Arsenal tell Joel Campbell to find a new club? Why?

Now this is definitely the strangest Arsenal transfer rumour for me, as I believe that Joel Campbell was one of the most improved players at the club last season, but he seemed to be shut out by Arsene Wenger despite some cracking performances and his place was eventually given to Alex Iwobi.

An article in the Independent this morning said: A report emerged in Spanish newspaper Estadio Deportivo that the 24-year-old has been informed he should seek out a new club to join either on a loan deal or permanently, having struggled for first team opportunities since he returned from his most recent loan spell with Villarreal in 2015.

It’s added that Campbell is wanted by the new Valencia head coach Pako Ayestaran, although AC Milan have also been previously linked with the Costa Rica international.

It would appear that Campbell and Wenger have never really seen eye to eye, and the Costa Rican international has always made it clear that he wants to be playing first team football at this stage of his career. He certainly has the talent to play for a top team, so I am at a loss to understand why Wenger refuses to give him more first team chances except when we are decimated by injuries.

I don’t want him to leave but it looks like he will have to find another club to play every week in the future. Am I the only one thay thinks this is a mistake by Le Prof?



  1. To be honest I don’t think he will get rid of anyone because he can’t see the big picture. All tbe news about O-G maybe going would make my day but he will keep him in hope he hits 30 goals then say I told you so. Loads of players should be leaving Arsenal but again it will be the same old stuff. BFG still there when he should have been shown the door ok maybe he has one more season on tbe bench. LK needs a strong partner but no he will stay just as it is and a DM still needed but no he won’t do what is needed. It’s fair to say it’s time for him to leave and I think this is his last year. We need a young manager with a young number 2 that’s in place for when he leaves. Look at pep what he has done at man city he see what’s wrong and put in place what he thinks is needed and still will buy some more. If it’s not right January he will buy more. EPL will start to be a 3 club race like spain

    1. We don’t need a young manager. We need a winning manager no matter what his age, race, ethnicity etc is. i don’t care if he is 20,30,40,50,60 as long as he brings us trophies

      also, we still need giroud and mert as backup even if we get a top Striker and top CB

  2. If campbell wants to be a starter then he has to leave, bcos as it stands he doesn’t even make our bench let alone our starting x1.

    If he is happy to fight for his place then great, but something tells me he thinks he is better than he is.

    Let’s face it does he get beyond this 18 if everyone is fit?

    Bellerin Mertesacker koscielny Monreal
    Cazorla Xhaka Ramsey
    Giroud alexis

    Ospina, Gabriel, coquelin, wilshire, chamberlain, Walcott, Welbeck

    1. 2 thumbs down? So he does get in the 18? Ahead of who. Bear In mind that iwobi and elneny are also both ahead of him. For me campbell doesn’t make the first 2 teams, nothing him but he is simply a squad player.

    2. In my opinion Cambell beats out Ox and Walcott easily. Tired of waiting for Ox to “develop” his potential. Walcott is Walcott; 10 years uncontested virtually and he’s a joke. Forget those two, better off spending money buying farts.

  3. I would not be surprised if this was true. I think that Joel has shown some promise at times, but his play has not consistently been at at the level that Arsenal needs. And you could argue that neither has OX, or Walcott,, and I would agree. But they are English and in the premiere league that matters. If he were substantially better than Ox and Theo, then he would probably be kept. But he has been, in my opinion, marginally better at times, and at other times about the same. I would like to see him go to a team where he can get more playing time and maybe get more consistent.

    1. #jperiod;
      With people like you around the stupidity have no ending. Have can you be so blind eyed that Flamini known as “wind Shield Wiper or yellow Card prone” is also not English !!!!, against Barcelona his first touch was Messi’s leg, and gave up Penalty, but sick minded Wenger gave him more playing time than Campbell. I watched his games in WC 2014 for Costa Rica, and he was sensational, and he was a fighter without giving fouls. But when Wenger bring him on 81th minute, you expect a miracle? Wenger the same thing to Carlos Vela, until he was traded to Real Sociedad, and he became a star goal scorer 20 plus goal scorer for several year in La Liga.
      So, you are as sick minded as your boss Wenger, and as long as the combination of Wenger, KRoenke, and AKBs,are existing in Arsenal, we never win any EPL, ECL, and our only trophy is Wenger’s trophy, 4th place. The team is so miserable some years can’t even win Emirate cup with 4 selected mediocre teams.

  4. This news is more than likely to be true, with the evidence being, how wenger suddenly dropped Campbell completely from the team just as the player was showing good form and progression ?. A lot of fan’s couldn’t understand why wenger did that, especially when the other player’s who he selected ahead of Campbell preformed terribly.
    This is definitely a strange one, where only the deluded one has the delusional answer to this. ?
    I might upset a few Ramsey fans, but I reckon that Campbell is more of a complete player than he is.

    1. Lol!

      More complete than ramsey, campbell can only dream of creating the amount of chances Ramsey does, he can only dream of scoring the amount of goals that Ramsey does, he can only dream of completing the amount of tackles Ramsey does.

      More deluded than Wenger himself

  5. Campbell’s been excellent. Highly under-rated. Good passing, lots of energy, tracks back, eye for goal – exactly what we need

    Buts Ox and Walcott to shame.

    Please keep, and please use!

  6. Campbell got less game in the latter part of the season due to the fact Wenger wanted is british core to get as much minutes to make the England Squad which i thought we were lucky to finish second because of that judgement.

    He is a far more dangerous and useful player than walcott , wilshere , Ox and Ramsay from what is seen i think he is playing with restraint and was gradually improving in goal scoring and creating chances. If given the opportunity i think he cold become a great number 10 also.

    If it is true that Wenger ask him to find a new club, its a tragedy

  7. with Arsene, Arsenal can only go one direction- downhill.
    If it were true that Joe has been told to find another club, this confirms my assertion above.
    Joe remains our most improved player of last season and one that saved our butt when our other wingers were utterly terrible. Ox and Theo have become a shame to themselves and the club. Wenger personally allowed Iwobi into the starting XI to halt Joe’s progression.
    Wenger save yourself some pride, leave Arsenal before you terribly destroy our club.

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