Arsenal to announce BIG money signing to deny Chelsea?

It may not just be the fact that Arsenal are willing to pay the England international star £125,000 a week to play for us, but it certainly will not have hindered the Gunners in our attempt to persuade Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to snub a reported transfer to Premier League rivals and sign a new contract that keeps him at Arsenal for years to come.

Metro is reporting that the contract will soon be sorted after the latest big money offer to the the 24-year old who is one of the Arsenal stars now in the final year of their current deals at the Emirates. This deal will be a double delight for Arsenal fans as it keeps a player who looks increasingly important and influential on the pitch, while also denying Antonio Conte one of the players thought to be at the top of his transfer wish list.

Perhaps just as important for the Ox is the fact that he now seems to be seen by Arsene Wenger as a key player and has started both of our matches in the new Premier League season. The manager even switched him and Bellerin to giver Chamberlain the chance to shine down his preferred right flank against Stoke and he was one of the few Arsenal players who came out of that defeat with any honour.

Now how much do we need to offer Alexis Sanchez to sign again?



  1. gotanidea says:

    Ideally Arsenal will do the following actions before the transfer window closes:

    – Keep Chamberlain and Sanchez. If they don’t want to extend their contract this week, sell them and get better players.

    – Sell Ozil, Jenkinson, Debuchy, etc and get better players. If no clubs are willing to buy them, sell them with discount prices, like what Arsenal did to Gabriel.

    The reality is: It’s not easy to get better players. Even if there is one, he might not want to join Arsenal.

    If Arsenal is as rich as MU, Chelsea and City, we will see a big change soon. Otherwise, we can only expect Wenger does something like Ranieri or Pochettino.

    1. Muff d says:

      So much deadwood on excessive wages ..
      Gibbs debuchy Walcott Wilshire jenko Campbell

      I presume as jenko had no buyers. Only loan
      We will rid maybe two more

      An buy one player. I really thought this window things would be different

      Tired of this regime . Putrid

    2. GB says:

      Jenkinson already gone earlier today. Season long loan to Birmingham with Bramall.

    3. Med Kaye says:

      This is not true. Fans should stop playing ball with Wenger and the entire management team of the club we cherish. Wenger is always insulting the intelligence of fans and active supporters all over the world.

    4. i was a gooner says:

      Do anybody know how to make Ozil shoot at goal more often than he is doing now ?
      he might end his career as an assist king.

      1. dutchy says:

        Have you seen him shoot? Let him pass the ball, all day please

    5. John Kelly says:

      Sell Sanchez,bring in Draxler, Lemar and Nzonzi as defensive midfielder, Sell Ozil bring in Seri, and we need a commanding center half. Sell Walcott , bring in Mahrez plenty of cover for the coming season.

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    125k a week and if Ox signs and does not perform…

    Not many clubs would want to sign him due to his high wages

    Fans will be screaming for his release

    1. i was a gooner says:

      he is not worth above a 90k right now

    2. John Kelly says:

      Sell Sanchez,bring in Draxler, Lemar and Nzonzi as defensive midfielder, Sell Ozil bring in Seri, and we need a commanding center half. Sell Walcott , bring in Mahrez plenty of cover for the coming season. The Ox is not worth 125.000 a week. Sell him and bring in a proven hard centre back maybe Maguire from Leicester physical,strong good in the air.

  3. Nothing changed says:

    I have to admit that I am a bit schizophrenic when it comes to losing players to rivals.

    I see Ox as our best right-wing back despite recognizing he needs a good manager to work with him both on his defending and the timing of his runs forward. It would kill me to see him go to Chelsea and receive that kind of coaching from Conte which might turn him into the best right wing back in the PL.

    On the other hand with Wenger changing his mind about players all the time (Gabriel, Perez, Chambers etc) if Ox is going to be out of favor later on this season 125,000 per week will make him difficult to shift in the future.

    So if Ox will be our starting right wing back and will be allowed a few bad games, which is inevitable when you learn a new position than signing Ox will be great.

    But if he is going to be played all over the park and out of position and lose his confidence as a result, get benched for no apparent reason then 125,000 per week is too much IMO.

    1. John Kelly says:

      What’s wrong with Bellerin and Mahrez in front of him. Left side kolasniac and Draxler in front of him. Sell, Sanchez, Ozil, and the Ox and we have funds to buy Mahrez and Draxler And possibly Lemar and Seri.

  4. Pablo Picasso says:


    I wonder why Arsenal cant just sale certain players and insert a buy back clause if need be. A loan move for Jenkinson only honestly. The club never seems to move on, we should have sold him to Westham a season ago.

    Anyway lets see what happens to Jack, Joel, Gibbs, Debuchy, Ackpom, Zalalem, Toral, etc.

  5. LL_cool_gunner says:

    How did we end so much deadwood? Oh wait Arsene is our coach..?

    1. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:


  6. HA559 says:

    Management of the club is so poor, they can’t even get rid of Jenkinson but rather loan him out until his contract expires. He is now of to Birmingham good luck to him.

    Almost every first team player got a pay rise very easily a few seasons back and now they can’t get rid of them, because clubs willing to take the players offer less wages. Oh and Arsenal also being tight in trying to squeeze extra millions from clubs when they do make bids but this then changes the buying clubs minds.

  7. William says:

    sell Jack, and get a better midfielder then convince the ox and Sanchez to extend their contracts but Wenger must stop playing our players in long positions

  8. Eddy Hoyte says:

    It’s really sad when you look at what we fans go through because of this club. Only 2 matches into the season and a fan is already dead.
    Dude was watching our game against Stoke in a viewing center down here in Nigeria. Collapsed and died of shock and heart attack When Jese scored. R.I.P though.
    We are the most maltreated fans on the planet. This board needs to go

    1. Remi Elemamba says:

      Eyaa heart attack, this is Wenger and cohorts are causing us Arsenal fans week in week out haba

      1. eseosa says:

        Why isn’t anyone bidding for Wenger? SELL Wenger and most problems will be solved. Afterall he earns more than majority of the players at Arsenal. That will help reduce costs.

    2. Pablo Picasso says:

      Sad to hear about this development and RIP to him.

      I wonder what’s with the thumbs down. I understand its just a game and they might be questions as to whether the Stoke goal actually led to his death.

      I must confess I too get over emotional when Arsenal perform badly. For a something that does not necessarily pay us back anything in a way, we do get over worked up. After an Arsenal loss I unknowingly distance myself from friends and family, become anti social, loss appetite, go to bed depressed etc.

      Guys this is real, so let us as fans support and pump sense into each other, and always remember its just a game after all. Its not worth dying for and living your young family in peace’s.

    3. namo says:

      Dude must have had a heart condition and anything could easily have triggered it. Can’t blame that on Arsenal. Every team gets to lose sometimes, (unless of course you’re the “invincibles”).
      Meanwhile, it’s obvious that nothing will change under Wenger. Can’t get rid of deadwood, plays half of the team out of position, penny-pinching, no killer-instinct in the players. It’s gonna a very looong season for us fans!

      1. Pablo Picasso says:

        “no killer-instinct in the players” you say. I beg to differ.

        With Xhaka’s misplaced passes, Ramsey running around like a headless chicken, Welbeck falling before taking a short, Ozil disappearing I would say our players are straight up killers, just look at Eddy’s post lol.

        I know too soon, but couldn’t resist.

    4. l says:

      Perhaps dude played Arsenal in betting. RIP though.

  9. waal2waal says:

    good to see that ox chambos situation is soon to be resolved although the idea he was ever going to chelski is laughable enough to have me fall from my chair. i guess little mix will also be ecstatic at what must be welcome news; Now, how much does alexis merit well he’s at the end of contract and in position to call his own shots.

    but, here’s a little reminder of his importance (i) upon arrival his was the goal that catapulted into th CL; (ii) when others were tired and unable to respond he has the strength of character to fight to bring us into the game; (iii) he scores the goal to save us face in FAC after last seasons fiasco; (iv) he is without equal our best player so he already earned the right to be in the highest bracket of epl strikers, we need sanchez desperately we’ve no choice other than to pay £320K+ and build into his deal performance rated enhancements so as we’re all able to move forwards.

  10. ayodeji arsenal says:

    @eddie it’s a sad one for us and I tell you I know a few who’s been to the hospital after last remembering they were watching arsenal play. What I’ve done is to remove my high expectations for the club and just enjoy the games. the last time I was very proud of my team was against Milan in the champions league

  11. Kilted Gooner says:

    Jenkinson and Bramall off to Birmingham on loan for the year! Looks like we really are trying to get the squad numbers down.
    Pray for new signings!

  12. Vlad says:

    Sell Ox. He has done absolutely nothing to justify 125k per week wages. Take the 35mil or whatever is been offered and run. Invest in a proper RWB or CM, the one who can actually defend, and not lose the ball constantly.

  13. Raoh says:

    I wouldn’t call that a big money signing. I’ll call that making things right. He has been clearly one of our best players out there. Dunno if it is because he is playing for a contract extension with us or elsewhere but it is what it is.

    Happy to hear that we are finally starting to reduce the squad in #. Jenko is probably not coming back with his contract up next year. Hopefully before the LFC game we can hear more names going out: Perez, Gibbs, Maitland-Niles maybe going on loan and has it seems Chambers who has been completely frozen out for reasons hard to identify.

    If AFC pulls that off we are looking at 8 players gone in this window be it sold or on loan. At the end of the day if you can’t make money on who you consider your 3rd or 4th option at a position just let them go for space and the per week wages your paying for nothing.


    1. aligunners says:

      The Ox dnt have end product….he run very well but finishes poorly
      I seriously think Chamberlain can be easily replace
      Wenger should stop behaving as if he is irreplaceable
      Still waiting for more signings

  14. no goals no assistance but he is getting twice what isco makes for Real Madrid he is going to be paid 80% more than most of Real Madrid player dead wood in other year

  15. i was a gooner says:

    convince ox that he is not worth earning more than he is doing now unless put on some shots on goals regularly (not over the bar) & learn to give some pin point crosses consistently.

    1. Arsenal#7 says:

      time for the fans to boycott this arrogant coach and his dealings.
      we have a large numbers of deadwood due to Wenger’s inability to sign the right players and pay
      to get what is needed vs exploring the “potential” of players like Abou Diaby, Walcott ,Debuchy,
      Jenkinson and many others. Watch Mourinho and Conte go get what they need and win league titles while Wenger and the board are playing around trying to pull the wool over our eyes.
      Every year we wait for signings. What do we get? One decent signing and then a waiting game to see what else may come which ends in frustration and the same old Arsenal game.
      When is the last transfer window that Wenger brought in a “group” of difference makers?

  16. Arsenal_Girl says:

    The title was a tad “click baiting” but we should be used to that by now.

    I think Wenger will say Joel Campbell, Nelson, Chambers, Wilshere are like NEW signings.

    BTW I am happy if OX stays. I never wanted him to leave as he is an excellent squad player. We do however need another top CM with us not having Cazorla and attacker to push Ozil. And perhaps a CD too.

    1. aligunners says:

      I always think nasri could’ve been helpful considering the kind of passes Ramsey Elneny Ox and even Xaka provides
      3.5m is very cheap for three seasons

  17. Andrew Elder says:

    3 weeks into the new season and 1 week before the end of the transfer window and AW comes up with ” The squad is top heavy and we need to trim it before we can add new players”. Priceless!!!

    Can’t wait for 2019 and a new manager because we are going nowhere fast and neither is AW. At least the next manager will start frrom a position where he can only go one way i.e. up! How did we ever sleepwalk into this position?

  18. jon fox says:

    The contract situation is beyond satire and proves that Wenger is not up to the job of managing players and their usefulness to us. No other serious top club is remotely even near this farcical position. We have to wonder what exactly Wenger does all day long after morning training is over. So many holes acroos the eleven, two left backs playing as CBs, a right footed FB playing on left, two fit CB’ left out or on bench(Holding, Merts), no proper holding player, since VIERA, IN 2005, 12 YEARS AGO. Misfits and non -tryers(Walcott, Ozil) across the squad. Subbing our new and sharp striker for a complete non tryer and arch hider -for the last eleven years – in Walcott and bringing on Giroud but having no crosses, his great strength. Failure upon failure and, really, my cat could make a better job of managing our former honourable and well run club(a decade and more ago). As a motivator of players to work hard, Wenger is about as useful as Walcott would be as a circus strong man, ie total rubbish. Since The Invincibles broke up, Wenger has completely abandoned the idea of team ethis fierce and committed regular hard work, both ON and OFF the pitch. He must be forced out by direct action from we fans, who are the only ones who REALLY CARE FOR AND LOVE OUR CLUB.

  19. Vish says:

    In MY OPINION, The Ox does not deserve a pay rise , Arsenal have subsidised his extravagant lifestyle whilst he has spent more time on the treatment table than on the pitch . He has also been wildly inconsistent in his performances ranging from brilliant in short spells to abysmal for much of the rest . He much like Walcott did a few seasons back is holding Arsenal to ransom for a bumper rise else they go to greener pastures . Once the contract is signed just like Walcott he will revert back to performing poorly .

    Why can’t Arsenal see that this sqaud is poor and in need of an overhaul.
    we all understand our squad is in desperate need of an overhaul with plenty of players that will never see 1st team action and are collecting paychecks for doing nothing such as Debuchy , Jenkinson , Campbell etc . yet whilst all of this is going on we wont allow Lucas Perez to leave to Deportivo for 10million as we value him more , along with the Gibbs to Westbrom story amongst others . so who is fibbing here ??? if we can afford to risk loosing 100 million by letting Sanchez , Ozil and Chambo go for free next year why cant we just accept the paltry offers for players we don’t need in our squad any longer . what is the point of a long drawn out transfer negotiation for the sale of Perez , Debuchy etc . why cant we let them go at whatever price we can get or just release them from their contracts then utilize the money to broker deals to keep our key players at the club or to bid for the best players available on the market to strengthen our squad . it makes me wonder do Arsenal have a clue what’s going on ? we mismanaged the contracts of our star players and we cant get rid of those that have no future . we cant sign players even when they publicly state they want to come to Arsenal as our transfer negoiations are a shambles . so much for change from Arsenal

  20. john says:

    If ox signs the new contact that be great, give Alexis Sanchez what’s he wants if he doesn’t sign it then sell him.
    Sell debuchy, Gibbs, Perez, Campbell, akpom, Jenkinson and chambers
    And bring in mahrez, lemar and a top class defender and.midfielder

  21. OxInTheBox says:

    maybe Campbell can play wing-back. he was better defensively than Ox when he played RW two seasons ago, he might pull a Moses. I’d keep him, as Wenger clearly won’t by a CB so Monreal will play CB and we need more WB’s (we have Bellerin, Ox and Kola). that is of course madness because we saw how unreliable Monreal is at CB and we only have 2 decent CB’s with 3 slots (unless Bielik makes a huge breakthrough). another option is to keep Gibbs. I’ll take a chance on Campbell. Nelson should go on loan.
    we need to sell Willsher for a top CM- won’t happen. also extending Cazorla’s contract was a mistake, at 32 after not playing for 2 year we won’t get anything from him (as sad as it is), but it makes a great excuse for Wenger who can say that our squad it too big (of course- always injured, one dimensional players will steak if we keep offering them massive contracts).

  22. damigunner says:

    have been reading all posts and it seems all arsenal fans want run run run with little football brain chamberlain stay at arsenal… instead of you guys to be praying he gets off our wage bills…. do you think Chelsea will buy that sort of player.. a player that his end ball is as poor as my grandma’s… or do u think he is better than Moses….you must be joking if you think so…. this ox case reminds me of Walcott case some years, ago when he wanted that bumper payrise and he got it and see what we get in return… a deadwood on high wages… in short players like Walcott Ramsey welbeck cocqlan mertesacker Gibbs Wilshire etc… and even wenger should be off this club… the more we continue with them the worst for us…and if u check most of this players are British…. British players just don’t cut it… sell these, ones off and give the youth guys a chance… with a new coach though…. that’s the way forward….

  23. Henry says:

    What cracks me up the most is 2 games in to the season and our defence has been

    Holding/mustafi monreal kaslinac
    Bellerin ox

    So why the hell do we have 2 LBs playing CB I know injuries and suspensions but monreal as our CB really Wenger?

    Surely our best 1st choice defence as it stands will be..

    Mustafi kos kolasinac
    Ox monreal

    For me ox needs to start over bellerin all day long.. bellerin needs to beef up a bit.. he is so lightweight and can’t win a header for toffee.. why is Wenger trying to mould both of them to play on either wing but the problem is they are both right footed!! Monreal and kolasinac shiuld be occupying the LCB and LWB rolls in this formation
    Mustafi kos and kolasinac/ monreal picks itself really.. keep bellerin per chambers loan out holding.. get rid of debuchy jenko gibbs.. I still believe we need another CB but it won’t happen.. so this is the defence Wenger believes will win us the title.. yeah I don’t think so!!

    But our midfield is where will get over run this season.. xhaka and Ramsey can play in midfield together but only if Ramsey starts in ozils position.. and xhaka has someone behind him.. sell coquelin he is toilet.. elneny cazorla Wilshire.. we need a big signing here boys.. I’m thinking nzonzi has a 40 odd mil release clause mayb a bit less.. but got to go and pay it.. we as a club always try to get a cheaper deal.. and bottle it wen ask to pay the release clause.. he goes on about getting the numbers down but we need signings and contracts signed before transfer window closes.. I just pray the daft old fool has something up his sleeve.. we need that big money signing in a DM mould.. our midfield is weak and always upfield..

    Also why does ozil always play 90 odd mins every game wen he his anonymous for most of it.. Wenger is afraid to pull him off at 60mins if he not up for it? Does Wenger bottle it? Ain’t got the balls to sub him?? One to think about..


  24. Simon says:

    Why not getting Mahrez who can shoot at goal than the passing king who moves nowhere…Ozil

  25. Simon says:

    Arsenal players are relaxed because of their relaxed coach who has no ambition for the team. Follow the leader…

  26. Benjamin Ruddy says:

    Sanchez should stay en combine with mahrezi end sell welbek

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