Arsenal to accept BIG transfer bid from Man City?

Assuming that the Arsenal transfer rumours are on the mark, of course, and with the generally reliable Sky Sports reporting it then it looks likely, Arsene Wenger is about to face a serious transfer attack from our Premier League rivals Man City.

The player in question is our England international midfielder Jack Wilshere and even though the 23-year old has not been a regular for the Gunners too often in recent years, it appears that the people at City see him as a very important transfer target for the summer.

They have need of more homegrown players in the squad but they also need players of quality and Arsenal obviously do not want to help them in any way, but is it really that simple? I see comments on this site all the time about Wilshere being over-rated and not needed and even Wenger often prefers other players to Jack, especially now Cazorla is an option for central midfield.

You know the way Arsenal work, spending only what we can afford, so maybe it would be good business to spend the money we would get for Jack, and who knows how much City would pay, and sign a player or two in positions where we are not so strong.

I hate the idea of it all to be honest, but is there an argument that it could actually help Arsenal Football Club?

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  1. Hello Fans,

    I would like to thank all of you for your support. Thanks for choosing me as Arsenal player of the year.
    I assure you that we will win more trophies in coming season.
    Currently I am concentrating on Copa America and after winning it, my next target it Premier and Champions league.

    Alexis Sanchez

  2. Nonsense. No way we are going to sell Wilshire. He is happy at Arsenal and he is in good form if not outstanding. Before he got injured he was playing well and again for England, he is playing good. Wenger should trust him and play him in his preferred role.
    I believe he has potential to be a WC. He should just restrict himself from doing BS off the ground

    1. Yea…….but cold light of day and Wilshere is yet to fulfill his promise or dislodge any of our current midfielders. He also is yet to play a full season of top flight football. Rambo ain’t going anywhere, Chambo is supposedly a CM in training, then there’s Crowley/Zelalem to potentially come good.

      I get this hits you in the feels, but you’ve got to be mental not to ponder what a 50mil bid could do when put back into the team. Higuain and Cech for Jack? Hmmm….not as cut and dry as “nahhhh mate do onee”

      1. But Charlie… Based on our previous few seasons spending, our budget, Jack’s wage and position in the squad would not get in the way of those hypothetically, incoming players.
        If it is Cech and Higuain for arguments sake we’re looking to make room for, surely you’d evaluate Sanogo, Welbeck, Akpom, Campbell, Podolski, Sczes and Ospina’s first-team opportunities firstly.. Or fringe players who will be a lot further from the first-team than Jack in Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky??
        I know right about now you want to give me a history lesson about Jack’s contributions over his entire career at Arsenal… But at the end of the day he’s 23y.o. has been at the club since he was just out of diapers, bleeds Arsenal and is regarded as one of the hardest working, most talented players at the club. He literally has at minimum a decade’s football ahead of him, and the jury’s still out… He could yet become Arsenal’s prodigal son and that one club hero is worth far, far more than 50million.

        1. Did I say sell him? I said it’s not cut and dry….I’m simply pointing out it’s not a laughable transfer scenario given mental money bags man city are involved. You’ve got the cheek to say I’ll give you a story yet you roll out Jacks Biography, where’s the tissues? Until now he’s not proven his promise, up to Arsene in the face of a silly bid to judge whether it’s better to cash in or back the ‘maybe’ footballer Jack can be.

          1. Id hae to see him go and IMO bearing in mind we ae on the very brink of being a club that can seriously challenge again, we should not be considering selling ANYof out top notch guys. Yes the likes of Sanogoals and podolski et are very very viable options for making room in the sqad but frankly loosing Jack to City would hurt fr several reasons, 1)we have already bee taged as a feeder club to city over the years and given that they only just pipped us to second spot this season w should NOT do anything to enable them to get better. 2)Jack has been injury prone and has yet to really show his full potential but, we should surely give him the opportunity to play as the current squad is hitting its peak performance and given that we may yet add to the line-up could really get better Yet my fear is that the clubs obsession with book balancing will take over and 50 million may be too hard to resist for the more money obsessed board members.

  3. No way do we sell him to an English club, regardless of price. I’d rather take 10 million less and sell him to a foreign club. We are no longer forced to sell players to fund the Emirates. Especially one who is as much a gooner as any one of us, clearly talented and full of promise. We have a group of aging midfielders that will be moving on in the next 1-2 years, Wilshere will be there to fill those shoes for many years to come.

  4. I’m sick of the bullshit coming out of TalkSport; they’ve had various presenters saying where our players should go, Walcott to Liverpool, Oxlade-Chamberlain to Chelsea, Wilshere to Man City and a few weeks ago it was Ramsey to Barca.

    I’m getting so pi$$ed off with the whole lot of them, it’s starting to sound like a vendetta against us, don’t they know we are now in a position to build a strong squad, and don’t need to sell our prize assets anymore?

    A bunch of mugs, the lot of them.

    1. @stubill
      Yet, many on here who share your same sentiments, have no problem poaching other teams for their raw talent with the thought that throwing piles of cash at a team will get any player we want…

      1. @NY_Gunner
        hm maybe you ave a point BUT, it seems to work for the clubs that do it, regardless of if its an agreeable method or not it seems to be the wy the football world works

  5. We don’t need money anymore like in the past. Give us Aguero we give you Jack or goodbye City 🙂

  6. “Jack is an Arsenal player. I believe the success of the club in the future years will depend on how well the young players educated here will do, and he is part of that.” – Wenger.
    “I think I observe him well and he behaves in a very professional way, I must say. Every morning he’s certainly one of the first in and every afternoon certainly the last out. He works very hard, he’s gone through some bad spells in his career and always recovered. It would be wrong to give him that kind of reputation because he’s a serious player and he works very hard.”
    – Wenger
    “6 MOTM’s in last 7 England games, but people will still doubt him.. ” – Bellerin

    Arguments of ‘oh we can sell this player and buy this player’ stems from computer games, and armchair managers who can’t differentiate between FIFA and reality. It’s those same fans who advocate selling Wilshere, Walcott and Chambo to bring in whoever’s had a good season for a lesser club that would call for his head if those players were to succeed elsewhere. Even after spending so many years selling our best players I still see comments of ‘cashing in’ on players like Cazorla at the peak of his powers (the guy has racked up more assists than any other PL player in his time in the league and played in four separate positions!! I mean cummon!!)
    The inclusion of Ozil was a massive leap forward as a club, but what’s often neglected is that that window we managed to retain all our core players. Yes, we’ve been adding star quality and world-class players, but keeping all our core pieces together has been a massive part of our improvement and breaking our trophy curse..
    Even after season after season we see youngsters that Wenger has shown faith in establish themselves as key members of the first-team (Coquelin, Ramsey, Bellerin) some fans still question the player Wenger felt was ready to combat one of the best midfield’s the world has ever seen at the age of 16 and was arguably the best performance a 16 year old has ever achieved! Or Ox, we spent 16mil on Ox.. That was only 2million dollars off our transfer record at the time.. For a 17y.o playing in a lower league….. People forget that.

    We’ve finally been able to flex our muscles in the transfer market, have many, many fringe players who are a lot further from playing in the first-team than Jack or Ox with 1/10th of their potential!! Seriously… Why are we even mentioning selling these players when Flamini, Rosicky, Campbell, Podolski and Ryo are still on the books??

    1. attack
      Podolski looks on his way to galatasary
      Ryo was released and later joined a team in germany
      Campbell could move perminently to spain.
      akpom,gnabry,sanoggo are likely to be loaned out.
      wellington may be retained but he will train with the first team and play for the reserves.

      whos left?
      st=(new signing),giroud,welbeck

      1. midfield
        toral could go on loan
        Rosicky,Arteta,Flamini have been told they are squad players if someone comes in with a bid i doubt we would stand in there way of leaving.

        Diaby has been released.

        whos left?
        cam= ozil,rosicky(zalelem)
        box2box= ramsey,wilshire
        deep cm= cazorla,arteta
        cdm = coqulan,flamini(bielek)

        we have 8 established players for this position without even adding another midfielder in the summer. 6 is a healthy number but that would mean 3 outgoings if we were to add another established player. flamini is the favorite to go to make way for another dm/cm but rosicky and arteta may have to go to make space for the 1 addition.

        cam ozil,wilshire,zalelem
        cm cazorla,ramsey
        dm coqulan/(new signing),chambers,bielek

  7. this article is stupid and the admin is stupid for posting this TITLE especially. I wouldn’t sell Wilshere for 150 million. We need loyal players in the future as role models. We need to have Gerrards, Terry’s, Ferdinand’s in our squad.

    it pisses me off that you guys are posting stupid articles.

    1. @butters, I’d like to believe that admin is posting the trending news…whether we like it or not.
      Admin is not saying it will happen, so please stop the name-calling.

    2. Admin has to resort to what he knows best : posting stupid things as click bait. It is sad but you have a choice : you can quit reading.

  8. I do believe there’s some truth behind Mancity’s interest, but don’t believe for one minute that Arsenal is gonna sell and rightly so. I’ve been saying it for sometime now that Mancity’s recruitment policy is a joke, and quite frankly will catch up to them. Now their backs are against the wall as they struggle to meet the home grown quota, so this is the time to kick them while they are down and force them to fill that quota with less than top quality players. Wilshire and Sterling be warned, see what happened to Rodwell and Sinclair, both of whom were rising stars only to have their careers stalled, maybe ruined by Mancity. We maybe seeing the normalizing of Mancity.

    1. they might have to go for guys like barkley for a ridiculous 40m+
      apaart from that there is knowone squad worthy who would give up regular football to be the next milner or richards at best.
      the way around it i s to get a small squad of 18 supplimented by up coming home grown talents from there reserves or buuy in developing talents

  9. Absolute rubbish, this talk of selling Jack. Sure, City want him. Time finally to stick it up their noses and tell them we don’t need their dirty oil cash. Jack’s on the verge of finally truly busting out for a break-out year. And we’re going to ride him all the way to the PL top.

  10. 150 million is no pocket change even for the world’s richest, but i definitely won’t sell if i don’t want to, no one can force me to do so.

  11. this kid knows no other team.
    he is a true gunner….its in his heart..he loves arsenal with passion…barca had Gerard..manu had giggs….Chelsea has Terry .berca had xabi and puyol…we have WILSHIRE….

  12. If AFC sell Jack to the ” we’ll buy the title every year” Manx Arabs then I for one will move my support elsewhere. This after 50 years will break a long tradition in my family.

  13. Im not pissed off at the article, but the way the article is titled and written. It makes this club seems desperate for cash. As bad as liverpool are, they still refuse 40 million for Sterling. It shows how stubborn they are about selling their key players.

    If you phrase it “Man city interested in purchasing wilshere” that would be a more suitable title. but Arsenal to accept BIG offer? unless its an article for Podolski or Sanogo, id be more than happy to accept the title

  14. We only need look at Jacks cup celebrations to know where the boy wants to be. We need that, players who would choose the Arsenal over any other club. Wenger will not sell Jack, no chance. If we needed money it could become a different case but we dont so end of.

    Those who say but it has been a long time and still he is not full ready – You need only look to Coq and see what mistake it would have been to let him go.

  15. It will be so RIGHT to sell JACK WILSHERE at the RIGHT PRICE.. £30m upward is okay!

    Personally, my research came up in zilch in finding any young british top top top (world class) player at a promising age. i feel jack is best a squad player and at the very best average potential at the long haul in time. The question is how many young british player in the bracket of (23-28 years old) can rub shoulders with the young and aspiring WORLD BEST for instance the likes of the german and the Spanish players (gotze, ozil, silva, and the ever growing ALVARO MORATA) ?. Wenger should stop investing HEAVILY on british players. What have become of the over hyped and over trumpeted Theo walcott after nurturing him for 10years in Arsenal? A player blessed with a natural ability to outrun a bullet but his accumulative inconsistent performances is so worrisome, he radiates at best a top player with too many average performances.

    I don’t need a crystal ball to acknowledge the fact that a BELLERIN is a gem who has the potential to be world class compared to a jekinson and it’s not rocket science to denote british young lads are bothering on poor quality human resources.

    I reiterate once again it will be PENNY WISE POUND FOOLISH not too sell JACK WILSHERE at the RIGHT PRICE.

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