Arsenal tipped to add two more signings to their squad this week

Arsenal has been tipped to complete two new signings by this week as their summer business takes shape.

The Gunners have added Fabio Vieira to their squad and they have also agreed to a new deal with Eddie Nketiah.

This means their team for next season is taking shape, but more business is expected to still be done by the Gunners.

Mikel Arteta’s side has some of the finest performers in European football on their watch list.

The Daily Mail claims they hope to complete the signing of Gabriel Jesus from Manchester City and Lisandro Martinez of Ajax in the coming days.

A move for both players has already begun, and the Gunners will accelerate their efforts to close both of them now.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Seeing our club get serious about its transfer business is very delightful and gives us some confidence that we will have a good summer.

Adding these two players to the squad will undoubtedly improve the quality of the group and make us an even better side.

It will give the manager a good chance to start preparation with his main players as early as next month.

Hopefully, these individuals will not take long to get used to our style of play when they join.

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  1. Finest performances in Europe??
    All the players we have been linked with, I can’t see anyone of them being in the top50 best players during the last campaign.
    Then how on Earth are they finest performances.
    Both Jesus and tielsman won’t even make it to the reserves of first 11 of the EPL team of the year.

    I welcome their signing though as they will surely improve us, but calling them finest performance in Europe when they are very far from it.

  2. Good rumour
    Close to signing the Ajax defender apparently and also Jesus ,going by what I’ve read so this report is spot on
    Wrong Martinez in the pic though admart

  3. my head goes doom,when i see our pure rival sign bissouma in a low price.pls edu arteta and staff dont let tottemham sign our only hope G.jesus.

    1. I never forgave Wenger for not getting Kante. Im feeling the same with Bissouma, a player we could of got, could of afforded and wanted to come to us. He would 100% have improved our midfield, im not sure about the “world class” or “best in Europe” we may end up signing but he has improved Spuds massively and for peanuts.

      1. Reggie, Wenger even made a bigger mistake not signing Luis Suarez .

        He would have easily won the league that year

        1. Yes but that was down to Liverpool bluffing and fooling us. Liverpool played hardball, we just fell for it.

    2. You mean the Bissouma, that’s still facing, alleged charges in court? Why would Arsenal want that?

  4. I’m very relaxed about the way MA and Edu are building THEIR team.
    Of course I’m disappointed that Bissouma has gone to the spuds, but looking into his past, it appears he comes with baggage.
    Quite frankly, MA hasn’t got time to worry about players personal lives.
    I agree that the named players are slowly disappearing, but the building blocks are taking shape.
    I hope we sign a “qualified” LB, especially if AMN is on his way to pastures new.

    One things for sure, if these rumours are true, then kronkie is not holding back.

    1. Only 100 million as been put up apparently Ken
      Jesus 40-50 million
      Vieria -40 million
      Martinez-34 million

      Player sales would get us back below that fresh hold .
      Maybe having spent nearly 400
      million in the past 3 years (250 on Arteta)with no return he’s limited this seasons budget .
      This is what great managers do work on a limited budget and get the best out of what’s available ,will primark pep become one of those managers ?only time will tell

      1. Dan, I’m relaxed because Mikel is passing on players wanted by the fans, for his own type of player.
        Kronkie seems to be backing his choices, whatever they might be, along with, what seems, higher than normal transfer figures.

        To be honest, this is really the only way we can judge Mikel properly, because there is always the excuse that the players are not his etc etc etc.
        It’s been a roller coaster ride watching his team go from top class performances to relegation type football and I still have no idea if he is the real deal or not!
        Come the end of this season, there will be no hiding place for him or us as supporters.
        I hope his signings work out and he proves he’s worth the £8,000,000 plus salary…. Time will tell mate.

        1. There is one more excuse though Ken
          World Cup a month before Xmas ,I’m sure if it goes tits up after that we will hear that one come out .

          1. Gentlemen, the new signings would require time to get acquainted with their colleagues, the harsh EPL environment, language barrier, etc. so the first few months there could be some blips. We should start the second half very strongly and finish off with the FA/LC and EL which is an automatic qualifier for the UCL.

  5. So let me get this straight, the out of left field signing of the future prospect Vieira, the potential signing of a 5’9 defender, to either replace Saliba or play out of position, and the signing of another diminutive Striker, represents the kind of “real” intent we were looking for this TW??? if that’s our window, there’s no doubt in my mind our expectations moving forward are far more Wengerian Cup in nature than anything to do with setting the table for a pending title run

    of course, this isn’t meant to disparage this group of potential recruits, as each appears to have their own respective merits, but they’re not the kind of players who lift a program with a middling manager who struggles from a tactical perspective…until we rid ourselves of MA’s grand enabler, Xhaka, and bring in a couple readymade needle movers, this club will continue to remain on the outside looking in

    1. Like I said a few days back TVRL it seems a case of Snow White and the Severn dwarfs
      Obviously Arteta is Snow White .
      I’m just wondering who is going to get on the end of all them endless crosses into the box .
      Unless he actually changes to this 4-3-3 he’s been harping in about for the last 2 years

  6. As far as Bissouma is concerned, I am glad he is not with Arsenal. Someone with assault charges and a legal case hanging over him should not be welcome, because however good the player may be, some things in life are more important than football. That said, hope we get the signings of Jesus and Tielemans done fast along with a full back so that they are all ready for preseason.

  7. I can only assume bissouma wasn’t considered because of the African nations, losing him and partey at the same time would be bad

    1. Can we please stop with the unresearched talk about players being missing for Afcon. A one minute search will tell you that the tournament will be held in June and July from next year…

      1. This is not the first or the last time that you’re going to have to post the same Afcon comment Pat!!

  8. Whether or not these particular names are top 50 or are precisely the players in the exact positions that we need is it’s true unclear, but I think most of us would agree that they are both potentially higher profile than even last season’s successful crop and will improve our squad depth considerably.
    The major plus is perhaps that if MA doesn’t work out, potential new managers will be much more likely to want to join a club with a squad including such exciting players as (perm any 3 from) Vieira, Tielemans, Jesus, Raphina, Martinez alongside Partey, Martinelli, Saka and Odegaard.

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