Arsenal title challenge still at risk from Man United?

Up until christmas it was looking as though Arsenal had seen off the title challenge of our old Premier League rivals Manchester United. Arsene Wenger and the lads had recovered from a tough November to enjoy a much better month of December and although it was Claudio Ranieri and Leicester City who sat on top of the table on christmas day, Arsenal were running them a close second.

Louis van Gaal and Man United, meanwhile, were in turmoil, but after a terrible run of results saw them lose four games on the spin they managed to bounce back with a win over Swansea City last weekend. That may have been their first win in nine matches but they played a lot better as well and had done so in the draw with Chelsea the game before.

It remains to be seen whether or not they will slip back into their previous ponderous and predictable pattern of play, but the noises coming out of Old Trafford are a lot more positive. The players seem happier and apparently the boss has made a few changes that have improved the mood and the tactics.

At the moment Arsenal have a nice cushion of nine points between us and United but we also have a tough run of games in January and a long injury list. I also expect van Gaal to spend big money on transfers again, so are United still a threat to us winning the title?

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    1. WOS is right
      and just to mention we have had the easy half of the season now comes the hard part with some of the away games,

      by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all 🙂

      1. Just read that Pep Guardiola wants to manage in England and i don’t think he was on about managing the England national team,

        i like this guys management skills, when he was intervened on TV while back when he was asked about what makes him so successful he replayed by saying that so far its been easy for him because he has managed two of the biggest clubs on the planet and that the press should respect those managers more who manage lower teams with no finances and average players and get results,

        hope he comes to Arsenal with Arsen moving up to take more of a admin or diplomatic job, think Pep and the way arsenal play is a good match, he could bring in one or two big signings to polish of whats already a decent team,

        1. if he wont come to us im happy with AW if he makes some descent signings 🙂

          and my prediction is… if we start buying players from the Bundesliga for shore his coming to us 🙂

          OK we can all dream a bit HAHA

  1. so far in the season, Arsenal have been the better team and the 9 points cushion is fully deserved but it is still quite early to count them out of the title battle especially if they start to play good football (hard to believe)
    there are some factors that will affect their PL season:
    1) will they take Europa League seriously and play to win in thursdays? in that case they will drop points in the weekends
    2) will they sign a prolific player in this window (again hard to believe)
    3) I actually think if LVG gets sacked and Giggs takes over manu will be much better off

    all in all I think for the 3rd season in the row we finish higher than Manu 🙂

  2. if we can take evry game we play one at a time i believe we ll do jez fine…arsene dig deep into dhat f…king arsenal pocket and add quality to this very good squad

  3. Man City, Man Utd & probably Leicester City are the main title risk to our title challenge this season. Would Leicester continue to drop points and drop out of contention, leaving the Manchester duo to rival us for the title? Maybe that’s what’ll happen as from this January campaign to the end of that of Fedruary. We’ll see. Like I’ve commented before in 1 or 2 of my comment postings, the 2 months of Jan & Feb campaign could turnout to be our FA Cup, BPL & UCL titles defining. Therefore, the Boss & the Gunners SHOULD be very careful not to drop points or lose a match within this period of time to keep their 3 titles momentum charge remain in the ascendancy.

  4. No,on current form Man city and Leicester city with Spurs are threat to us..
    9 points is much and we can’t lose 3 in a row as they can’t also win 2 in a row
    What I observe is that Martial is becoming important for them.
    In the last match he scored and assisted, so no Martial no party

  5. city are only 3 points behind and with a superior goal difference. One loss and they are past us.Plus it is almost a guarantee that they will strengthen this window.

    1. They strenghtened last summer, but are doing worse than last season.

      You could almost say that they are suffering from signing disease.

  6. Sign a top top Striker (Zlatan) a decent DMF (Wanyama, Elneny) and we are EPL champions. Wouldn’t have to.worry abt Trojan Devil Threats…

  7. I think that the title will be won by either Arsenal, ManC, ManU or Tottenham.

    We have away games with ManC, ManU and Tottenham. Historically it has been our inability to beat other top teams at home and at least draw away that has been our downfall. We have got better recently, lets hope we can get good results in these difficult away games as well as the other away games with liverpool, stoke and everton. If so then we should win the title.

    I did an analysis of the 2013-14 season, points scored by the top seven teams against each other. Thats six home and away games, Win at home draw away is good so thats 24 points for a good result. The scores were in order of final position
    ManC 25
    Pool 22
    Chelsea 27
    Arsenal 13
    Everton 11
    Tottenham 8
    ManU 6
    So basically except for Chelsea, in this mini league the ranking followed the actal position in the PL. Or in other words, if against the top teams you score 13 points and three other teams score 22, 25 and 27 points then you cannot finish better than fourth.

    We are now doing better against our close competitors but have most of the difficult away games to come.

  8. You can not rule out Utd from the title race,
    That’s just plain stupid with half of the season still ahead of us.
    A 9 point gap can easily be closed up, what with so many games still to play and when you consider the way the results have been going this season, anything is possible.

    With reports of Utd wanting to spend big during this transfer window, I wouldn’t rule them out, lets just wait and see who means business by the signings they make!

    I am expecting Chelsea to claim a 4th spot at least.

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