Arsenal the biggest Premier League spenders this summer – will it buy top four?

They say money can buy you success in football and if that is true, then Arsenal fans can dream of the top four again.

The Gunners miss out on European football this season after finishing outside the Premier League’s top seven in the last campaign.

They have responded very well to that by splashing the cash on some players.

They have signed Nuno Tavares, Albert Sambi Lokonga, Ben White, Martin Odegaard and Aaron Ramsdale to their squad so far this transfer window.

Sky Sports reports that the Gunners have splashed £129m on these signings and that means they have outspent their Premier League rivals.

Manchester United has spent the second-highest sum in this transfer window, spending £15m less than the Gunners.

Manchester City and Chelsea make up the top four on the spending table, but not every fan believes Arsenal’s spending will translate to a successful season.

Football Daily posted the news on Twitter and some reactions to it were overwhelmingly negative and ridiculous.

One fan commented: “Imagine being the biggest spenders in the league, signing 5 players and not one of them is of a level to play for a top 6 club”

Another commented: “How can Arsenal have spent the most but still improved the least”

Yet another said: “Are we not being unfair on arsenal £129m have been spent on 5 average players while the likes of man city and Chelsea spent there transfer monies on a single player”

One more added: “Man United Man City and Chelsea investing for the tittle! arsenal is investing for top half of the table”

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  1. Considering the sale of Willock, I’d say we’ve spent £109 million this summer . Still a large sum .
    By the way there is a certain striker called Luka Jovic who is surplus to requirement at real Madrid, wonder why arteta haven’t snapped him up on loan at least.

  2. They are entitled to their opinion.

    When a big team finishes 8th position twice in a row, it’s expected that they show aggressive in the transfer market, arsenal isn’t in the level to pay £100m for just a player yet, but to say we have bought average players is totally ridiculous, Ben white and Ode can hold their own against any top 4 team players and the general notion about our players been average takes pressure off them.

    Now it’s time for all players to shut the negative pundits up by proving themselves

    1. The funny thing is we know the pundits are right but kinda hope our players prove themselves this season….

      We had a solid team that needed few leaders and proven stars signings to lift us back to the big time….imagine our best player is a talented rookie 19yr old …

      60m maddison, 25m Danny ings, 35m Bissouma, 7m Onana … significantly improves our team..


      60m maddison, 40m Abraham, lokonga, tavares, Onana….This still looks Ok to me


      30m aouar , 70m cavert lewin, tavares, Onana


      30m odegaard, 40m icardi , 35m Bissouma, tavares, Onana


      Calhanoglu free, 70m lautaro martinez, 35m Bissouma, tavares, Onana

      I could go on and on, So many players that our 129m could have been spent on to significantly improve our team not Ben white and odegaard…

      Edu and co were just lazy and clueless…

      We have no choice but to support the team…I know these dark times won’t last for long…the jokers will leave at some point and we get our arsenal back

      1. Of course you are assuming that any of the players were actually ‘gettable’ in the first place or fancy coming to a club not playing in Europe this year.

  3. Selling back up GK to PL team for £16m and next year buying new back up GK for £24m from Championship is questionable to say the least.

    Also buying CB for £50 million which could’ve brought us Bissouma, also very questionable.

    This being said, money has been given to Arteta and money has been waisted too. Emery and Wenger weren’t back up like this. Arteta will have no excuses left and the team should be performing very soon too.

    1. If we bought Bissouma and CBs make continuous calamity, you would still say we should have bought a CB.

      Arsenal fans……hmmmm

    2. Why do people keep talking about Martinez as though we wanted to sell him. He wanted to leave as Arteta wouldn’t guarantee him the No1 spot. The players we brought were to cover shortages and help improve the team over time not for instant success as we don’t have the money to splash out on 1 player like chelsea, city or United.
      Yes you do have a chose about supporting or not if you don’t like it go somewhere else

  4. To be fair, a lot of “fans” on here having been posting similar negative comments, not me I hasten to add.

  5. Can y’all stop all these nonsense of claiming to be the biggest spender of the season ??? What kind of players did you brought in with your so called big spend? Did you all saw Bissouma against Watford yesterday??? How many quality players do you have in our midfield like that ???? Arsenal will still mark their 8th position with that your 129 Million.

    1. Are you saying without Bissouma all yhe money we spent are waste? Thank God you are not the manager. You would have bought Xhaka for 80m after his euros performance.

      We all want the best for Arsenal but to say Bissouma had a good game against a watfotd team we beat in pre season means we’ve done nothing is serious.

  6. I read somewhere this morning that Kroenke is prepared to “invest” another £50 million in this transfer window. Regardless of how Kroenke is seen as a poor owner by the fans he cannot be blamed for lack of financial support, at least in this window. Whether the money has been spent wisely is another question. A question which can not be answered in the short term. It would seems logical that Kroenke having made a large investment he would have set a target as a condition of such investment.If as many seem to think, the signings that have been made will not improve the current squad by enough to challenge for top four, then it would seem fairly reasonable for Kroenke to make a change in the management. I think the signing are good if one is looking towards the future and if the result on the pitch are positive I do not believe that any change of manager this will happen this season.

  7. I strongly doubt Arsenal will finish near the top 4 given how good City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Utd look. Even Spurs and Leicester look stronger.

    The question is whether you trust Arteta to shape the new signings into who he needs them to be and how he wants them to play. I think it’s a big ask. Too big.

    My big concern with Arteta is that I think he is obstinate and refuses to learn and adapt when things don’t go the way he expects. No wins when he’s losing at half time is a huge worry.

    I do hope to be proved wrong though.

  8. i watched Brighton play yesterday. It’s insane why we never go all out in trying to sign Bissouma. What a beast of a player!

  9. My opinion may get a lot of criticism but here goes

    First, I welcome Tavares, Lokonga, Odregaard, Ramsdale, White with open arms. I hope they all succeed

    However, i believe we overpaid for White and Ramsdale and could have used the money more wisely for quality players

    But we can’t change the past

  10. Elephant that is scared of a mouse.

    or just a mouse that gets waten by a cat.

    I honestly dont mind losing, as lonf as we should fight and quality. But we juat passively roll over.

  11. The decision to invest in young players with a shelf life is sensible in comparison to the monies expended on Willian, and while I would not have gone for Odegaard ,at least he will not be subject to a settling in period.It’s all very well for fans to sit in judgement of Arteta and Edu and criticise them for failing to bring in ready made upgrades for various positions but even the most hostile of the anti Arteta brigade cannot come up with a solution on how we can unload the likes of AMN, Bellerin, Kolasinac ,Torreria and Xhaka who I am pretty certain would have been sold had an offer of circa 25m been submitted.Had we managed to sell these fairly mediocre players we could have set out sights higher and brought in someone of the calibre of Bssouma who is carrying on his fine form of last season and would have really strengthened our midfield.In any event, I hope all the newcomers prove to be good acquisitions and when they wear the red shirt, they will have my almost support.

  12. The negativity of some of Arsenal fans is nauseating to say the least. It’s all well and good having an opinion, but the downright hopelessness being displayed is killing me, it’s almost as if the have written off our young recruits and existing young players as if they are already the finish product and won’t improve as their respective careers progress. It’s a young, building squad, give them time and support, temper you lofty short term expectations and let’s take this journey together.

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