Arsenal – Three youngsters in and one youngster out

These Arsenal transfer rumours are just not stopping at the moment, and it seems there are big changes in the youth levels as well.

First of all we have the news that we have nabbed another Barcelona whizzkid by the name of Joel Lopez, and the Mirror announced it like this….

Barcelona’s Joel Lopez has confirmed that he is leaving the club, with the youngster set to join Arsenal. The 15-year-old has turned down the offer of a new deal at La Masia to move to the Emirates Stadium.

Spanish newspaper Sport reported last month that Lopez and his family had met with senior officials at the club, who had tried to persuade him to stay amid Premier League interest.

But with more opportunities to progress into the first team more quickly in North London, Lopez has elected to chance his arm at Arsenal

And then we have the young promising Arsenal keeper Hugo Keta move away to Brighton, as we simply have too many candidates for the Number One spot at the moment. Brighton themselves announced his arrival on Twitter….

Keto, who is the Finland U21 keeper told the official Brighton website: “I was at Arsenal for four years and was then told that they weren’t going to give me a contract.

“I started looking at other places to go and my goalkeeping coach at Arsenal knew the Brighton goalkeeping coaches quite well. They looked at my clips and liked what they saw.

“I came over for a week’s training in April and they told me after that week that they would like to sign me.

“It’s a great club with great staff and great facilities and it has everything you need as a footballer. That’s what made me choose Brighton.”

So many changes this summer it is amazing. We are also waiting for the 19 year-old Matteo Guendouzi announcement and also some news about Sam Greenwood coming in from Sunderland. The 16 year-old starlet put a picture of Arsenal’s training ground on his Instagram page yesterday….

The Gunners are obviously concentrating on improving the Academy as well as the senior side, and with our new training team in place (Freddy!) we have great hopes for the future….



  1. gotanidea says:

    Good, hopefully Joel Lopez can turn into Nacho Monreal or Ashley Cole 2.0

    Is there no young dribbling master like Mbappe available? Or maybe the young Greenwood possesses Hazard-like turns and dribbles

  2. Sean Williams says:

    For me Matteo Guendouzi is maybe the best bargain we have had for some time. This lad has has lots of games last season and is a big strong guy. He plays the game like Granit Xhaka should. Distributes the ball well and is constantly mobile. This is our bit of luck. A real star. This season is a taster for him. Next season at 20 years old will be the business.

    1. Alkali says:

      I like his confidence, but I didn’t see anything spectacular in the video I watched. Hopefully he turns out to be an excellent player.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        For the position he played, by watching those clips, I thought two things stood out. His presence with his stature and positioning made him stand out, he looks a big presence. Also he looked very composed on the ball. He wasn’t trying defence splitting passes but he kept the ball rolling and was finding his man easily enough. These are highlights so we haven’t seen his weaknesses nor his mistakes. We haven’t seen his tackling, blocking and chasing neither and considering he played CDM last season for Lorient it bodes well that he looks composed with his forward playing highlights reel. Adli looked a different level I must say. Whoever made his highlight reel knew what they were doing. He looked strong in every department that matters whereas the dude who made Matteo’s reel has no idea at all. But you sort of get a feeling that Matteo might be a player that doesn’t mess about, so concentration might be a strong suit among others he might have.

  3. Steveo G says:

    Anyone heard any more about the 17 year old we were supposed to be getting from PSG for a bargain price or has his club turned his thoughts around?.

    1. Sue says:

      Adli… he’s staying with PSG

      1. RSH says:

        Yeah, we definitely got used 🙁

  4. Sheet Head says:

    Arsenal seems to be working so fast that no sooner do ITKs get wind of the transfers than the whole world is already aware

  5. Phil says:

    There is no doubt Emery has ripped up the Arsene Wenger book titled “How to save money in the Transfer Window and achieve Mediocrity”.And with over Four Weeks till the window closes it will be interesting to see just how much money is still in the coffers

    1. Sri says:

      Refreshing to see Transfer business getting done than giving all types excuses over the whole window.

    2. RSH says:

      Yup, end of the lies. I said this summer we would see if board was the problem with Arsenal’s dealings or AW. I think it is very obvious at this point already. The money was always there, AW just spent it poorly and in the wrong areas.

    3. Midkemma says:

      Sven is the one who worked with Gazidis in Jan to get Mkhi and Auba… but Gazidis did take too long in Jan to get Auba and it looks like the influence of Sven and Raul are making an impact. It left no time to get an experienced CB which the ex manager said he wanted.

      Sven by reports is the one who wanted Leno, he is the one who wanted Sokratis. Like he was the one who wanted Auba and Mkhi along with Mavrop…

      Kinda harsh to perpetuate the Wenger penny pinching when Friar himself confirmed that Wenger was given a budget and Wenger never complained (took it like a nice yes man).

      Who honestly thinks that a man who hates confrontation will confront the CEO about transfers? Or do they think he would try to persuade but in the end accept what the CEO said. “No Wenger, we can’t afford Laca, you’ll have Perez”. Would explain why Wenger sent him away the following year when we did get Laca, never truly gave Perez a chance…

      Changes to transfers happend prior to Emery so to say it is Emery who is making the difference feels kinda ignorant. He may very well have a say in transfers but he is not head of recruitment, that is Sven.


  6. Innit says:

    When Torreira is completed it could potentially be our most important signing in a long time. He isnt that great in the final third, not very creative but he is solid defensively

    And it shows a huge difference between Wenger and Emery. Wenger actually stated he doesn’t spend big on defensive midfielders and “attacking is in our dna”. Emery, like most managers, understands the value of a defensive midfielder ie covering side line to siideline, breaking up attack, getting the ball back to counterattack, helping ths defence, linking defense to attack, being a leader, excellent stamina and strength. The best teams have a good dm. Kante helped two different teams win the PL.

  7. Russell says:

    To Be A Top Club You Need A Good Balance In The Team Wenger Problem Was Defence I Still Dont Understand Why He Didnt Fix His Defence Unai Is Working Had To Fix His Mess Trust Me The Arsenal Is Back Yes Unai Yes

    1. jon fox says:

      The obvious answer to your pertinent question is that WENGER WOULD NOT RECOGNISE A TOP QUALITY DEFENDER IF ONE BIT HIM. He was to defence what Donald Trump is to humility; a total stranger.

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