Arsenal to accept £30m Everton bid for Walcott?

Walcott - justarsenal.comRonald Koeman is clearly a fan of the Arsenal strikers, or two of them at least, because after the Arsenal transfer rumours linking the Everton boss with a move for Olivier Giroud as a replacement for Romelu Lukaku who has signed for Manchester United, the Dutchman is now looking at our England international star Theo Walcott.

As we know the two Gunners are very different types of player and clearly Theo would not be seen as a direct replacement for the Belgian,. but according to a report by The Mirror the Toffees boss wants him to play out wide and is apparently ready to offer Arsenal around £30 million for the 28-year old.

I certainly think that Arsene Wenger should think about taking the offer, especially if he is definitely keeping Giroud and planning not to allow Alexis Sanchez to leave and I think it could be a good move for the speedy but inconsistent player as well because he may not be in for a lot of first team action in the coming months.

The amount may not be up there with some of the summer transfer deals but it is a decent chunk of change and it might be the best offer we get.



  1. where’s that resource dude ?

    well, Ornstein just tweeted we might not be able to get Lemar.

    1. we need walcott.

      might not be worldclass but he gets a good amount of our goals.

      also has this habit of scoring against the big teams.

      1. Did you see him in Oz- so many chances wasted against weaker opposition. You can argue finishing is his best quality because pace is fast fading. If finishing is receding, what has he left to offer? I would take the £30m and reinvest in Sanchez/Lemar/Ox…
        We are never going to get £30m for Walcott ever again…

        1. Playing from the wing, he scored 19 goals in all competitions, he was mainly left out of the starting lineup on many occasions, as well as being totally blanked since the defeat away at Crystal palace.

      2. Agree, a player such as walcott requirs a very specific game plan, the one that ranieri used for leicester. You just can’t use a speedster against a big blue bus, thats wat leicester leicester didn’t face against back then, whereas, against arsenal, almost all clubs bar the big clubs park the big bus, hence, walcott almost always score in the big games. So, do we sell walcott? Yes, maybe no. Depends on the old man, how he intends to use walguy

    2. When are we going to learn…?
      If we are going to offload a player like Walcott or Giroud firstly sign the replacement beforhand and then don’t entertain the notion of strengthening our competition within the premiere league.
      Let me ask you, if you were standing toe to toe with someone who wants to take you on, would you hand them a baseball bat in the hope that someone might toss you one just at the last minute?
      Me thinks not

      1. You do realise that is exactly what Arsenal are doing right??

        We haven’t sold any bigger names yet because we are waiting to see who we get in 1st!!

    3. If i were a manager, give me walcott, i’d make him twice the jamie vardy that the old man bit for.

  2. I think it will be a good move for both the player and the club. Walcott will get more playing time there while arsenal will have his huge wage off our payroll and some cash to fund Lemar’s bid with.
    OT- I hear we intend to bid for Van Dijk. A 3-man defence of Van dijk, Kos and Mustaphi will be the best in the league.

  3. If Sanchez wants to leave and we sell him around 85 than which player we should buy to replace him?

    1. I’m not sure but he should be world class OR at least better than what we got with PL experience
      If we get Lemar than he will be our LW so we should get a Top RW or someone who can play both sides and CAM maybe

      Gotze, Insigne, Mertens, Turan, Schwarry, Schurrele, Cuadrado, Greizmann, Mahrez

    2. Antony Martial is the closest to Sanchez, not in Sanchez level yet but can be in years to come he’s just 21 years(22 in December) and if United get Perisic They could sell Martial to us

    3. Lemar, Dybala or Griezmann
      Lemar is kinda obvious, isn’t it?
      Wouldn’t be able to get Griezmann until AM can sign players again, so in Jan at earliest, Griezmann said he wouldn’t leave AM while they can’t replace him. This does feel respectful and I would be happy if we had a player of that moral sense.
      Dybala has some qualities very similar to Alexis and it could be said he is a right sided ‘Alexis type’.

      Not saying all 3 lol, I would say add the £30 mil from Theo sale and get Lemar and Dybala.

      Picking 2 AM from Lemar/Dybala/Ozil (plus youth) allows for rotation while meaning if someone becomes a ghost in games (looking at a pic of Ozil now) then we can sub him for quality.

      It would also work in Plan B of the 4231 formation, Lemar on the left, Ozil in middle and Dybala on the right.

  4. No sale.

    I hate the thought of selling to a rival you could possibly come back and hurt us, Koeman is an excellent manger, and has already spent big rebuilding his squad, why help a team attempting to finish above us.

  5. Who remembers Emanuele Guilianelli? The dude claims Arsenal has agreed a 48million pounds deal with Monaco to land Lemar. However, Monaco has asked arsenal not to publicize it until they find a replacement.

  6. He’s had 11 years, not good enough, and doesn’t really fit into Wenger’s style of play. Wenger’s always had playmaker wide players that involve themselves a lot during a game, Walcott doesn’t. He’s just there for the finish of a move, not the build up. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been watching Arsenal, and to not even notice Walcott was on the pitch, he’s so anonymous at times, almost invisible!

    Did anyone see how many chances Walcott missed in the two friendlies? We to start upgrading our squad asap.

    1. A player of walcotts calibre have the potential to bite back in the arse when under the right manager.

  7. 30mil sounds like a fare amount for a player who will spend most times on the bench for us.

    I would rather we keep OG, Ox and an unhappy Sanchez. Get Lemar or Mahrez to fill in the spot left by Theo and promote a youngstar too.

    We are too damn sentimental at Arsenal, at times its good to let go, whether Theo will become a star elsewhere or not, his not the biggest star at Arsenal why not get an upgrade and allow the guy to push for a spot at the WC elsewhere. At 28, this might be the last chance we have to sale this guy at anything north of 25mil.

  8. Walcott to Everton? Depends on how you view the situation. Few players can be guaranteed 100% playing time and nor should they be. There is rotation to consider, the opposition to evaluate, the balance of the team and the form and fitness of the player.
    We can`t have eleven world beaters on the pitch for every match, so the ones that run a little hot and cold can make a big difference on their day. Keep Walcott.

  9. @Admin,

    Please do an article of our homegrown players and those we can afford to let go. Some of us want Arsenal to sell Wilshere, Walcott, Welbeck, Gibbs, Jenkinson……and they never mention homegrown players to replace them
    Some of these players are truly not needed but we can not sell every one of them

    1. yeah that would be interesting, but then do it yourself… instead of demanding it of the others.. you do know that in Justarsenal every reader can send in an article?

      1. @Krish,

        I sure know I can do it myself and every reader here can send in articles. I have sent up to three articles here that were published. I just don’t have enough stretch of time to write an article now. I just come on here to read and comment sometimes.

        I would really appreciate if you write on my behalf and put my name….thanks….#smile

    2. Pre season is showing some of the ones who can replace, not sure if you have been able to watch the games so far, the kids have done themselves proud.

      Nelson was a right winger but happy to play RWB, said he has thrown himself into the role and it shown, the kid put in a MOTM performance.
      This could be seen as a Jenkinson HG replacement.

      Willock shown a level of maturity and energy in the middle which I think is promising, times his sliding tackles well and acted as the deep lying playmaker. Although he will not play week in and week out, he could replace Wilshere and still get more game time over the season due to fitness.

      Gibbs could be seeing the rise of Bramall overtake him if Gibbs doesn’t leave, although still a bit of a rough gem he did show a good level of composure when on the ball and not afraid to attack the opposition. Gibbs wasn’t playing as the main man and was a fringe player, Bramall could replace this and look to build upon the added responsibility for future seasons.

      For Theo I would point towards Nketiah, he has done well in with the kids and was ready to shot when Lacazette got his goal, they both knew where to go. The kid has pace and confidence with an eye for goal.

      Welbeck could be replaced by Mavididi, we haven’t seen him in pre season unfortunately but he did suffer a bad injury when he went out on loan to Charlton, he made an impact though by taking the ball from his own area into the oppositions and get a shot off. He has also done well with the kids and if it wasn’t for his injury then we may be talking about him coming back and being our MBappe.

      Not an article but hope it points out a few players worth keeping an eye on 🙂

    1. Is it British quota or homegrown? I believe our Polish keeper is homegrown and can be counted as homegrown.
      I think the homegrown quota is 8 from the 25man squad

  10. Don’t sell, he score goals against big teams, he scores, he might hunt us!!! Are you kidding me for 30 mil I would do a little dance, make a little love and would get down tonight!!! If true that s better than a new signing give ox and the kids a chance, he’s had a decade to prove himself.

  11. Walcott definitely had to be sold
    sell him and buy Mahrez no matter what happens with Lemar and Alexis deals
    but IMO nobody pays 30 mill for one trick pony Walcott

  12. Walcott never had the ability to take on players with trickery, so now his pace is going base on injuries and age it will become even more difficult, looking at the arsenal youth set up I think we have enough young players who have the ability to take on players, therefore I do not see him as a miss in the team.

  13. Walcott is not even a starting player and scored 19 goals last season. People still wants him removed? replaced by who exactly? Mahrez? Nelson? people are so delusioned

  14. Walcott’s the polar opposite of Sanchez. Poor finishing, poor dribbling technique, lacks aggressiveness in the final third to take on opponents one v one. His defensive work rate is also atrocious. If you remember Bellerin’s concussion against Chelsea – it was Walcott’s man that ran past him unmarked and unchecked for the header. He switches off defensively which is what I think is the real reason the Ox took his spot. So if Lemar is worth £48 MM – then £30 MM for a player of Walcott’s calibre to a direct rival is good business. For all the reasons listed above – I don’t think Arsenal would fear facing Walcott in an Everton shirt – in fact they would probably welcome it.

  15. If they give us 30 million for Walcott I would call that a good deal. He is a bit part player that has never reached his potential.

    Snap their hands off for that money (if true). IMO more likely to be in the region of 20-25 million..

  16. My Arsenal ambition for a decade now is to see a Walcott less Arsenal. This sham player without heart, without desire, without any determination to fight whatsoever, has been the most dismal sick joke member of an Arsenal side that since around 2007 has largely forgotten how to or simply chosen not to fight. Walcott is the laziest conman footballer it has been my displeasure to have come across and I have been watching Arsenal since 1958, a lot of that time both home and away. Walcott represents everything that is bad about Arsenal, just coasting along content to be either injured , on the bench or substituted regularly. Anything as long as he can trouser his obscene unearned wage packet each month. I realise the transfer market is completely crazy-almost as crazy as Arsenal have been for keeping this cowardly weed for 11 years. If Everton or anyone else is so stupid to offer even twopence, let alone the reported £30 million to take this fraud away from our club and off our wage bill we should jump at it. I will personally be glad to drive him there and will gladly pay the petrol for the thrill of seeing him finally GONE!!!

  17. I would take that £30 million and then use that money along with what we already have to spend and get Lemar and Dybala.

    The foreign quota from this would be balanced out by the loss of foreign players, Ospina looks like he could be moving on along with Perez and Debuchy.

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