Arsenal Thoughts: Wenger’s spending, Mourinho and Cech’s vision…

Not a game into the season and the mind games have begun already by KM

Well, well, now. The Arsenal transfer news may be as dry as the Sahara desert, but Jose Mourinho’s mouth was full of wet words for Arsenal once again. I mean how do you not just hate the guy. His methods of bringing in success are based as much off the field as they are on the field.

He said: “If you add up the amounts clubs have spent in the last three or four years I think maybe you will find a surprise, Get a calculator. That is one of the easiest things to do. It leaves no space for speculation. If you want to be honest, objective and pragmatic it is the easiest job for a manager or a journalist to do.”

Interesting part here is how the marksmen first takes aim at the media before the real target. Continuing on his thoughts “If you put Ozil plus Alexis Sanchez, plus Chambers, plus Debuchy, you will find a surprise. It’s a fantastic squad with good players, fantastic goalkeeper, they are more than ready to be a title contender.”

Ah of course Jose would say something about Arsenal. It’s really “rich” how he mentions money. The manager that spent the most money over the past decade as an article in the Independent says.

We all know where this is aimed. Put the pressure on the other teams to win it, make yourself the outsider and then when you win pretend to be the hero. Sad thing is – it worked. I think the players mentioned by Jose should have this quote on the dressing room door as a motivation.

When you are in the richest league in the world, you spend money. Five billion on TV rights for the premier league. Absurd stuff. So what, we spent 100 mill over 2 seasons, when we spent as much on the previous 10. Compare that to Chelsea and we have hundreds of millions to catch up. Tottenham spent 100 millions in one transfer window, Liverpool spend huge sums every window, and United are trying to buy their way back to glory. So please Jose, just shut up for once.

Regardless, I hope Wenger ignores this. Mourinho gets under Wenger’s skin and this statement came just before we play them this Sunday. Coincidence? Yeah right… What Arsene needs to do is suck it up and ignore it. Falling to his level of mind games means Mourinho has already won.

From what I saw in preseason games, Arsenal looked the same way Arsenal always looks. We were all guns blazing, we were creating chances, but we were also open to trouble. The difference is we have a solid keeper, who made a few notable saves in the games he played. I have no doubt Cech will start. He will be really motivated to prove he was supposed to be first choice keeper there. And revenge is a dish best served cold.

Onto the transfer wilderness Szczezny has left off to Roma. I will not miss him much. He saved a penalty against Udinese which helped us win the game and seal CL group stages. Apart from that I can name more errors than good saves, and a lot of points missed because of awful goalkeeping.

Final thought from me is about that vision Cech was talking about. The one that Arsene laid out in front of him before he signed. Does Arsene know of a transfer we don’t? As much as I love the squad we have, we still finished 12 points behind Chelsea. I really hope there’s a surprise in store for us.

Happy week to all of you.


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  1. just seen hazards goal against barca, he is definitely off to spain next summer after that goal, both barca and real will be falling over each other to get at him, and then we will see how far chelsea get without him. i bet if he goes mouriniho goes too as an ultimatum to abrahamovic, to stop him leaving and he is goooooooooooooing gone.

    1. Chelsea are in no need to sell and Hazard just signed a big contract there. Chelsea don’t lose players they don’t want to lose, note I said Chelsea not Mourinho. Cech’s situation is different as it was a moral decision on Abramovic’s part but I don’t thnk he’s leaving

    2. we have enough wide players…..lets forget reus and focus on a wc striker….there must one out there for sure and the best chance we have of lifting even the CL is by having a real good striker in our attack….damn we missed something special in suarez…should have bid 50m for him

  2. i wonder what reus is doing in london with his agent spotted last night at heathrow ???????????????????????????? very strange things happening afoot at the emirates maybe lol

      1. Representatives of Marco Reus have clarified the Germany winger’s future in a statement confirming his intention to stay at Borussia Dortmund.

        Reus has been linked with moves to Spanish, Italian and English clubs in recent years but has stayed loyal to Dortmund. That stance looks set to continue despite the suggestion that the 26-year-old was flattered by rumours of a move to Juventus in recent days.

        Sport Total agency represents Reus and they published a statement to in a bid to end the speculation over their client’s plans for next season.

        “We read the rumours that are circulating about an alleged transfer for Marco,” read the statement. “We can say with certainty that the player is having a wonderful time at Dortmund.

        “He is flattered by the interest of many European teams, but he’s recently decided to stay in Dortmund.”

        Reus signed a new four-year contract with Dortmund in February and has reiterated in recent weeks that he is eager to stay with his current club and help them to rebuild under new coach Thomas Tuchel.


        (Hope this helps end the nonsense rumour).

          1. If we are talking about the same picture there are no round pillars like that in any of the terminals at Heathrow.

  3. mou is sensing danger and trying to defend his first and thorough thrashing on the hands of arsenal come on Sunday.

  4. Highly rated Ajax U16 Donyell Malen has joined Arsenal I never thought we’d see: Mino Raiola working with Arsenal maybe he can help us land pogba !!!!!!!!!!

    Also Arsenal have won the race to sign midfielder Ismael Bennacer (17) from AC Arles-Avignon, on a 5-year deal. (L’Equipe)

    1. this malen kid looks a genius very technical as you would imagine coming from ajax, pace skills goals welcome to the arsenal revolution kid, you very welcomed here always.
      yours sincerely
      goonerwineverything lol

  5. With Costa getting hamstring injury yesterday (don’t know if it’s serious ) Cahill with a broken noise, they may not play on Sunday.

  6. Arsenal youth sigings this summer:
    Reine-Adelaide (17, Lens) Fortune (16, Lens)
    Dragomir (16, ACS Poli)
    Osei-Tutu (16, Reading)
    Pileas (16, Cyprus)
    Malen (16, Ajax)

    jonker will make a huge impact

    1. jonker is the man atm he seems to know what sort of player he wants, and gets him like he said he is use to working with xavi and iniesta type players, so that the level of youth talent. he wants good on him some big ambition there. coyg

  7. Personally having seen the actual interview there isn’t much wrong in what Mourinho says, he’s more or less indirectly complementing Arsenal as he feels we should an willl be challenging for the title.

    It’s more or less typical snide Mourinho comments taken out of context by the media. They ask the questions but only show the answers.

    At any rate I’m inlined to agree, Arsenal should and will be challenging for the title

    Side note: People should really watch the interviews before they make their mind up on something

    1. Yes, he did.

      The medical pass entailed him being able to stand up unattended for 5 minutes.

  8. It’s unfortunate. ..but Maureen always gets under Wenger’s skin.
    I hope we win regardless.

  9. Just read on the sky sports transfer page that Wenger is interested in Sergio busquets as an upgrade on coquelin , anyone else heard that also.

    1. Barcelona is dead without two of any of these : Messi, Neymar, Busquets. Selling Busquets will cripple Barcelona until Turan can actually play.

  10. More attempts at Mind games from Maureen. Aren’t we all tired of them yet? For a guy who will never go to a club where he doesn’t have endless money to spend & has along with Roman ruined player transfers forever he sure is insecure. As usual it’s ok if he/his players do it but nobody else is allowed to. F’ him.

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