Arsenal tipped to land two midfielders this month

Arsenal transfer plans have not been altered despite recent wins, if we are to believe Mikel Arteta (Mail).

Several players have been linked with a move to the Emirates as the Gunners season continue to remain inconsistent.

They have returned to form in their last three games, but no one can really tell how much longer they will sustain the run.

A number of their players have been in fine form, and that has contributed to their current run.

But the club’s midfield hasn’t really been at the level that it should be if they want to return to the Champions League.

They have missed Thomas Partey, who cannot stay fit, while the likes of Dani Ceballos and Joe Willock haven’t exactly been overly helpful.

Arsenal fan and writer, Dave Seager has had a look at their team and determined that their middle needs some changes.

He says that Arteta’s team lacks the right balance between experience and quality in midfield.

He writes on Sun Sports: “Where he lacks quality and experience combined is in the midfield area and particularly at the creative end.

“Mohamed Elneny is a good squad stalwart, Dani Ceballos is talented but young and not our player, Joe Willock is an enigma and his box-to-box attributes do not really fit, Willian seems a failed gamble and Emile Smith Rowe is super talented yet untested and injury prone.

“With Matteo Guendouzi unlikely to earn a reprieve, that leaves only Lucas Torreira, who could be recalled, Arteta’s go-to man Granit Xhaka and the big hope, Thomas Partey.

“The Swiss is not perhaps every fan’s favourite, but he is vastly experienced in a squad bereft of that valued commodity in a key area of the pitch.

“Therefore, in this window I believe Edu will have been tasked with potentially bringing in two midfielders.

“One of creative disposition to share the creative load with Smith Rowe centrally and to mentor the young Englishman.

“The second in my honest opinion, will be the long-term central midfield partner of choice for Thomas Partey.

“I strongly believe that 2020-21 will be the last season where Xhaka is first choice and Arteta needs a true defensive midfielder, but with more mobility and pace than the Swiss international.”

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  1. Sean Williams says:

    For a team that not long ago had Ramsey and Cazorla in midfield, being lumbered with the slow of body and mind Xhaka, is painful to watch. I hope we do get two midfield players, because the present midfield of Xhaka, Elneny and Ceballos is the worst to ever don an Arsenal shirt. How did we end up with those three? What a $@%# up!

    1. jon fox says:

      SEAN, Jensen, Hillier and Morrow were even worse, incredibly. Hard to believe , I realise!

  2. jon fox says:

    A tempting “must read” headlime . disappointingly followed by nothing of substance at all . No actual incoming names not even a rumour, unusually for JA. Dave Seager, the Gooner who wrote this report has told us only that he believes XHAKA WILL NOT BE HER NEXT SEASON. I have also been saying this for a very long time but no article is made about it.
    Not that I mind at all, as that can scarcely be called “NEWS”, GIVEN THE PATHETIC STATE OF OUR MIDFIELD THIS SEASON!

  3. Durand says:

    I think some vastly underestimate the financial impact of the pandemic on clubs. Arsenal has borrowed money for various reasons I’m sure. Whether shoring up the books, closing a decifit gap due to no CL money, operating costs, or easy loan with low interest and generous terms.

    My point being I doubt Arsenal borrowed money to spend millions on 2 highly touted midfielders. ESR is getting his chance, Willock, and even Azeez in 1st team due to scarcity of money.

    Letting players leave on free & cancelling contracts just to ease the wage burden is plausible. ESR has likely saved club dozens of millions in funds, and I believe they are hoping for similar savings regarding Willock and Azeez.

    Let’s not forget Kronke is juggling multiple franchises suffering financial downturns, and all those fans want more, which isn’t likely to happen.

    I expect we will coast until the Summer & any midfield additions will come via bargins from clubs desperate to raise funds.

    A negative outlook perhaps, but Arsenal is set for a 2nd year of revenue losses, squad devaluation.

    1. jon fox says:

      DURAND NOT NEGATIVE BUT REALISTIC. Negative, you could argue, in the sense that all clubs are suffering but forced on the club by circumstances not in our control. And it has been said that the £120 mill loan, repayable in MAY, is ONLY and entirely for day to day running costs and NOT transfers. Quite rightly too!

  4. MrLucky says:

    Think Brandt would be a good choice for the creativity. Can play from the left and can share the number 10 position with ESR. For the cm role I would love to get Locatelli as a replacement for Ceballos. Young, can put in a tackle and really good as a deeplying playmaker, very calm under pressure

  5. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

    Makes no sense retreiving him in Jan while tge club is trying to trim swuad number and wages.
    Partey will come back soon enough. Chambers can do a DM well at the number 6 and we have multiple number 8. Btw, ElNeny plays better at 8 than 6 and it is why he plays better along Partey and Xhaka than Dani and Willock. He can intercept, pass and attack well in general, tackling betrays him.
    Once Dani C. is back to madrid, and Arteta decides with current players, Matteo G. and Lucas T. can be back. I would welcome Lucas though, he is 2nd best in the 6 position to Partey (I do not remember Chambers though).

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