Arsenal tell youngster they want to give him a new deal

William Saliba has been an Arsenal player since 2019, but it is shocking to learn that he hasn’t played for their senior team yet.

The defender has spent most of his time on their books out on loan, and he came of age in the just-concluded campaign.

Arsenal sent him to Olympique Marseille, and he developed into a superb centre-back.

His performances for the French club saw him earn his first France caps, and he is now one of the players who could be on the plane to the next World Cup.

Arsenal is now facing pressure to either make him a key member of their first team or sell him.

L’Equipe says Mikel Arteta’s side has finally decided to keep him, and he would be an important member of the team in the next campaign.

The Gunners believe in him so much that they have also informed him that they intend to hand him a contract extension.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saliba has come of age, and he needs to get his time at Arsenal when he returns.

With two years left on his current deal, we could lose him soon if he doesn’t feel the club trusts him.

Before he puts pen to paper on a new contract, he would need to have gotten some first-team minutes, and Arsenal will be keen to give that to him.

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  1. Good.
    But he shouldn’t be demanding to be guaranteed a starting place in the team like rumours have been suggesting.

    He should come in and fight for a starting place like everyone else. Gabriel, White and Holding should also not be guaranteed a starting place in the team, they should earn it too..

    No kind of complacency should be afforded to any player. Need to get earn a starting place on merit..

    1. I would agree with you if the manager carried his end and played on form players instead of favourites.

      Remember how poor Auba was? and wasn’t dropped based on form? only discipline got him dropped…..

      1. It doesn’t matter, fans are going to complain either way.
        When Arteta stuck with Auba for more than a season and a half of poor form people were pelting him.
        Now the same people have been using Auba’s exile as another stick to beat Arteta with.
        Auba was Arteta’s favourite but was completely exiled from the team. Gotta be a new definition of being a “Favourite.”

        The moment Saliba is introduced into the team and makes a few mistakes, either Arteta will be blamed for it, not being a good coach for him, or the same people will start pelting Saliba for being an average overrated/ overhyped player.. Or if he plays well they will still pelt Arteta for having had a personal grudge against Saliba, hence loans.

        I think these are the 3 likely outcomes I can predict.. 😊

  2. Instead of telling him your intentions rather just do it, actions speak a lot louder.

    If he doesn’t sign, which I wouldn’t blame him, then sell immediately. Hopefully the MA/Edu contract circus will get one right.

  3. Saliba is surely talented and needs to play regular first team football. I am sure he will do justice to the cause if he plays regularly, he has clearly grown as a player. Give him the new contract and see how well he performs for us over a long period of time, could be a generational talent.

  4. After the way he has been treated if I was Saliba I would expect no less than 3million up front to accept a conract extension and a minimum 150k p/w salary. Otherwise just cruise for two seasons and leave on a free in 2024.

  5. Shouldn’t be difficult to give him opportunities. I’m sure Arteta told Ramsdale and White there are no guaranteed starters when he signed them.

    I’m certain he’s informed Xhaka as well not to think he just walks into the team.

    What is best for the team should be the top concern. Whether it’s extending contracts, selling players, competition for starts, the club comes first.

    Haven’t seen a lot of that going back to Wenger’s later years, and still continuing today.

    Haven’t seen honest competition for starts in years, rotation has been more of a trigger word than an actual strategy.

    Who are the players who actually have to earn their starting chance?

    Nketiah? Laca? Pepe?

    Everyone else walks into the starting 11, form bears little consideration.

    All managers have their preferred players, their “favorites” and I smirk when I hear managers mention “competition” or “No guarantees” merely buzz words with little substance.

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