Arsenal tipped to end this season as their worst ever in Premier League history

Arsenal’s season could move from bad to worse if their current slump isn’t arrested as soon as possible.

The Gunners had been doing very well before the suspension of football because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mikel Arteta’s side has now lost two games in as many matches since the restart and with injuries piling up for the Spaniard, it could get worse reckons Sun Sports’ William Pugh.

The Gunners now have 40 points, and 14th placed Southampton who seem to be getting better has just three points less than them.

This means that if Arsenal losses again and the teams below them win, they might find themselves down to 15th position.

Arsenal finished 12th in the 1994/1995 season, they haven’t finished below the 6th position since that time even under the underwhelming Unai Emery.

Pugh reckons that Mikel Arteta’s side might end this season in their worst-ever position in the Premier League because four of their last eight league games will come against teams above them on the league table.

Liverpool, Leicester City, Tottenham, and Wolves are teams that Arteta’s side would still face and on current form, they could lose all four games.

Arteta has done a good job since he came in, but it appears as though a combination of rotten luck and poor form could see the Spaniard’s team end this season in a terrible position.

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  1. Only god know how and where teams like wolves, Leicester etc get their players from nowhere then suddenly becomes a 50m + players, arsenal need to wake up and restructure their scouting network!! They hav been very very poor in picking the right players for the team since the last 20yrs

    1. I actually don’t blame the scouts. All they do is scout, and recommend players, it’s the powers to be that decide on who to buy.

      Two good examples: I find very hard to believe that our entire scouting network could only come up with an injured Kim Kallstrom during one Jan window. I also find it unbelievable that our scouting network could only find Cech during a summer transfer window.

      I am sure our scouting network can spot players just as we can as fans.

      1. The Kim Kallstrom signing despite being afflicted with a back injury is still mind boggling to this day!

  2. Snap decisions, delayed contracts, poor scouting, neglected investment, unsiutable directorship, Greedy Kronkes and three managers in three years… can we really expect any better?

  3. Admin Martin, why keep bashing Unai Emery, when he was hired with poor English communication skills, not given the players he requested, not only in the specific personnel, but not even in the same positions and yet still achieved 5th place and the Europa League second place? This despite a horrendous injury toll and the distraction of being constantly questioned on the playing status of Ozil.
    Emery has gone, but the underlying issues with the Arsenal Board and executive management still remain.

    1. Not sure this can be categorised as bashing Emery when all I wrote was the underwhelming Emery, which he clearly was otherwise he would not have been sacked. I barely talk about Emery and I never called for him to be sacked, check my article history.

  4. Arsenal need a world class coach. Alex Ferguson spent twelve years in Scotland honing his trade and winning trophies before he arrived at MU.
    Arteta spent three years at MC and then came to Arsenal. It’s not Artea’s fault that he is failing, if it was that easy to become a world class coach we would all do it. For years Arsenal have been looking for cheap players, free transfer players and two coaches who were not qualified. And by the way you want to get the attention of the players pick a coach taller than 5 feet 9 inches and dress him in a suit and have some trophies under his belt. Someone who’s earned the respect of his players. Then clean house I’m tired of Ozil and Mustafi and Chambers the list goes on. This is the year to do it.

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