about Raphinha snub

Arsenal is monitoring Serge Gnabry, according to 90 Mins, as they move on from their bid to sign Raphinha.

Mikel Arteta is looking for a winger to add to his squad, and he was keen to add the Brazilian to the group.

However, it seems he would move to Chelsea instead, if he remains in the Premier League.

They now have to find an alternative to the Leeds United man, and Gnabry could be brought back to the Emirates.

He spent the start of his senior career on the books of Arsenal before returning to Germany, where he has blossomed.

His current deal with Bayern Munich expires next summer, and the Germans have been struggling to get him to sign a new one.

The report claims Arsenal is following the development closely, and they will pounce to add him to their squad if he becomes available.

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is painful to miss out on Raphinha, but Gnabry would be a dream signing for most Arsenal fans.

The story of him returning to the club would be very romantic, but his capabilities make him a player that can take the club to the next level.

Gnabry is a game-changing player, and he could become the difference between making the top four or not for us if he joins.

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    1. But his price tag would make up for that. Raphina costs 65M. He’s 35. That difference would largely make up. And he’s an upgrade to Raphina with more experience and a winner of many trophies.

  1. Can’t we get some common sense reporting for a change. I’m totally fed up with comments like this saying snub, failure etc etc. None of us knows the real strategy or the real environment in which transfers happen. A lot comes unreliably out of the money-hungry mouths of agents. Why is it that Arsenal contributors continually assert management failures. Just for something to say, I expect, without any factual basis.

    Then to claim that Gnabry on his own will get Arsenal into the ECL is unsubstantiated daydreaming. Teams get into the ECL. Arteta is trying to build a team after Wenger’s 10-year hiatus. Let him pursue that without blinkered criticism whenever media sources almost cynically choose.

    1. Well said. Although I believe Gnabry would be a great signing for the club.

  2. I still think he’s the best option out there for us, even ahead of Raphina, he’s got some strength and power about him over others, I’d worry about Jesus, Odegaard, Nketiah and Saka breaking down a physical team. I also don’t think he’d pick Liverpool over Arsenal given the choice, CL aside it would only be the wages which would be an issue.

  3. I like this rumour, as Gnabry ticks all the boxes that Mikel wants from his players.

    Of course, if he is demanding £300,000 a week, that is absolutely ridiculous and I hope Mikel doesn’t fall into that trap again.

    However, by awarding Nketiah that reported £100,000 a week, I suspect Gnabry will assume and ask for double that at the very least.

    Someone has recently said that we have improved our transfer strategy (Jimbo?), I can’t see it myself.

    1. Apparently ken he has plenty of big teams after him but all baulking at his wage demands.

      1. That makes sense Reggie – would be an excellent buy, but not anywhere near the reported £300,000 a week.
        That would make him three times more valuable than Nketiah……..???

          1. Gnabry is better than Jesus.
            Why would he settle for the same 220k?
            Makes no sense.
            That said, I would offer him 250k, take it or leave it.

  4. I would take Gnarby.

    If we can add Gnarby, Ruben Neves and Martinez, we are good to go. Martinelli should play as a CF

    1. Neves staying at Wolves apparently. Reported that they priced him out of the market at £75m (and succeeded in doing so).

      But… they’re only reports 🙂

  5. Gnabry would be that dream marquee signing but will be very difficult to pull off. However had we qualified for UCL, we would’ve stood half a chance to get him. Being realistic we should look at Emmanuel Dennis or Ismaili Sarr from Watford, who I’m sure we could get for cheap prices.

    1. I just don’t see them taking us up a level we need, if players like Raphina are going to Chelsea, De Jong to Utd, these are the teams we’re fighting… It should be Gnabry, even if he wants 250k a week, on a 5 year deal do it. We also need to get Tielemans over the line and actually I’d prefer Grimaldo as a cheap LB.

      1. Fair point but sometimes it doesn’t take the obvious big name signings to make the difference, Liverpool being the prime example, Winaljdum from Newcastle, Henderson from Sunderland, Robertson from Hull and the whole host of players they bought from Southampton over the years.

  6. Gnabry would be a great signing. Not so sure at the wages he’s asking for though.

    If he played as well as he did for Bayern then it’d be worth it, otherwise… another Ozil/Aubameyang 🙁

  7. No chance. Why keep mentioning Gnabry? We cannot afford him and I doubt he wants to return.

  8. Offer Gnabry what Jesus is getting put a clause in his contract that states we sell him to a CL team for what we paid for him if we fail to qualify for CL

  9. I wouldn’t sweat over arsenal signing Gnabry. The wage demand is too much if he was asking for alot less arsenal would have made a bid for by now but with his wage demand ?
    Once beaten twice shy.
    We ain’t a retirement home for players .

  10. Edu and the apprentice should go for Emmanuel Dennis. The guy is is fast, strong, skillful with an eye for goal. Plus he will come very cheap both in transfers and wage fees.

    Gnabry is way beyond our reach, the apprentice already sees Gnabry as a big player. Dude is obsessed with big names.

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