Should Arsenal sell Alexis to Real Madrid in January?

It could be another nervous and frantic transfer period for Arsenal fans when the winter window opens in a few months, as there is a good chance that at least one big club is going to want to sign our Chile international, but with Alexis Sanchez then just a few short months from being available on a free transfer, the money on offer is likely to be a lot less than the reported £60 million we could have got for the striker this summer.

That is one reason why Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board may decide not to sell, but the main one is that it will probably be Man City, one of our big Premier League rivals, who will be offering us the cash for Alexis. Turning it down would only prolong the inevitable though, but if another club from outside the EPL were to bid, would that make a difference?

I think it would, so the news from the Spanish sports website Don Balon about Real Madrid’s interest is certainly interesting.

The Spanish giants are the sort of club that would appeal to Alexis, for sure, and I think that getting some money for him while keeping him out of Guardiola’s grasp at Man City could just make Wenger say Si Senor to the transfer of Sanchez. Also the Chilean would be available to play in the later rounds of the Champions League after January if the sale goes through.

What do you reckon Gooners? Should Arsenal cash in on Sanchez in January rather than let him go for free in the summer?



  1. arsenal4life says:

    If Arsenal are very close
    to the lead in the league.
    Keep him.
    Otherwise. Sell.

  2. yakubu m, odah says:

    if arsenal allowed sanches to leave for free i will not be happy and probably he will decide to join the club that we arsenal fans does not want him to join such as man city and is better we cash in that will help us get the services of his replacement

  3. Antony Douglas says:

    This recycled fake news. Everyone know he wants to play for Man city.

  4. Sue says:

    I’d rather we sold him to Madrid than City

    1. lord wafflebury says:

      Senior madrid players have told the club they dont want him….wonder why ? Maybe our spanish contingent have spilled the beans to them on his attitude .
      Besides, he wants to run off with his darling pep !

      1. LL_cool_gunner says:

        Well also because they all like benzima, and they think Sanchez arrival might be the end of Benz at Madrid..

        1. Godswill says:

          But Sanchez is not an outright striker so can’t replace him.
          Talk about Bale, but Sanchez can’t replace him so who? Isco? No. Madrid don’t want him.

  5. Andy Hallewell says:

    slowly but surely we are becoming less alexis-dependent and that is a healthy sign…

  6. Remember Resource? says:

    Doesnt make a difference tbh. We aren’t among the big boys anymore. We are akin to dortmund, only difference being dortmund want to be among the biggies but can’t because of the lack of money and popularity of league etc. Whereas arsenal can be among the biggies but don’t want to. Any player that is world class will not want to join/stay at arsenal. So I 100% agree with what wenger is doing. Going after the second tier, for eg. Lacazette over lukaku, xhaka over kante etc: Because these players will stay at arsenal and won’t leave because they aren’t good enough to start at the big clubs. Kante would have left after a season and lukaku would have started throwing a fit after a season as well, looking at the club. So articles should focus on getting fans comfortable with the new ways/goals of the club so that over time we all get used to this and adjust our expectation and become a happier bunch. After all we all watch football to relieve ourselves, be happy and be entertained..

    1. jon fox says:

      So according to you, we must settle for being among the alsorans. What a faintheart you are.

    2. Kilted Gooner says:


    3. Vish says:

      You seriously rate Lukaku over Lacazette. Kuks is good but he is not a lethal finisher, Mourinho only bought him to pass off Chelsea and as cover for Ibra. Utd wanted Griezeman but he declined to join this summer hence they got Kuks. Stop moaning about Wenger and Arsenal for goodness sake .

  7. Nothing changed says:

    We should have sold him this summer and replaced him. It makes absolutely no sense what so ever to sell him in January.

    Why destroy the 50 million in value by selling him in January? For what, three and a half months of football till January and then you hope you get £10 million if that?

    We wanted to keep him (for obscure reasons), so now let’s keep him and hope he develops a deadly combo with Laca (as naive as that sounds).

    1. jon fox says:

      Agree! Basically you are saying let us make the best of a bungled job and now , thanks to the shambles of how transfers and contract renewals are mis handled , we have no other option.

      1. Nothing changed says:


  8. Atid says:

    I don’t care who we sell players too, if they don’t want to sign a new contract then should be the end of the matter. Just get rid, what to say if we sold him Madrid in January he wouldn’t join Man City in May anyway?

    Everyone needs to accept once the bosman ruling came in, the power switched to the players. Now the tv deals have simply enhanced theirs and their agents greed.

    We should have sold him, ozil, wilshire and any other players in their last year, who want out or are not required. We proved Sunday we can compete without those that don’t want to play for us. I would rather let them show their worth in the cups and let those that love the club enjoy playing for us in the premier league

  9. kristoman says:

    arsenal fans are really a funny lots. Madrid sign alexis in january for a fee around 50m when they can get him for free in just four months later?
    God no club is that stupid

    1. Tas says:

      Real or any other team outside UK can contact a player in January if his contract runs out in the summer and can make a deal but for EPL clubs they have to wait untill the summer, so real can agree a deal and wait untill summer for their player to be free, why would a club like real pay us when they can give few million to Sanchez for sighning on fee and we get zilch,

  10. Gunner4Life says:

    None of the things will help if We dont build a Good squad for ourselves other than stopping others from making one! Let Alexis leave to Man City or Madrid or China.. it just doesnt matter as long We start looking at ourselves and buy some Real World Class Players!

  11. Franklin says:

    @ remember resource, so you think we should have gone for lukaku instead of laca? So u think he’s a better buy? Well, that aside. Am just glad both Ozil and Alexis are beginning to see we can do just fine without them. If I was Wenger I wouldn’t bother offering Ozil another contract, he ain’t worth the effort since he’s feeling high class

  12. HA559 says:

    His passing accuracy is bad. If you’re at City or Madrid you’re passing will need to be sharp. Besides I think Man City will change their mind on buying him, since they are scoring so many goals at the moment. He will fit better at a club like Juventus.

    1. jon fox says:

      I can’t think why City would want him or where he would play(or more accurately, where he would HIDE). He is only any use around one game in three/four and that is tantamount to NO USE AT ALL. Same as Walcott in that respect. But Ozil does have huge talent, Walcott only fast fading speed and cowardice.

  13. jon fox says:

    The situations with Ozil and Sanchez are completely different. Sanchez is a proven warrior, scoring a wonder goal last week when only 80% fit. Ozil is a faintheart, who hides so often , Walcott style, and is only worth playing around one game in 3/4 on average. No player of that sort is any use to a title ambitious side-not that the club under the present regime ARE ambitious- BUT even so, I would sell Ozil in Jan for whatever we can get and we should have done so this last summer

  14. ThirdManJW says:

    We didn’t sell him in the summer, and that was the last chance. Wouldn’t make any sense to sell him in Jan. He’s our most important player, so who replaces him in Jan?

  15. Declan says:

    A bit of a stupid question really as it is clear he wants to go to City. We can only sell him to Real if he won to go there

  16. ayodeji says:

    I think we should sell him in January and go for draxler,sell Ozil and find another replacement.

  17. Mikekobi says:

    No team is coming for ozil and we shud let him go in the summer and get a replacement for him, and as for Sanchez if Madrid where serious abt him then We shud sell him in January and work hard on lemar or draxler to replace him. We need players that are eager to play for us.

  18. stubill says:

    Having watched all of Cities games this year, I really don’t think they need Sanchez, they play as a team, passing to each other quickly and precisely, things that Sanchez doesn’t do.

    Will he be happy being a bit part player at City, because looking at the form they’re in at the moment, that’s all he’d be.

  19. Mark Pilkie says:

    Sell to PSG and get Cavani

  20. Mogunna says:

    He aint going anywhere in January for chumps change, he would be sold, we not selling him and after benched a few time and team wins, he will get back to his passion of football and play as he does best for the team. Then by January, we will Draxler who wants Arsenal and will do great if played right of course. It will get Ozil back to spirit as well. We can also use Lucas from Paris to help that middle. Both available for 40 millions… Then we should be doing way better and sanchez about to accept a bigger pay check. They going to Chelsea soon, get Stoke, going to West brom, places they can easily lose 3 to 6 points and we play them top of November….Depending on how we do; it is useless to go to MC if we top them…Then Guardiola benched him good at Barcelone, he can do it again and known for taking players to make a team weak, so he can beat it…He got quite a few players from us if i recall; what happened to most? Cheers everyone.

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