Arsenal thriving with positive momentum ahead of West Brom

Defender Hector Bellerin has stated that Arsenal’s morale is positive following a upturn in fortunes of late.

The Gunners started the season with two losses from their opening three league meetings, including a disastrous 4-0 demolition at the hands of Liverpool, and thinks were looking ominous for our campaign after a tough transfer window also.

We have turned things around since however, with three wins and a respectable draw away at champions Chelsea, and Hector Bellerin claims the club are now positive moving forwards.

“Even before Chelsea, the games against Bournemouth and in the Europa League helped the team build up the momentum,” he said.

“And the last few games against Chelsea, we have always come out on top and the team was confident we could do the same again.

“We were a bit disappointed as we had chances to score and when you come out of the game thinking, ‘we could have won that’, it is a bit disappointing.

“But to perform away from Stamford Bridge, which is always hard, and to come out with a clean sheet and a solid performance was very good for the mood in the team and the club.”

“It is all about keeping the momentum going,” he added.

“In the League Cup, even though the team completely changed, I think the mood in the whole squad was the same.

“Everyone came out on the pitch to get the win and we have to keep building on this momentum right now and make it another win for us hopefully.”

Will West Brom be put to the sword tonight? Does our team look to be playing full of confidence at present?

Pat J

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  1. Uzi Ozil says:

    I am always nervous when we play on Monday no matter who we play against.

    Having said that, we can afford to drop points tonight. We need to get the win and three points..

    1. neil says:

      How can we get Arsenal players to stop talking !!??
      Mustafi had not lost a match before he discussed ir and everyone else who comes out to discuss confidence or momentum invariably then has a shocker !!
      Sanchez and Ozil say nothing and are invariably our best players and do their talking on the field !
      Wish everyone else could do the same .. and also stop tweeting or Instagram photos after we win as guaranteed they dont do it after we lose !
      Play hard win hard ans go home.. on to next game!

  2. Arseneout says:

    play wilshere with xhaka and we will sure win

    1. Akan says:

      Play Wilshie, Leave Xhaka at home

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    We can’t * afford to drop points tonight..

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Momentum is great, but when are we going to start winning the really tough games though? We’ve played three so far: L’pool, Stoke, and Chel, and we’ve already dropped a whopping 8 points from those games, and we haven’t even scored a goal!

  5. McLovin says:

    Looking impressive means nothing if we can’t score. Clean sheet and a comfortable win today are the only acceptable options.

    The way Chelsea, City and United have undone their oppositions this season, we must destroy WBA. Don’t care if it’s Tony Pulis and his bus parking tactics.

  6. arsenal4life says:

    Cup games drain teams chances
    of League success.
    Arsenal right now are the only
    top team in the weak Europa league
    so are the only team able to use the
    top X1 for League games only.
    Arsenal therefor should be top 3 by Xmas.
    How the other top sides handle cup games will
    be crucial in their title quest.
    Personally if I were City or Chelsea I would flag all cup competition now.

    1. Krish says:

      Thats why you aint the manager of them ?

  7. Nothing changed says:

    I can’t believe I am saying this, but at this stage, I don’t care so much about results. I want to see the same performance level and concentration as we showed against Chelsea. If we can play with that type of application and press the living daylights out of our opponents the results will have to follow.

    My main reservation about Wenger’s teams is their lack of commitment week in week out. They tend to have a few excellent games each season but fail to deliver the same intensity and desire on a weekly basis. I want to see 100% desire and application combined with sensible team selection and then I will stop complaining.

    It is the lapses in concentration, the naive defending, the strange team selections, the fact that we seldom press as a team, the fact that sometimes we seem to expect to win just by showing up that drives me crazy.

    Give me 100% every week and common sense team selection and I can live with any result because i don’t believe results will be poor if we give 100% every week.

  8. Remember Resource? says:

    TBH the only reason I want to watch is for wilshere. If he fulfils even 3/4th of his potential it could be huge for arsenal, this is because come what may he will stay at arsenal if arsenal want him. Every other youngster/star will leave if the club continues on this trajectory. Alexis and ozil are off, we all know that. No one wants to try and push kroenke out. All in all I don’t see arsenal winning a major trophy for the next 5 years, because of their lack of ambition. It is only after a big change that we will compete again. Wenger will choose his replacement so… Also this is nothing new about kroenke. In the US this is expected from him. None of his teams ever do well. But for arsenal it is all new. Just wait and watch as arsenal turn into a mid table epl cash cow. All because of you “true fans”.

    1. Nothing changed says:

      I don’t understand the last bit? Are we not midtable already? Don’t have to wait for that, the reality is here.

  9. Clive says:

    Over confidence leads to complacancy .
    Underrate Westbrom at ur own peril.
    All the top teams won.
    3points or noting.

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