Arsenal tipped to sign PSG star as they look to sign Messi

One of the biggest news around Europe in recent days is that Lionel Messi will not remain at Barcelona.

The Spanish club cannot give him a new contract because of La Liga restrictions.

With other top European clubs already concluding plans for their summer, only PSG has been holding talks over signing him so far.

The French club has added some interesting free agents to their squad this summer, including Sergio Ramos and Georginio Wijnaldum.

Adding Messi to their squad will strengthen it, but they have to offload some of their current options and Football London says that could open the door for Arsenal to sign Abdou Diallo.

The France-born Senegal defender was linked with a move to the Emirates in 2017 before he moved to Mainz at the time and he has remained on Arsenal’s radar.

The addition of Ramos to the PSG squad will push him further down the pecking order at the Parc des Princes.

Arsenal has already added Ben White to their squad in this transfer window but there is no limit to the number of quality players a club can have.

He has played just 38 league games for PSG since he joined them in 2019 and would know he can get more opportunities if he moves to the Emirates.

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  1. We b Defender fc……. I beg enough of defender we should concentrate more on where the issues are

      1. What are you trying to say. The trick my fiend is to…Think slowly and type fast, not think fast and type slowly 😉😉😉

      2. @Jimmy. With the “I beg”, He means “Please”, showing displeasure at the idea of adding more defenders.
        Welcome to (Nig) English. Who say we shouldn’t have one?

        1. It is impossible that we are looking for a defender when midfielders would be available at PSG with Messi iminent arrival. We are light in attack and there is a void in attacking midfield

      3. Am wondering whether it’s true that arsenal want to sell Joe willock. He such a good player, box to box midfielder., who can also operate on the wings. I find him far better than some players we are lining to bring to the Emirates.


      Some folk have not the “advantage” of being fully literate in a second (or more) language.

      I am against making fun of decent folk simply because they may not write English perfectly. That would not be a kind or decent thing to do. Would it!!!

      1. Buddy, I don’t think he meant it to be an insult. He only tried to make observation which denotes that more Nigerians are making comments that it used to be. Beside, there is BBC pidgin radio station you know?


          HE CLAIMED THERE WAS PIDGIN ENGLISH ON HERE. I POINTED OUT THERE IS NONE. If you dispute my post, then PLEASE provide evidence of such pidgin English on this thread!

      2. Guess you’ve missed the very first comment in the article, jon fox.


        may be I’m misinterpreting that one.

        1. Vas C, though far from being perfect English, that first post is nowhere near being pidgin English, which is VERY different from that! So my point stands!

    2. Hahahaha. That got me cracking Nigeria will always represent everywhere my brother. “I beg” it’s actually”Abeg” for the real Nigerian English called Pidgin.

  2. Emery and before him Wenger were both sacked for failing to make the CL.
    The same should have applied to Arteta.
    But two 8th place finishes has now lowered the bar where 6th or even 7th will be hailed as “making progress, heading in the right direction” and other such waffle and Arteta will get more time.
    7th this season 6th the next 5th the season after so 5 years to make top 4 when Emery got just one full season.
    Lowering expectations works for some I guess.

    1. Arsenal had for a number of years been part of a 4 horse race under Wenger and from that position of strength it started to slip – for various reasons some attributable to him but also due to the resurgence of Liverpool and the number of hugely wealthy men buying into the PL and being ambitious

      4 became 6-8 and unless you have a sugar daddy (unlike Kroenke) the guarantee of CL football diminishes as more clubs seek glory

      Emery wasn’t sacked for not making the CL

    2. Emery finished 5th year 1 kept his job and was sacked when in 10th (Freddie took us up to 8th and Arteta stayed 8th but had the 5th best form in the league during that time thus Emery caused us to finish 8th that year not Arteta/Freddie.)

      Wenger finished out the top 4 twice before being move on at the end of the 2nd full season.

      Arteta has finished 8th once so obviously gets another year as the others did particularly as we’ve been on the 2nd best 24 game run and won our last 5. You don’t sack managers when on good runs like that regardless. Had it been the other way round and we 1st/2nd after 14 games but then fell apart with a terrible 24 game run with 5 losses to finish it off he likely would of been sacked. The difference should be obvious.

      If we struggle at the start like last year, he’ll be gone by December just like Emery. Until then get behind him and team as a supporter, come November if things are bad voice your displeasure.

  3. Arteta should not be spare this December if he does make top 4. He should be relief and replace by someone more competent like conte.
    Emery could have done better if he was given the free reign to pick and build his own team and should have been given a second season with the team.
    Instead Don fraud-Raul and co decided otherwise. And at the end he was sack and replace with an excuse giving, tactical handicapped, vindictive, never forgiven, bad man-managing rookie called arteta. Who was given a second season, which I pray for his own sake to reach top 4 this season.

    1. Emery,,,,,,no way,,,,,not bud enough,,,,cudnt even tel his 1St 11,changed defenders for every game 4 a full reason……He he he

      1. Isaac, please revisit the 2018/19 season and see how many defenders Emery had to select from, given injuries to Koscielny (six months), Holding and Bellerin (season ending), Chambers, Socrates and Lichtsteiner. No wonder he “changed defenders for every game”. Arsenal still finished fifth by a point (or missed penalty against Spurs) with 73 goals scored and runner up in the Europa League, both improvements on his predecessor’s last season.

    2. Well, look at the table closely my friend, Arsenal is on top, so no need to wait till December. Arteta is staying.

  4. When Arteta added more time was when he won Fa cup if not he could av left the reign by now …… And we fans even hyped him so much during the period
    till now my fingers cross on his situation tho…….but this season he must convince and improve drastically

  5. I am so sick of reading all the rubbish you people write, it really is pathetic. Sack Arteta, didn’t give emery a chance, do you have any clue at all. Alex Ferguson was in charge of man utd for five years before he won anything, and look what happened after. Give Arteta a chance for gods sake.

  6. would he improve us much , or at all?I should not think so.
    Arteta’s reign will be remembered one way or another. Lets hope for the better , continue our 2nd half season form or improve it and it could be the start of another Wengeresque dynasty .
    We must surely all have that hope , even if our faith could get tested lol

  7. Yep that move makes as much sense as digging up my Nan to play CF.

    These journalists are on crystal meth I swear!

  8. But wouldn’t it be much much better for Arsenal to pursue after the signing of the world class Lionel Messi himself this summer? Instead of them going after the suggested suggestion to sign Dialo?

    And is Dialo a top-rated RB? Because Arsenal are in need to strengthen their RB position in the team this summer window by doing a top quality new RB signing.

    And if Arsenal rival PSG and beat them to the signing of Messi, will there be the need for them to further strengthen their midfield options this summer?for, with Messi in Arsenal midfield amounted to Arsenal having 3 top quality grade midfielders in one midfielder in Messi.

    Despite Arsenal having 5 top quality strikers on their books at the moment this summer, but who combined have failed to number of goals that will see Arsenal make the top-four places finish for the past 2 consecutive seasons. But nevertheless, I think and believe that Arsenal are still in need to do one top quality new striker signing this summer. Who is a proven over 30 top League goals scorer per top League season campaign. .

  9. Having followed Arsenal for 59 years, I have seen the Club in bad places before. However you won’t improve if you accept mediocrity. As the Arsenal, the Club is heading for its longest drought without a league title since it was Woolwich Arsenal (thanks jon fox).

  10. Do we actually need Diallo? We want a top top midfielder then let’s go for one in Aouar, Madison, asensio or isco then get Bisouma. Arteta can’t afford to fail this time around. We have all been talking about Emery despite winning uefa with Villarreal personal I don’t trust him with arsenal. He doesn’t have a grip on that team, his decision making are suspicious. I don’t believe arsenal would have been better with him personally. Let’s see what Arteta will do this season by supporting him all the way and if he didn’t do better by mid season let’s show him the door. Period. Right now we have to stay behind him and give him all the support. Another point is why are we still after Madison if Leicester are proving hard to crack when silver is on his way out at man city? Just saying. The pre season game with Chelsea was a good one and which fore meant we don’t have to selll willock either bc if we do we are sending wrong signal to the academy. The season starts in a week and hopefully it’s gonna be a great one for us.

  11. We no longer need defenders, what we need is some one who can help us put the balls in the net which is a stricker and Martinez fits the bill.that all.

  12. When you see the phrase ,” tipped to sign” just continue minding your own business.
    As for MA,.. lets rally behind him as the support base. All the time is not criticism time. We need to have give ample time, condusive environment and faith in our Manager for him to thrive and put the club where we would like to see it. A saying goes ‘Rome was not built in a day’. Its disheartening and sickening to see what some fans have been spewing in various platforms about our Manager. As alluded by @Nigel, ‘these Fake know it all Fans are neither missed nor are they welcome’. We need to Sacrifice instant gratification for long-term solutions/ success.

    1. I want Messi at our Club, MA is rebuilding we should support and encourage him instead of criticizing him.

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