Arsenal title hopes washed away in Swansea

Another season of failure for Arsenal? by Dave N

Arsenal went into the international break with a second Premier League defeat to chew on after surrendering the lead again in a rain lashed Liberty Stadium. Fair play to Swansea City because they never gave up and exploited our weaknesses well.

But for Arsene Wenger and his players, this game and result was the last thing they needed. The fact that we took the lead and could not keep it, yet again, just makes those question marks that have been hanging around all season just get bigger and bigger.

Defensively weak, check, tactically naive, check, disjointed, check. Well at least we did not pick up any more injuries, although the damage to our confidence could be just as telling in the long run. It looked like the hangover from Tuesday night was still with the gunners as we started very cautiously and the nerves were apparent throughout.

Once again, though, the attacking ability we have got put us in front, with Chamberlain, Cazorla, Welbeck and then Alexis producing a fast and flowing goal. Just imagine what sort of state we would be in without the Chilean. Wenger’s tactics and leadership are under question again from the TV pundits, who slammed the manager for failing to spot or to deal with the problems young Chambers was having on the right of defence.

This was probably our best and last chance to wash away the woes of the early season and put some pressure on Chelsea, but it was Arsenal’s hopes that were washed out on a rainy Sunday in Swansea. Only the FA cup can save us now, but do we look like trophy winners?

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  1. angryblackman3 says:

    no we dont look like trophy winners

    1. ArnSam says:

      With wenger as manager nothing good is comming, it beats my understanding how we could not go beyond the quarter finales of the the chiampions league even with the invicibles!

  2. medvet says:

    Hopes, Chances?¡?¡, No……….. Wenger must Go first, and then… who knows

    1. galaxygooner says:

      With his “nobody with his nobody can catch Chelsea ” statement , I think wenger should honourably step aside and protect his legacy in arsenal .
      Wenger had been one of the greatest manager ever and mourinho is not fit to tie his laces. Mourinho is a pretend manager who plays foot manager with other people’s money . The two seasons he did not have money to spend , he got fired( Chelsea and arsenal) .But I believe that old age is fast catching up with him. He had become sentimental and outdated.
      He keeps crappy players longer than usual and hands fat long term contracts to mediocre player( bendthner , denilson).
      There is an apparent lack of planning in transfers . Ozil was a panic buy after villa. Sanchez was a commercial buy to sell puma shirts. Nothing was done to address our deficiencies and young player are bought for the profits they will generate when sold in the future.
      Wenger got a midfielder with a broken back last January and this transfer , he bought an injured goal keeper. We almost ended up with sonogo as the only striker . Even that sonogo will never be world class .
      What motivation do you need other than making sure you too mourinho.
      Wenger should be allowed to finish this season and retire upstairs.

      1. galaxygooner says:

        Chelsea and madrid

      2. medvet says:

        the question is.. will he retire at the end of the season???

      3. Giddy says:

        I DON’T need Wenger Upstairs at Arsenal! He will still sabotage the club and that is what i would hate to see. Let him go and manage PSG or Olympic Massaile

  3. AlmiR says:

    Judging our players, there is something very wrong with spirit in team, Ramsey our best player last season, is so bad that he couldnt make in burnleys 11, same goes to cazorla, but this is happening since 2011, our passing game is nowhere near it should be, and real problem is that we dont have players to do passing game, we have fastest players in epl and we are not using that, why? we are not playing to our strenghts, you cant play high pressing with slow cb, or you cant play small lb in cb position against big cf, simple logic. It seams wenger dont want to manage arsenal, but he dont know how to go, we need to help him, lets reunite and ask for changes, no just wenger, board and everything, we are nowhere near top 2 teams, next season we will be doomed !!!

    1. almostawinner says:

      the players are professional, but also subject to human
      influence such as getting dispirited watching a senile
      manager miss window after window to bolster the
      team. watching him not bolster defence in summer
      and then acting surprised that he doesnt have any
      choices at the back. doing this season after season.
      watching him
      play players out of position,
      stick with favourites while better players rot on the bench,
      subbing uselessly at the 80th minute,
      not rotating between CL and PL games,
      not buying the best players to save a few million
      must be depressing to the players.

  4. Greg says:

    Our best chance is to try and finish 2nd 3rd or wengers favourite position 4th and even that looks like a tall asking!

    1. Gooneristic Truth says:

      Perhaps the best thing that can happen to Wenger right now to bring him back to his senses is 12th place or so at the turn of the New Year’s Day. Oh, yeah! You can then bet he’ll run onto the market so fast to bandage the smelly wounds in his ailing defence. All of a sudden, the hard-to-find players he so often describes might just become available. If not, 7th place or Europa at the end of the season might perhaps a great wake-up call for him for next season. Another 4th place will only make Wenger feel like he only needs to make minor irrelevant transfers, and will fan his out-of-control ego. I love Arsenal and, f losing out on CL football is the way we can get our Arsenal back & Wenger out, then so be it! We need a fresh start soon!

  5. Greg says:

    Sorry but after todays woeful defending, honestly we dont look like not even a “tea cup” could be won by us!

  6. Matt says:

    If we don’t beat Man U in two weeks, that’ll make my mind up about Wenger not able to beat big teams ever and I will conclude that he should go.

    1. archimedes says:

      I really don’t see us beating man u ( I hope I am proved wrong) with monreal and mertesaker at centerback and chambers at right back. I mean just imagine our back four + flamini against rvp, rooney, mata, dimaria and possibly falcao.

      The only way we can beat man u is if we out score them ( which one be easy). I see the score being 2-3 to united

      1. Tas says:

        They whay both teams are playing probebly it will finish 10-10

    2. Gunner T says:

      Wenger cannot beat big teams. That’s been evident for what? 4 years + now.

    3. Gunner T says:

      Btw….We will NOT beat Man United. They were beyond shit last season and we couldn’t still beat them. RVP brace, Rooney and di maria on score sheet. Arsenal 1 – 4 Man Utd.

  7. Greg says:

    Alexis sanchez im really sorry for the team letting you down mate! Just wish the rest of the team had the drive, heart, fight and the never say die attitude as you do! As a 100% die hard gooner fan i apologise mate! You deserve a better performance from your team mates than that!!

    1. almostawinner says:

      hang in there alexis.
      we’re doing our best to kick the despotic dictator out.

      hopefully we’ll get a klopp, martinez or someone young,
      hungry and in touch with reality.

      1. dilla says:

        If anybody can get good performances out of our players it’s Klopp or Simeone. I’m just amazed at how far our players fall once they join Arsenal. We have some of the biggest talent at the world and they were just run off the pitch by Swansea and looked barely passible as an EPL side.

  8. archimedes says:

    wenger needs to step down because I don’t think he is able to motivate his players anymore. Guardiola stepped down at Barcelona when he wasn’t able to motivate the players, ferguson did the same. It is time for wenger to let go

  9. Tas says:

    I bet Paul Mersen thinking I TOLD YOU SO

    We need a new Manager no team or player fear us any more, I bet Jose Mourinho fears the likes of Southampton more then Arsenal,

    Arsen should resighn and we should get Pep Guardiola, we need a big name with big player following manager and arsenal play similar to Barcalona when he was the manager there, and he has hinted he would like to manage a team in EPL lets get him before Man City close the deal becouse Pellegrini is living his last season.

  10. cheeterspotter says:

    Talk your way out of this one Arsene.
    All my respect for you has gone up the swanee. Get it?:-D

  11. SaveArsenal says:

    For all of you fools that still think Wenger knows what he is doing, HE MADE A SUBSTITUTION WITH 20 SECONDS LEFT AT 89 MINUTES AND 40 SECONDS!!!

    Swansea had the better manager on the night, he made astute substitutions at the right time, both of which paid off.
    Wenger was once again shown to be tactically inept, completely clueless about what was happening on the pitch.
    I heard Gary Neville commentating on the game, he said that Fergie made united attack from the whistle and wanted them to be 3-0 up after 10 minutes, compare that to our game which appears to be insipid and lack any bite, big difference.
    I don’t think we have a hope in hell of beating UTD.
    How long can this Wenger roadshow farce continue, this club IS in collapse!

  12. fred cowardly says:

    United, City, Southampton will probably make better signings then us in January and get stronger. 4th is NOT guaranteed

    Wenger’s only hope of saving season is 3 fold
    1. Koscielny, Debuchy, Ozil and Giroud return quickly
    2. Wenger gets a top CD, top DM and a top striker or Reus.
    3. Changed Tactics- keep Ozil as #10, no more very late substitutions, use Chambers as CD and Bellerin as RB until Koscielny and Debuchy return

    1. fred cowardly says:

      And none of this Monreal CB nonsense. He is a LB.

    2. SaveArsenal says:

      I usually don’t like your comments but credit where it’s due, you are spot on with this one buddy, thumbs up.

  13. frank says:

    The fans at the Emirates are the ones that need to speak up. We can chit chat all we like on this website about how we want Wenger gone. I have wanted him gone for years but unless the season ticket holders speak up, nothing will change.

  14. GoonerG1 says:

    I watch the games on BEIN Sport. After the game, Richard Keys asked Gian Franco Zola if the loss meant Arsenal were out of the title race. Zola responded that we knew Arsenal were out of the race before the season started. Just looking at the roster, this is not a title contenting team, he said.

    My thoughts exactly.

  15. frank says:

    Admin. You should do a poll each week where we thumbs up or down a question you ask us.

    Should Wenger keep his job till the end of the year?
    Is Mert good enough to be a starting CB?
    Should Campbell be given more game time?
    Will Danny Welbeck be a prolific striker?

    It will give a good idea of what everyone thinks in a general census before reading all of the comments.

    1. SaveArsenal says:

      Out standing idea that man!
      Admin set up a paddy pole or similar for such questions.
      Obviously the first is Wenger should he go or should he stay?

  16. stubill says:

    First time poster on here, but I’ve been an Arsenal supporter for about 45 years and attended my first game at Highbury 39 years ago so I’ve seen the good times and the bad times.

    Just a quick post with my assessment of the squad for the Swansea game.

    • 01 Szczesny – Maybe good enough as a No.2
    • 21 Chambers – Young, a lot to learn, play him in the right position and he might improve
    • 04 Mertesacker – Too slow, seems to have lost desire since the World Cup
    • 18 Monreal – Just not good enough
    • 03 Gibbs – The only defender worth his place
    • 16 Ramsey – Still trying to re-discover his form
    • 23 Welbeck – A bit like me trying to be a porn star, tries hard, lots of effort but lacking the skills and equipment to really perform.
    • 20 Flamini – No, just NO
    • 15 Oxlade-Chamberlain – Quick, willing always tries and often under used
    • 17 Sánchez – The diamond amongst the shit
    • 19 Cazorla – Lost it

    • 07 Rosicky – Ageing, can still produce occasionally if used.
    • 09 Podolski – Under used, best left foot in the squad, no good at chasing back
    • 10 Wilshere – Falls over a lot, injury prone, runs down blind alleys, spends more time sitting on his arse waving his arms around than influencing the game
    • 14 Walcott – Quick, can change games with his pace, improved his finishing, can’t wait for him to be back to full fitness
    • 22 Sanogo – Looooooooool, that is all
    • 26 Martinez – Haven’t seen enough of him to truly judge.
    • 39 Bellerin – Seems a really good prospect, should be used more with Arsenals dire defence and its injuries.

    I very nearly made the journey to Swansea, I’m just damned pleased I declined the offer, I’m sick of watching this squads inept efforts this season. I’ve never been an Arsene out supporter, but his squad selection, tactics ( or lack of), transfer business and stubborn attitude is making me think we need a new manager and approach to start competing again, because at the moment we’re just not!

  17. kamn288 says:

    Good bye arse-ne go play with your broken toys sanogo and Diaby and plz take flamini and arteta with ya .

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