Wenger right to say Arsenal title challenge ruined by referee?

I have just seen the post match comments from Arsene Wenger after Arsenal let a two goal lead slip away to West Ham and needed a third goal just to get a point from a game that we surely had to win to stay in the Premier League title race.

The boss told the BBC that he thought it was a crazy game and that he was disappointed about the way that the Arsenal defenders dealt with the West Ham hat-trick hero Andy Carroll. He also praised his players for showing the spirit and resolve to bounce back from the blow of conceding three quick goals.

After that the Frenchman felt that either side could have won it, but he had no doubts whatsoever that the referee Craig Pawson made a big mistake that almost certainly cost Arsenal the game, the points and ultimately our last hopes of the title. Wenger said it was a clear second yellow for Carroll after he caught Gabriel with an elbow.

Replays showed it was definitely a booking at least and Carroll was already on a yellow and the fact that this was before his third goal makes it even worse for Arsenal. But were we robbed by the ref? Not this time I think as the replays also showed him colliding with a player just as the collision happened so he probably couldn’t be sure.

He was also fairly consistent in his leniency to both sides and we got the benefit of a wrongly disallowed goal with the scores at 0-0 which could also have turned the game. Sorry Arsene, we can’t blame the ref this time.

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    1. I still have my Farewell Letter to Wenger from 4 years ago. Every end of season I hope to get the opportunity to post it but nothing has changed thus far.

  1. No. I blame the dude that decided not strengthen our outfield with a top DM and striker last summer and rely on Walcott, Giroud, Ox and Flamini and hoping Coquelin will not get injured

    I can’t think of a top European Club that did not sign an outfielder
    Talk about Stubborn and delusional

    1. Feel most sorry for Joel Campbell. Far better than Walcott all season but who gets the nod to come on and make a difference? Favouritism gone mad!

      1. actually disgusts me, it just shows the other players in the team that there is no merit for working hard, if you’re a favourite you play and this is without mentioning the fact he got an assist last week but gets dropped completely the next, disgraceful management

  2. Don’t blame Sanchez and Ozil when they also decided to leave the club like ours who also departed because of better title ambitions and financial rewards elsewhere. Please don’t also blame Campbell for asking out. I feel sorry for El Neny now that Ramsey is back and Wilshisha is finally nearing a full recovery. I wonder what’s going to happen with Iwobi when Oxlade comes back.

  3. maybe wenger forgets the goal they scored the ref wrongly called offside… bottom line, this was the year to win the league, the big clubs all stumbled, 11 matches w/out a goal by our feature striker during our slump tells me all i need to know, we have 3 second class center strikers, we need one consistent scorer,

  4. When would Wenger ever say… it was my fault.
    Everyone gets blamed (even the fans) save him.

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