Arsenal tipped for top four by unlikely source…

Paul Merson has tipped Arsenal to build a run of wins which will lead them to earn a place in the top four this season.

The Gunners have qualified for the Champions League every year for the last two decades, but are amidst their biggest battle of my memory to continue that run of consecutive entries.

We currently lie in sixth place in the table, albeit having games in hand on each of our rivals. Should each of us win those excess games, each of us, Liverpool and Manchester United would sit on the same points, while Manchester City would have a one point advantage.

Despite trailing our rivals with the added pressure of having to win those extra games, Paul Merson has tipped us to continue our run in the Champions League.

“I’ll go Chelsea, Tottenham, Man City and I’m going to go for Arsenal to chase down Liverpool,” Merson said.

“Arsenal are a dangerous animal when they’ve got nothing to play for.

“When there’s no pressure they can put seven wins together easily.

“Liverpool have relied on Mane and I don’t know whether his injury will affect the players.

“They give away points against the lesser teams and it’ll cost them.”

Merson is usually over-harsh on our side, which is quite odd from a former player of our side, and on top of that, he is also overly favourable to our closest neighbours Tottenham, which of course gets on my nerves (and most likely yours too).

It’s known that Paul grew up supporting another London team in Chelsea, and is regularly selected to be a pundit for our matches, and quite honestly, his predictions are usually wrong, but he does also usually go against us.

Can Merson get a prediction right for once? We did finish last season the better, but can we do it again? Pat J

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  1. Walter Clunk. says:

    “One Arsene Wenger
    there’s only one Arsene Wenger”
    sang the Emirates crowd last May.
    Protests were drowned out.
    In the summer more expensive signings were
    made amidst the usual confident title predictions.
    9 months on and Arsenal is 3rd best in London
    and once more in the grip of 4th place fever.
    Protests have been dismissed.
    The glorious annual last 10 game charge for the Wenger.
    Embarrassing I know but it’s in the blood y’know.

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Fork Paul pikey Merson,his just trying to jinx us ???
    Our unbeaten run has already started lol ?? And GroundHog has shown us that our boys never bottle it when it comes to qualifying for the champions league (Wenger trophy ???????)

  3. Break-on-through says:

    I’d rather he wrote us off, it sort of ties in with nobody expecting anything of us. Also like you mentioned he rarely gets anything right. It’s a strange one though, I want us to finish as high as possible, but I honestly don’t care if we have no CL football next season.

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