Arsenal team to face Chelsea today in opening Mind Series game

So, after two reasonably mild pre-season games where we managed to score four goals against two London teams in Millwall and Watford, we now come up against our two biggest local rivals, with Chelsea today and Tottenham in midweek, with half the proceeds going to good causes, which is a much-needed benefit in these troubling times.


But we are certainly hoping to see increased fitness levels and a competitive team to carry on our three-game winning run against Chelsea.


The Arsenal Women won 2-1 in the warm up, hopefully we can do the same to the men..


Anyway here is Arteta’s starting line up and he seems to be quite keen on an entertaining attacking game as well, with Lacazette, Aubameyang, Smith-Rowe and Pepe up front….


Partey and Elneny are left to control the midfield, while Ben White is on the bench along with Xhaka, Lokonga and Tavares…


  1. What a nice starting line-up! I wish we had Havertz, Pulisic, Loftus-Cheek, Hudson-Odoi, Zouma and Mendy on our side

    1. Great news xhaka is not being sold so mid table here we come. I like av said before we or not signing anyone now after white our window is shut so good luck to the fans who think we or going to be in the top 6 not a chance

  2. If anyone needs a link, Chelsea TV (unfortunately)

    (dot) 1 (dot) vecdn(dot) pw/ch2 (dot) php

    Will find a few more and post

  3. Jesus … 12 days to start of season and we are fielding an 8th place outfit … but hey arteta knows best!!!

        1. This is what happens when you turn training pitch into an amusement park. Instead of simulating the real playing field they are there bemoaning… The resultant effect if that any small scratch on a match its injury for our player.
          I TIRE ABEG

    1. Funny thing is he’s not even at his best. See how he dominated that midfield. No-one could touch him. This is why an energetic mobile DM with quality on the ball like Bissouma would’ve complemented him so well. I’m actually impressed by the fact that we want to press as opposed to last season. When we get it right we will be far better. We do have an overrated winger though. Poor on the eye but good statistically. How annoying they can be when watching football

  4. Thomas Partey staying fit this new season is key. He has to be managed properly to avoid long term injuries

    1. Partey is too injury prone to rely on for an entire season. Hopefully we have someone just as good for backup.

  5. Xhaka and elneny as our midfield .. endless mistakes clumsy no vision .. can’t make this club up anymore

  6. Holding has gone out wide and high up the field 4 times now leaving us completely exposed. Terrible play, hopefully he’s not a starter this season. Poor Mari has been left vs 2 or 3 on multiple occasions.

    1. Yes MA horrific marking tactics he’s trying to use are idiotic. Telling Holding to push up high and leave Mari alone is bizarre.


      1. It’s not his fault. No CB wants to be where he is, it’s clear it’s some kind of tactic MA is trying to impose.

        Completely amateur level coaching, every knows Holding has zero pace so why tell him to play that way.

  7. Bissouma is such a no brainer. We need to think long term and not just about AFCON. You want to play pressing football yet you want the slow deep sitting kinds?? See how Partey dominated hat midfield. A DM like Bissouma who has the same intensity as Elneny but far better on the ball would complement him so well. That midfield at their best would be illegal.

    1. If Partey is injured for a long time, we’ll need another box-to-box midfielder like him. Probably Willock or Maitland-Niles can play that role

      We’ve got DMs like Xhaka, Elneny and Lokonga. So if we want Bissouma, we’d have to offload Elneny

      1. I’m talking of a partner for him. You could see the spaces that were left in midfield due to the press. and Bissouma himself can play as box to box. He is like a Partey that plays DM or just another box to box tackler. Bissouma is the kind of DM you would want for such a press with the 4-2-3-1. We need to get his partner right.

  8. Now we have Xhaka and Elneny. Looks like we are still playing in last season. Same football…at the moment. Let’s hope our new boys get a game.

  9. ​we spent £50m on white to bring the ball out and pass to elneny and xhaka who will pass sidewards and backwards

  10. Nice header, Kepa was nowhere!

    Still concerned about our none existent style of play and slow through the middle.

    Chelsea should have 3 or 4 to be honest.

      1. what was with all those useless passes in the first place? This is the same exact squad from last season, and ppl are saying keep Xhaka/Laca/Bellerin/Elneny… why exactly? They got us 8th and somehow they’ll do better next season?

  11. Balogun not on the bench even? Eddie still ahead of him, unbelievable from MA unless he’s injured?

    Think he’s going to regret signing that extension.

        1. IKR. I’ve been his biggest critics but he was so damn impressive today played a whole lot more like Lacazette than Aubu

    1. Under Arteta you have Auba, Saka, ESR, Tierney and Balogun all signing new long-term contacts but somehow you still think he’s treating people unfairly and a bad coach? Why would they do that they all had multiple options. Regardless of anything else you have to admit the main players back Arteta 100%

      1. Pass from sambi to start it is what we’ve been missing for a while now – pure class.
        Willock s a great finisher tbh. That would have been given in a competitive game with goal line tech but tough call in real time

    1. Great goal. Feel this friendly both highlighted his talent and highlighted the parts he needs to work on mainly his overall play in tight spaces.

  12. Is it really that difficult for MA to see that Leno can’t play out from the back.

    If you are going to play him, change your tactics! Seriously not complicated to figure out Mikel!

    1. Anyone expecting this season to be that different than last season in terms of MA’s tactics, formation and setup are in for disappointment! You can also expect to see prerry much the same team except for one or two changes..

  13. We simply don’t have sufficiently skilled and creative players to break in to top 6 .. 20 months in and those who think arteta has a game plan … some idiot on here suggested he followed the gaurdiola playbook … are seriously deluding themselves

    1. i dont put much weight in preseason matches. Hard to look at the game and not see the same problems from last season tho. Its the same squad so not shocking either. Elneny/Xhaka duo ppl seriously think will get us high in the table. 🤷‍♂️

    2. You can complain about Arteta but pretending he doesn’t have a plan is absolute nonsense. Some might say he micromanages too much but definitely not that he has no plan. He’s learnt the micromanagment from Pep/Biesla who most would take in heartbeat so even then I’d find it an odd criticism. It’s a results business though so we’ll see where we are late nov/early dec and judge then.

      As to creative players we are signing one 100% just up for debate who it will be.

      1. Nobody cares if MA has a plan or micromanages stuff as long as, either

        A) His team wins matches consistently, like those under Pep did and still does at ManC.


        B) His team plays with a clear identity and all the players on the pitch understand their roles and that of their teammates and work together seamlessly like the teams under Bielsa did and still does at Leeds.

        Until that happens with the teams under MA, it’ll be insulting Pep and Bielsa, to have them compared with MA.

    3. Well said mate I said that from the start but I keep getting slaged off for saying it MA is no good as a manager

    1. I agree. Blame sits 100% on MA’s shoulders.

      You have a player that struggles to play a certain way. If you are going to play Leno then change how we play from the back. To still force that tactic is ridiculous if you put Leno on the pitch.

      1. Totally right! Leno is NOT at fault for any of the goals conceded today. Any goalkeeper in the world couldn’t have saved those two goals 9 times out of 10, even on their best days. He made two good blocks in each half, against Hudson-Odoi in the first and Tammy in the second. But, his rushing out of the box to deny Ziyech was clumsy and was lucky that the opportunity was wasted.

  14. till Arteta has the balls to bench Auba arsenal will be held back , imagine Martinelli with only
    2 of the chances missed , Bissouma now is a must .
    Lokonga,Tavares and Nketiah looking good.
    Kolasinic , Willian and the remaining dead wood need to be shipped out

  15. Sincerely, this is not the Arsenal I know, they are too slow, not multvated, no zeal, no penetration from the middle or wings, error prone just like last season…. I pity my club in the up coming season which is coach or manage by Arteta. Only Partey tried to make the midfield to be fun and exciting….. We need a goal scoring winger that can play LW like our prime sanchez, sterling, harzard etc and convert Auba to striking role or bench him if he is not performing…..
    I will recommend Solomon Manor of Shakthar Donetsk, his transfer fee is reasonable and affordable….

  16. Lokonga is a bunch of talent, maybe its too early but I love what I saw from him. Good vision and he is a little faster.

  17. Nketiah was excellent. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that version of him. Great touch, energy, pace and much better decision making.

    Elneny, Bellerin and Kolasinac with the mistakes. Xhaka with one or two, too. The latter staying I could understand but not the former three.

    Sambi looks the real deal. Despite being up against much better opposition, he still oozes class. Great tracking back, driving with the ball and a few superb through balls. Gets the nod as Partey’s partner in my book.

    Smith Rowe was fantastic again; very unlucky not to get a goal or assist.

    Tavares looks like a brilliant signing, too.

    Pepe tired towards the end but looked positive for the most part.

    Auba…what’s going on with the guy? Baffling how one of the league’s most prolific strikers misses sitters week in week out now.

    Chelsea had the better chances but overall (and assuming the usual suspects don’t last the window), there’s a lot to be positive about.

  18. Sambi passes is look good and accurate going forward he should be starting and we have to trust him to believe in himself and deliver. White too put his body on the line which is good. We can’t win any major trophy with Elneny, Kola, Bellerin and even Xhaka who still got a goal as part of the team. Sad but true. Get Leno a competitor NB: not back up.

    Positives are Sambi forward passes, Willock getting himself in scoring positions, Laca hard-work, ESR being direct and last Nketiah trying to make things happen in the front there.

  19. Arteta should bench Aubameyang and Lacazette for the opening games of the season.

    Balogun and Martinelli should be playing the number 9 role ahead of Lacazette and Aubameyang.
    We need players who are hungry with desire. Strikers who want to impress.

    Arteta should do the following

    1. Buy Aouar and Bernard Silva
    2. Change to a 4141 formation.
    3. Sell Bellerin, Kolasinac, Willian
    4. Loan out Nketiah and Reiss Nelson.

    4141 formation

    Chambers White Gabriel Tavares


    PEPE ESR Aoaur Saka


    Lacazette and Aubameyang should be on the bench for the opening games of the season. You have to earn your place going forward.
    Partey and Tierney should be coming from the bench to avoid injuries.

      1. I don’t want arsenal to lose but if it gets MA out so be it because we or going down hill fast

          1. @pat, this is putting the dirt under the carpet mentality if we win few matches then ignore all the issues. There are so many flaws in project Arteta which are very evident just to ignore them because of few results will be more harmful to club in future. But then you are called negative for pointing out the facts and fickel specially if you say something after the defeat. I don’t care if Arteta wins first 15 in a row this is not the football most fans want to see from arsenal. Our fan base is shrinking both home and specially abroad which will lead to less revenue as well not all leaving are plastic fans they just don’t enjoy watching us anymore.

          2. You will be living in a parallel universe if that were to happen. I can’t see any positives. Xhaka is staying on until retirement. Squandered 50 million on what is a decent player when United could get world class for less. Will the Kroenkes fork out the money to buy a top class midfielder and striker? Best possible scenario could be, ” Oh hello Ody, you back for another year on loan then, ?your old locker’s still there.”

        1. TOM
          It.does sound like you want them to lose so MA gets the sack
          So many people on here calling for his head and we haven’t even kicked the season off
          Let’s settle down people and see where the first 10 games puts us
          Until then lets pipe down and get behind the team

          1. Then 10 more, then another season and it goes on. He has been here 1 & half season so he is not new that we wait and see what he has to offer. It’s delivery time and has been since last season. What bases are you saying things will be different from last season and get behind the team when we see same stuff no change. I don’t understand this get behind the team slogan how is getting behind a failed project going to make it a success? This is why we are in nose dive as club because we dont even recognis our issues so how can we fix them we are all just backing the club to prove some sort of loyalty and asking people not to question what is going on.

          2. I define to you logic what do you deemed to be a failed project and what do you see as being a successful project
            We are in the results business
            Positive results I.e wins define your season
            We haven’t even kicked a ball and you are saying we have failed

  20. The manager and team are a complete joke no improvement whatsoever be lucky to avoid relegation with this lot!! Arteta Out!!

  21. Like seriously….I asked again is this Arsenal FC. I kept asking what is our style of play under Arteta? I can’t find any. His team struggles to put two to three passes together which we are known for. No attacking flair, the defense is always prone to error. Midfield player look static enjoying sideways pass and back passes.Our front line lacks the ruthlessness that we are known for in the past.

    I don’t think we are going anywhere under Arteta.

    Thought he will bring back the old good arsenal but unfortunately…he is killing it the more.

    Am sorry…we need to start thinking of a change. Am not sure he can evolve our team with arrays of new young talent at his disposal.

  22. You guys ain’t seen nothing yet. Arteta can not give what he doesn’t have. He is an apprentice at best for now.
    It is huge joke to be expecting a top class performance and good decision making from an apprentice.
    Brace up for another nightmarish and long boring season guys.

  23. worse case scenario outing, in that Partey was injured and we have no realistic alternative option, Bellerin gifted them a goal, thereby potentially hurting his already wonky sale potential, Xhaka scored, thus propping up those clueless supporters who have lobbied for him to stay, Leno is still an accident waiting to happen from the back, which is made infinitely worse by the fact that our manager is unwilling to adjust tactically, and, minus some early pressing, it’s clear that this manager has no fundamentally viable game-plan, unless boring your opponents to death, having no presence in the middle of the park and holding on for dear life is an emerging footballing philosophy and Arteta’s simply ahead of the curve…forget the CF pursuits, unless an impossible to ignore swap is in the offing, as we desperately need Bissouma, or the like, and a creative option in the midfield, to properly address our Best 11 deficiencies, especially if we can’t rid ourselves of this 4-2-3-1 hell that has been imposed upon our club

  24. Amazing football and tactics by Arsenal. We were just unlucky and it’s only friendly anyways. I can see Arteta’s ideas are coming to life. In an two years time under Arteta and Edu we should be competing for EPL title. Be positive, support the team and trust the process. Why so much doom & gloom? I joined JA because i thought this is Arsenal fan site i was not aware there will be so much negativity and toxicity around here. Arteta knows more about football then anyone here and he has already done fantastic job in getting rid of deadwood while bringing in new blood, it’s not his fault what Wenger did to the club. Once we get rid of all the Wenger culture and his useless players we will should be fine & we are not like Chelsea who lack values so they sack their managers neither we are City who will buy the title. If you want to be like them go and support them we don’t need plastic fans like you 😜

    1. just what we needed, another ironic namesake spewing nonsensical gibberish…although I despise the very notion of agreeing with someone who is rather oblivious, from a footballing perspective, I do agree with your commentary regarding Wenger, but I doubt you and I arrived at that same conclusion in a similar fashion, as your bull in a china shop approach to writing suggests you lack the kind of nuanced reasoning powers required for a logical discussion on the matter…btw, if you can’t handle an entirely honest critique of our longtime troubled club, warts and all, maybe it is you that should move along

      1. That was sarcastic comment. I just wrote what pro Arteta boys here having been dishing out to anyone who says a word against the great Mr Arteta.

        1. I was wondering about that after reading some of your early comments…I’m sure you can see how I might have thought otherwise though…my bad

  25. Our team that started against Chelsea and the Subs that came-on play in the Mind Series game at the Ems and lost 1-2 to the visitors wasn’t poor in their playing the game as some of us are making it to believed.

    For, the Gunners would at least have gotten a draw result in the match but for referee Andrie Mariner denying Joe Willock his equalising goal for Arsenal in the match in his low drive shot that looked 100% to have crossed the goal line.

    So therefore, despite that the match was a pre-season fund fundraising match. But it was still a big game by all accounts that was played by 2 rivals big London club sides. Which for that reason the match officiating of the match should be full with the VAR deployed in it I would opin.

    So, to my fellow Gooners please take heart heaven hasn’t fall on Arsenal. I believe Mikel Arteta, his coaching staff and the Gunners will go back to this match on video recording to watch it and correct any mistakes the Gunners might have made in the match. And correct then in training sessions before they take on Tottenham Hs on Sunday in a North London Derby match at the NWH despite that the match is for charity fund raising. But this time, the VAR should be used in the it to clear any doubts that may happen in the match.

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