Arsenal tipped to sell these stars to fund their big money arrival

Arsenal is expected to announce the signing of Ben White any moment from now after reportedly reaching an agreement of around £50million with Brighton for his signature.

The England defender is set to become the headline arrival at the Emirates but the fee taking him to the Emirates is huge and it means Arsenal will have to sell some of their current options to recoup the investment in White.

Star Sports has now revealed some players the Gunners might offload in this transfer window in their bid to get some money into the club.

The first name on the list is Granit Xhaka, who is attracting the attention of AS Roma.

The Italians remain keen even though an agreement between both clubs looks distant at the moment.

Alexandre Lacazette is another player they might sell as he has entered the last year of his current deal at the club and they are unwilling to offer him a new one.

Willian has been a flop at the Emirates and his preseason form is terrible, Arsenal will be happy to offload him this summer.

The report also tipped them to cash in on Hector Bellerin who has served them for the last 10 years and has two more years on his current deal.

Lucas Torreira is another sellable player as the Uruguayan struggles for a place in Mikel Arteta’s squad.

Joe Willock is the last player on the list with the report claiming he can bring in as much as £20million.

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    1. Who in this cash strapped post covid market wants expensive over the hill rubbish with no resale value.
      Apart from Arsenal that is.
      Nobody wants Sunday league joke player Kolasinac espicially on his absurd 120k p/w and
      when he is free next summer.
      Why would a club pay anything for 120k p/w Bellerin who is well past his use by date and has no resale value or 30 year old 182k p/w Lacazette who will have no resale value. Especially when both are free agents next summer?
      Most of all in what insane Universe is any club buying old age pensioner Willian with absolutely no resale value and is on 200 k p/w.
      And why would Willian contemplate leaving his luxurious retirement pension London life style?

      1. yup, the high wages are why we are in this situation. Not the fault of Arteta tho since he came in with this problem. He’s not done much better by acquiring Willian though. Ill have to be optimistic and hope it’s a lesson learned, even tho it shouldve already been known.

        1. 👍 The wage structure urgently needs to be addressed.
          The latest example is Willian refusing a return to Flamengo, quite happy to sit on his Arsenal wages.

  1. Spot On!
    If Arsenal are to bring in money then it’s the younger players who will be the more likely candidates.
    Willock is currently worth over £20million given his 8 goals at Newcastle and should any team offer anything over that amount Arsenal should grab it with both hands.
    They should have also loaned out both Nelson and Neketiah last season as this would have probably increased their worth….None of these 3 are also burdened by salaries which far outstrip their abilities like the aforementioned Willian,Kolasinac and Bellerin.Given current finances post Pandemic no Club in their right mind would consider spending good money on any of them and as little as possible on the likes of Lacazette and Torreira!

    1. @Joel
      Since we’re selling off the younger places, who as you say would fetch more money. Then ESR should be at the top of that list as well…

    2. Yes that’s a smart move; sell all the young players that have grown up in the Club, graduated from Hale End with a knowledge of the history and character of the Club. Why, replace players with a commitment to the Club and each other with a high priced mercanary, who may end up contributing less in the long term or Arsenal ends up having difficulty moving on because of high wages? The players have to be better than what Arsenal have and guaranteed first team starters.

  2. I don’t think we need to sell to recoup any of the money for White. We just need to sell them as they are surplus to requirements and to help fund more incomings.
    I can’t believe some of the nasty comments about our players by so called Arsenal supporters on here. Some of it beggars belief! SMH!

  3. Sign with AFC your are guaranteed $ and no threat to your job security even with poor job performance.

    The exact opposite of what the club needs to do!

    1. Bellerin the walking example. How many years has he not had a real challenge and also not performed ?

  4. We can’t be selling to fund Benwhite when we are targeting Madison, that’s not true we sell to shape the squat and fund other new coming

  5. I just dont see that we have/had Saliba we have Willock (in a position we need to be strong) but the article is about funding the purchace of White with Willock. I just dont get that anyone can think that weakening a strong area or areas to fund an all ready strong area is good practice. Surely this is a made up story, or we are not planning properly. Do we need White? Should we have loaned Saliba? Should we sell Willock? The answer to all is NO! So why?

  6. Let me think more carefully about this one: we are trying to generate cash now to cover a 50M investment at a time when outgoing players are being linked essentially or only to loans with options – not obligations – to buy at a later date.

    We should start worrying if we will be able to keep our young, marketable stars like ESR and Saka. Is Daniel Ek still interested? I sincerely hope so!

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