Arsenal squad value drops by £154 million since Coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of chaos in the world of football and with the virus still spreading globally, the effect on football is set to get even worse, including for Arsenal.

The outbreak has already seen leagues across the world to be suspended with many teams struggling to keep paying the wages of their staff and players.

However, The Football Observatory as cited by the Sun has claimed that there will even be more trouble for teams around the world if this season was to be cancelled.

The Premier League is under pressure to scrap the current season and save the footballing calendar and there is a possibility that the governing bodies will consider that option if the competition cannot be restarted by July.

The Swiss outlet claims that the market value of Europe’s top five leagues teams would take a major battering if this campaign is declared null and void, speculating that their value could drop by 28 per cent collectively.

Their system of evaluating values is based on several factors including player’s performances, age, career progression and contract duration.

The study also reckons that Marseille would suffer the biggest hit with their team value set to drop by 37.9 per cent.

Sheffield United would suffer the most in the Premier League with a 33.2 per cent drop in players’ value while Arsenal would suffer a £154m loss of value on their current squad.

Those are some huge numbers and not every club in the top leagues can sustain such financial blows. Going to be tough times ahead.

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