Arsenal teenager refuses to confirm if he wants to stay at Arsenal

Bukayo Saka refuses to commit his long-term future to Arsenal.

Bukayo Saka is currently focused on playing for Arsenal but the 18 years old cannot commit his future to the Gunners because he is not in charge of negotiations.

Saka has been a revelation for Arsenal this season and he continued his fine run of form with an assist in their match against Newcastle over the weekend.

He has shown a maturity that is beyond his age and he looks to be heading for the top of the game.

He, however, has just 18 months left on his current Arsenal contract that pays him just £3k per week.

Liverpool and Manchester United have been targeting him and the Premier League duo is reportedly monitoring his situation at the Emirates.

Speaking about his future recently, Saka claimed that he is just focused on playing for Arsenal and he is letting his parents and his agent negotiate the best deal for him.

“I just leave all that stuff to my agent and my parents,” he said as quoted by the Express.

“I just enjoy my football and play my football.

“Do I want to stay? Like I said it’s for my agent. They’re sorting it out.

“Of course I’m enjoying my football, enjoying playing under the new coach so we’ll see what happens.”

I have to say that his comments are a little worrying, he was asked outright if he wanted to stay and he never said yes, he simply diverted the question on to his agent.

He could have said yes but my agent is handling it, but he dodged the issue instead. Should we be worried?


  1. He comes over as something of a prat tbh . He will believe his own hype and think he is too good for us

  2. He sounds like an 18-year old, have one at home right now (unfortunately I am not having to negotiate any major league sports contracts for them).

    I think we need to give players a bit of a break with the detailed analysis on quotes from media scrums – he didn’t say anything wrong – he is enjoying football and leaving contract discussions to parents and manager. His answer to playing out of position was also really good – he actually answered the question intelligently as opposed to relying on a cliché or two…

    Saka and his people would be foolish to say anything else when entering negotiations for a new contract. They want to get as much as they can – if he comes out and says it is only Arsenal for me, then he is automatically taking a cut in his potential pay.

    1. I fully agree. But he wants to play in his winger position, not be used as LB, then benched as Niles who was first to be gradually brought into first team because of his potential. Becoming a regular at age of 20, second youngest to start in Europe football at 17, after Wishere.

      Since Bellerin is back, Niles is not even making bench as last game.

      He can easily decide to leave if this remains as all season long. A waist of talents, better off be on loan.

      If he had to sign a new contract soon, it would be fare for him to consider better move for his young carreer.

      Willock, Niles, Nelson, Gendouzi, Saka, Martinelli are all at stage where they ready to step up; they must play every week in order to devellop.

      Bellerin Holding Saliba Tierny
      Niles Willock
      Nelson Martinelli Saka

      And I’m sure more talent in our Academy; this is the heritage of Wenger along with Emirates and a top club he made of Arsenal.

      1. How can you say left wing is his best position? He is 18, just starting out in pro football and has been our best player at left back this season and got 3 MOMs in the last three games. Nobody knows his best position yet, except in the first team, every game.

        1. True and also this:

          Even if he turns up 5 % better as a LW than as a LB, he would still end up as a LB because the competition among top wingers is incredible (which is also why I think Nelson has no chance of making it big since he lacks in everything required of wingers – speed, dribbling, passing, shooting)

        1. Well 5th is higher than 10th as I see it. (Losing to Atletico after a fight is better than surrendering to Chelsea in the final and with that guy scoring a consolation goal).
          Saka replied well to the questions, stayed away from controversies, well done lad.

      2. @Mogunna-Wenger should have made the Emirates a 15,000 seater stadium because that’s the size of the crowds we would get with that team.
        I now know you are a troll PAL because no sane Arsenal supporter would seriously consider playing that team .
        And consider this also PAL- With that team you selected the following players will obviously have to be sold
        All players bought by WENGER. What a knob you are PAL

  3. Would it be wrong from Saka to not sign any contract if he is used as Niles?

    He plays because of Tierny and Kolas combined injuries. He would not be in the team, hard for youngsters to get a break in attack with Laca, Pepe, Auba. Not much time left for Martineli, Nelson, Nketiah, Saka to share. A waist of talent!

    Laca will be back in 11 starter for remaining of season, with Ozil, Auba which is fare with top performances, smart as we will get offers for them then. Sell these players and make way for our young players next year.

    Or it make no sense to devellop them to just waist talent, Saka should wait as any of them before to extend.

    They will be chased by top teams, putting them on field. I can see Bayern, Barca, Paris, Real eyeing as Reds and Man U and other clubs….Nelson should be on loan, he was doing so well, we brought him back after 3 months!

  4. “I leave that stuff to my agent and parents” ! Didn’t say he loves Arsenal or anything similar which is disappointing.
    That won’t go down well with us Gooners.

    1. @GB,

      Perhaps you should speak for yourself. Saka’s comments is OKayed for me as a Gunner.
      He hasn’t spoken out of order in my judgement.

  5. Isn’t the truth that young players, as with so many young people in general, have so litle idea what to say or what needs to be said and also what should NOT be said, that it comes as no surprise that Saka is out of his depth when interviewed.
    So many youngsters are out of their depth and a fish out of water when it comes to giving interviews. They become tongue tied and overawed. The techno generation does not, in general, do face to facetalking with their own mouth rather than with a screen and that is regrettably so true, at least to this oldie! Personal skills are so rare with the facebook/ snapchat/instagram generation. Palpably so too!

    1. I don’t see anything wrong in what he said Jon to be honest. He’s a realist just like you. He knows nothing is guaranteed in football. He can commit himself to a new contract and then get benched for Tierney because when everyone is fully fit, it would be really hard to get into the first team especially because he’s still young. Just look at what happened with niles and bellerin even though bellerin isn’t even playing better than niles. Niles just vanished into thin air doesn’t even make the bench anymore. Rather than say he’s young and therefore unwise. Ironically he might be the wise one here because he must have seen what happened to niles and started weighing his options.. Better not to put himself under any unnecessary commitment when things might not turn out as he planned. That’s wisdom.

    2. Exactly right jon; there are very few young articulate footballers, because they have concentrated so much on achieving a high standard in football to the detriment of education and their communication skills.
      Should Saka not sign a new contract in the next 6 months, he should bring a good transfer fee due to the apparent number of suitors.

  6. Some y’all are Funny!!!
    What possibly do you expect a teenager (18) to say concerning contract iss.?

    SAKA is simply a Small High School Boy with big Football Potentials. 😏
    The Lad is probably saying what they told him to say.

    1. I agree. They all have management and advisors, especially youngsters need to be told what to say

      Either to get a new contract with higher salary or not to commit to leave the club

      Also with our current standing in the Premier League, I won’t be surprised if other players might want to leave or get a huge salary increase

  7. Saka’s agent and his parents will hold out for as much as they can. There are no loyalties here, and we should not expect any. He should be made a financial offer that he cannot refuse. However, there’s Martinelli and Auba in front of him for the LW position where he prefers to play, so what does the club offer him as far as game-time is concerned? This is why I suggested in a previous comment that he should be used instead of Xhaka in the left midfield, seeing that he defends well and his attack, well, we have seen that. Just imagine the football with Tierney, Saka and Auba/Martinelli down the left flank….

  8. Aubameyang looks like he’s gonna pull a Ramsey and string the club along till he gets his bossman payday elsewhere. Saka will take that spot and Martinelli will take Laca’s. In fact, pretty soon we will have a shortage of attackers.

    1. I don’t think that Auba has given any indication of doing that – the only hint along those lines come from media stories. I think he will be quite upfront come end of season and will give Arsenal time to respond quickly before Euros.

      1. And Ramsay didn’t string Arsenal along, more like Arsenal farted around and Ramsay figured out how to cash in. Can’t really fault him – if story is true we withdrew the offer.

        And I am still not sure whether I care or not if he left – his form was pretty patchy – especially after the awful leg break. Good Ramsay was awesome, poor Ramsey we could do without.

  9. Talking about teenage sensation is any body watching haaland that kid is we beast we need to go all out to get he just destroyed psg.
    Teenage striker Haaland has scored eight times in the group stage for Salzburg before joining Dortmund in January and has continuing to plunder goals at a frightening rate.

      1. Spot on sue that kid score for fun i mean i see a ballon d o winner in him making a record signing wont be bad on him

  10. What Saka said is not wrong or misleading. He is just keeping his cards close to his chest. When KT and Kola a re back and fit, which position will Saka play? This question must be lingering in his mind. By the way, he must also be thinking of the Nyles situation playing in front of him. I agree that Halland is a beast of a player, wouldnt be surprised if he overtakes Messi and Ronaldo in the long run. What a player!

    1. If i have my way bro i say we go all out for that kid
      Jeez that kid makes professional psg defenders look like amateur ,who does that . And i totally agree with u he have all it takes to over take messi and cr7 if he keeps his head up

      1. that is more than a bit of “pressure” to place on his head 🙂 He needs to keep playing like this for a long time before he gets into discussions to join that club – the longevity and production from those two is amzaing!

        Would I want to sign him – absolutely, doubt we will be able to afford – but there is a lot of potential in the kid. The difference with the great men is they have the results.

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