Arsenal to announce Wenger stay on Wednesday – with a few small changes….

Well it all looks done and dusted as far as the BBC is concerned. The Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke had a meeting with Arsene Wenger yesterday and it was all smiles and handshakes between the two men that really run the club.

Although there are some members of the top table that believe it is time for a shake-up at the club, it seems that the Board are irrelevant to Wenger’s decision, and today’s Board meeting will only be to inform them what Kroenke and Wenger have already decided. The report also says Stan has already made it clear that his support lies with the Frenchman and he has pledged to back him in the transfer window to get the stars we need to win the Premier League title next season.

But there will be some changes to help appease the fans, although a new Director of Football is out of the question and the current Transfer Guru Dick Law will still be the overseer this summer, although a new Head Scout role could be created to help out.

There will be NO changes to Wenger’s control over the technical side of the Arsenal setup. It has also been revealed that an interview with Le Prof will be released tomorrow when the final decision will also be announced, although that is surely now 99% certain that Wenger will still be at the helm, the same figure that Wenger quoted when he was talking about the fans that still supported him.

So it seems that not much will be changing next season, but there will be some cosmetic changes to try and get the fans back onside. And hopefully that will include new contracts for Alexis and Ozil, and also two more superstars brought in to complement them next year.

Would that be enough to stop the protests?

Darren N


  1. ManMulo says:

    If Arsene stays, which im sure he will, this 100 MILLION Pound they are supposedly gonna give him is by far not enough, we need firstly a top striker and that alone would be 50 million going upwards, and then left back, a top Defensive mid to play along Xhaka and a Right wing player and only 100 million “KROENKE OUT”

    1. Kilted Gooner says:

      I think £100m should be about enough, we have already signed the best left back in the Bundesliga for exactly £0. Great business!!
      I agree, a top CF and CM should be the priorities and we need to get it done quickly, £70m on a CF, £30 on a CM should be achievable??

      Everything else depends on what happens with Ozil and Sanchez, if they stay I would be happy with just the 3 additions, we may be in need of some defensive backup but Rob Holding has proved he is more than capable of being a 1st team regular next year!!

      1. tas says:

        And we are all hoping we will spend all that money on players without selling, if we sale players and still only spend 100M then they done us again

        1. tas says:

          City have 300M to spend Man-U 200m + god knows how much Chelsea will spend

      2. RichSAAlao says:

        Methink the additions would be including replacement for likely departures
        Overall, when the season starts let the player all really compete for a place in the team.
        This will ensure that every player will be mentally and psychologically ready when needed, and the problem of not getting off the block when required to play instead of the first choice will be unfelt.
        Also, Lucas Perez must be made to stay, he is good enough. If not him, team needs someone like him, now he has had the orientation, which any other player to replace him would need, so why not him.

    2. Gold says:

      Left has been signed free of charge. 100m will some good business on the outgoing side isnt bad if the scout do a good job.

    3. GunnerSince2004 says:

      We have a lot of players that don’t play anyway that we can sell because remember we need to free up places in the squad for whatever players we buy.

      Sell the following:

      Giroud or Perez 17mil (we need to keep one in case of injury to avoid a striker crisis)
      Debuchy 7mil
      Sczeceny 12mil
      Joel Campbell 10mil (only keep him for squad depth if Ox leaves)
      Monreal or Gibbs 10mil (with Sead coming in don’t need 3 left backs to gobble wages)
      Mertesacker 6mil (Kos, Mustafi, Holding ahead, Gabs & Callum can be squad defenders)

      Total revenue = 62mil + 100mil from board = 162mil
      In addition we will save about 350,000 per week in wages for the sold players which can be used to pay the wages for the 2 to 3 world class players we buy.

      Remember, the team was developing well under the 3-4-2-1 system and it would be sad to dismantle such a promising project:
      1. Xhaka is beginning to develop well as CDM under the system
      2. We’re seeing the best of Ramsey & Ozil together again
      3. We conceded less goals with the formation
      4. We beat Man Utd, Mourinho & Chelsea when we would have usually struggled
      5. We beat Stoke & Southampton away again when we would have usually struggled

      Just 2 WC signings and 1 cheap unknown unpolished gem (like Rob Holding) will perfect the team.

      1. Nebsy says:

        You seem to have forgotten that Sanchez will bugger off in the summer. So our total revenue is actually a bit bigger, more like 190-200 million pounds total. Hopefully, lizardman satan k will not grab a single million from that cash kitty.

  2. mark says:

    Given the FA cup, new formation and general grit from the team in key games, I believe Wenger should stay. I would like to see him have one more credible shot at the league title while the club plan for his replacement.

    I just can’t understand fans still clamouring for him to go. Swallow your pride and accept he still has something to offer.

    If not, who will replace him and give us success?? We really could end up like Man U, floundering around 6th place. We’re not this great club without Wenger at the helm. That’s what I think people are blind to.

    If Wenger goes (he might) I fear you will see just what the guy brought to this club over 20 years and you may just be disappointed with us as we go through managers like Man U or Liverpool…

    1. McLovin says:

      His ‘something to offer’ is not nearly enough. He literally doesn’t have anything to offer us. FA Cup, that’s it.

      Although I agree that we shouldn’t just appoint any manager there to replace him and end up like Man United.

      Allegri, Tuchel, Jardim or no deal.

      1. Gold says:

        I would have supported your assertion completely if he was not able to change to 3 at the back. He used this so effectively that even some objective Chelsea fans admitted he was playing the system better than them. The FA cup victory is not the story, the manner despite the injuries speaks volume. He has a lot to offer and only a top positive playing manager should succeed him as you correctly opined.

        1. bran99 says:

          changing to 3 at the back was a fluke that he took very late, we had a row of bad matches, if he was that good and had any clue, he would have at least tried the formation to try grind out some points.. we got thrashed week in week out, 10-2 by Bayern and he couldn’t even try a simple twist to change the outcomes..

        2. Lexynal says:

          I recal AW making that comment (I am sorry he didn’t cost £55M) after a match in which RH had put up a fantastic performance. As much as you may hate AW, you have to give it to him…..we had no business winning the last FA cup witih the defensive crisis we ran into a week prior. He recognixed the talent, went for him, got him, kept him in shape and when we lost the regulars (Kos, Mustafi, Gabriel) …AW threw in a joker ( and of course, Mert4) who got the job done brilliantly. If you had to face Diego Costas, Eden Hazards etc of this world and matched them hands down with RH & Mert4- coming out victorioius. It’s worthy of recognition. Thumbs up for the clash all day long.

      2. Kedar Damle says:

        Why Allegeri will Leave Juventus??? He is in most Easiest League in Europe and that too with most strongest team…. He is winning there and then why he would come to England where there is no such easy rides as compared to Italy…

        Same with Tuchel…. He is managing a club in a league where everyone knows that Bayern Munich gonna win everything every year hence nobody is expecting anything from Tuchel in terms of winning anything… He just have to make sure that his team is getting qualified for Champions League and creating strong players from Academy which can be sold to Bayern Munich and earn Revenue….
        Klopp was so called amazing successful at Borussia Dortmund but what happened with him after joining Liverpool??? Still struggling to cope with English Challenge….
        And Finally Jardim, then we have to understand that Monaco has Sugar Daddy owner which we don’t have….. If Arsene Wenger would have had Sugar Daddy owner then he also would have added 4-5 premier League Titles to his CV….. Certainly right now there is no replacement for Arsene Wenger….

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          to live in london?
          for the challenge?
          had enough at Juve?

          1. Kedar Damle says:

            Juventus Can offer money than Arsenal because they are wealthy club compared to Arsenal….
            Biggest point is here that he one is getting his bread butter along with trophies very easily then why that person would leave that job and make his life difficult???
            Arsenal is not Man United or Real Madrid where managers join them because they hold a dream to manage that clubs…. Arsenal is not as big as those… We are not dream job for anyone… We don’t have money like Chelsea and City and we are dream for anyone then it is very difficult to pool good managers….

          2. Taxi4Wenger says:


            Mostly new challenge for managers with winning mentallity as allegri.
            He will get bored eventually aftet next two years with juve and want new challenge.

        2. JPS_AFC1 says:

          Jardim’s Monaco side is full off kids promoted from the youth teams. Ever since they paid big money for Falcao they changed there financial structure to a more self sustaining structure like ours at A.F.C. if anything they have become a selling club since the change James Rodriguez, Bernardo Silva and I’m sure alot more off this season’s title winning side will be sold to the highest bidder. Do your research before you make false assertion’s in your comments mate
          # KROENKE OUT
          #WENGER OUT 2018

        3. rkw says:

          tuchel has left borussia already!!!!! Jardim spent like 80m in total on his team that won the french league and got to semis of CL Klopp is managing a team that has one quality player and james milner as a regular starter and still finished above us … the lament that there is no alternative was wrong when mouthed by thacherite a****** and is wrong when mouthed by forth (now fifth) place junkies

      3. mark says:

        Top manager to replace definitely, but this ‘only the FA cup’ is not respectful. Other teams (Spurs, Liverpool etc) would be very happy to win a cup. My belief is that we will only appreciate what we had when he’s gone. Like a long marriage people are bored of him, but that’s no the same as saying he is no longer a great manager. He is. The 3 FA cups in 4 years attest to that. Especially this one where we beat 2 ‘top’ teams to win it, and negotiated the banana skin teams in the earlier rounds.

        You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

        1. bran99 says:

          don’t compare Wenger to a WIFE. Wenger is paid to deliver, paid a lot of money. A wife stays with you for the love and family (even if you don’t pay her 8m a year), and its “until death do us apart”. 3 FA cups in 4 years is all he can offer us, he tried the EPL for so long, 13 years in a row and we all know how things have been happening.

        2. 268gunner says:

          Well we don’t have very much now if u ask me

        3. Krux says:

          Why are we sounding like AW is irreplaceable? No mortal man is. Jose Mourinho left Chelsea and they won the CL in 2012 under Roberto Di Mateo. He left a second time last season and the team just won the EPL under Conte despite being 10th last term.
          My point is that, no one is a god in football. Who would have thought Zidane would win the CL with Madrid? So many A grade coaches have tried to no avail.

    2. sleepinggiant says:

      Lol..’we could end up like man u floundering around 6 th’… floundering around 5th as we already are? And floundering around 4 th like we spent most of the last decade.

      What planet do you come from..we’re not this great club without Wenger? Are you actually an Arsenal fan? Out of 10 zillion facts I could give you to demonstrate the insulting nonsense you have just spoken, Wenger is about to lead us to only the 2nd decade since the 1930s that arsenal have failef to win the title. Fact. Great club, poor decade. No argument.

      1. JPS_AFC1 says:

        How anybody can thumb down Sleepinggiants​ comment is ridiculous, how can you thumb down facts like that. Thank you for you wisdom mate k have been a die hard Gooner from Australia for 35 years but I did not know that. How can the club not see what is so blatantly obvious, how can they put us in a situation where at the end off the season we don’t know how our manager will be next season and whether our 2 best players will still be here. If this happened at any other 2 billion dollar company the CEO and Manager would be stood down by the shareholder’s.
        #KROENKE OUT
        #WENGER OUT 2018

    3. ThirdManJW says:


      Have you been watching Arsenal in the league, and in Europe over the last four years?

  3. John071 says:

    Wenger out and the protests won’t stop

  4. John0711 says:

    So admin any comment that suggests the manager out gets moderated??? What happened to everyone has an opinion

    1. Admin says:

      No but a comment that just says ‘Wenger Out’ is NOT an opinion. It’s a slogan.
      A bit of objective discussion would be better appreciated…..

      1. bran99 says:

        may be the Wenger Out slogan could attract the Wenger In loyalists and the discussion could prevail

      2. JPS_AFC1 says:

        So what no Wenger out slogans or Kroenke out slogans. It’s not a slogan it’s my opinion. I was wondering why my comments go missing. Whatever you AKB’S

      3. ger burke says:

        wenger in , stay boss, stay boss, stay boss !!!.

        1. Admin says:

          You are funny. But that is still not a relevant comment about the football is it….

          1. ger burke says:

            well boss mr.admin , it is my opinion , and yo always say that opinions count on here on your extraordinary page.

      4. ger burke says:

        mr. admin , sir boss, can you tell me please why my comment of wenger in was not moderated. and apparently you moderated a wenger out comment earlier.are you showing some pro wenger bias , or am i just being paranoid. just sayin boss like !.

  5. GoonerKev84 says:

    What annoys me is that Wenger is holding the club by ransom living off continuous top 4 finishes, fa cups and his so called loyalty… We’ve heard every club on the planet has scouted him and he turned them all down he done this for his love of Arsenal it has nothing to do with his massive salary his total running of the club no questions asked.. Why would any one would leave a job like this? It has nothing to do with love its about money and power and he would get that no where else and lets face it he’s too old to start over at another club. The man hasn’t won the league in 13 years has never won a European trophy no league cups and now not even a top 4 finish.. I don’t understand all this Wenger should plan for his successor what club is run this way? Isn’t that the job for the board members? After a terrible league campaign on the back of a strong run his arrogance returned its the toxic atmosphere at the emirates is the reason we finished where we did also saying he deserves respect and wont forget how he was treated but yet he’s going to sign a new contract? If he’s that bitter about it walk away nobody is forcing him to stay but who would walk away from a dream job like his. I knew by winning the FA cup he would get fans back onside again and everything will get brushed aside the guy is a miracle he’s untouchable even the club are afraid to appoint a director of football in fear Mr Wenger throws his toys out of the pram anyone would think this is a manager who wins trophies for fun its the weirdest situation I’ve ever seen

  6. ArseOverTit says:

    What a joke of a club if this is the case.

    This continued strategy will put us where they (owner, board and manager) deserve to be , that is mid table. Unfortunately
    It is the fans that will continue to suffer most (and I don’t mean the football tourism based ones).

  7. ManMulo says:

    People keep saying that if Wenger goes we will go through managers like Liverpool and ManU, but what about Chelsea, ManCity, Madrid, they have been changing their manager but have been winning trophies every other season and it looks like Liverpool are finally getting it right and ManU won Three Trophies this season. Lets not be scared of change coz its inevitable in the end, there and so many top young managers with new ideas out there, Allegri, Emery, Low,Tuchel, Koeman even Enrique.

    1. Gold says:

      Can Arsenal spend the money Madrid is spending? Their second 11 is a dream to many top teams-Arsenal inclusive.

      1. Taxi4Wenger says:

        Yup, imagine if arsenal can buy james rod and isco, their second string that would be a surely starter here.

      2. Tony says:

        U serious? ….didn’t Ivan Gazidis tell u guys years ago that Arsenal will soon competing with the biggest clubs in the world?….has d time not come yet?….If you feel the market is on the high side these days then why do you also sell your players for dos ridiculous amounts?…RVP, Fabregas, Nasri etc

    2. Galen says:

      Look how easy it is to mention Enrique. He was so rubbish in Roma and now he gets the barcelona job with messi and he becomes good.
      Look ate Pep, he is giving £300 million for this transfer window to buy the entire Monaco team. Pep Guardiola is playing football manager in real life and if he doesn’t win the league next season he would be one of the biggest fraud in football.
      Everybody was like KLop KLOp KLOp what has won since he came here? They had no european game and yet they finish 1 point ahead of us and he is lebbled a genius.

      Guadiola has Kevin DE Byrne
      David Silva
      Brendao Silva
      Raheem Sterling
      Le Roy Sane
      Gaby Jesus
      Sergio Aguero
      Keleci ihinacho
      and he still want MBappe and Alexis Sanchez. I swear this guy is not normal. the coke he is is on , is some abnormal stuff. Then when he wins you all will Label him a genius.

      I tell u , My granny would also win loads of games with that type of forward line.

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        ?? Spot on.

      2. ManMulo says:

        And Pep wanting all those player is called being ambitious and you forget that it was his first season in the league with players he wasn’t familiar with and bringing in a new style of play but he still managed to finish above a team that has had the same manager for decades and players who’ve been playing together for years. Three days ago Mourinho said the only thing holding up the Greazman deal is woodward, he’s was calling out the owners to match his ambition, Kronke sold us a story that going to the new stadium would enable use compete with the top club so lets see it.

      3. vinie2000 says:

        Well it is a manager with ambition and laid his targets and funds to the board. they backed him so Silva 45 – Ederson 40 and Mbappe or Abumayang for 55 job done. They will be there at the top again and If Chelsea do not strength their 2 missing players I can see City winning it next season. If we spend 100 millions in Lacazette and Bakayoko then we would be more than able to challenge but with Onkeruyu and the Serbian no chance of top 4th either. Utd going for Griezmman and James, Chelsea looking for Moratta and Mendy. Are you happy with the current team to challenge? If yes, you are as deluded as Wenger every single transfer window.

      4. Taxi4Wenger says:

        Not that simple.

        If pepsi still neglects his defense, he’ll still be found out.

      5. 268gunner says:

        What’s your point

      6. Tony says:

        What have these players brought for you


        Am guessing they got us the treble when they were at their PEAK

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    I wonder if it’s £100 million (figure that we’ve been hearing) including player sales, or excluding? Because that could mean a huge kitty if one adds player sales, and there could be a lot of players leaving considering how many are in their final year.

    But if Wenger stays, then it’s just a case of ‘rinse and repeat’ for another two years. I wonder if Wenger can get Arsenal within single points of the league champions? Closest we’ve been from the top was seven points in 13/14 season, so clearly we’ve regressed.

  9. Lupe says:

    Well guys, lets get ready for two more years of watching our rivals win the epl but we could win more fa cups though. I think it depends on how you see arsenal, if you think we are a big club, then you will want change but if you think we are punching above our weight, then you will like to see him continue. For me, i’d wish we are capable of winning at least one just ONE epl in 5 years. Remember that this change is inevitable, we are just delaying our fate. We never try anything, just remain stagnant, why not try for allegri, jardim, simeone.. just try!!

    1. bran99 says:

      good point, Wenger will leave in one point in time, the tale of waiting for him to choose his successor will lead us to the Ferguson legacy of choosing Moyes so that Man U fans will miss him coz Moyes will never try a single thing he did. Wenger will choose one below average manager for us, AKBs will come running saying you see, no one can replace Wenger

  10. kklin says:

    Why is nobody mentioning Luis Enrique? The man has made it clear that he’s leaving Barcelona which means he will be free and available during the summer. Oh – wait! You guys don’t think he’s good enough for Arsenal.

    1. bran99 says:

      he inherited the team, that’s what people think so he won’t be that good

  11. mark says:

    Some fans are so obsessed with Wenger that common sense seems to have gone missing.

    Can people not see that we have been a much better team in recent games?

    That’s down to the manager.

    Be very careful wishing for change. It doesn’t guarantee success. It really doesn’t. And yes, I have been watching Arsenal carefully for many years. I know what I believe is best, and that is Wenger at the helm for 2 more years with a proper plan for a carefully selected manager to replace him.

    I don’t want us to end up struggling and pondering hindsight. Honestly, imagine being a Middlesbrough fan, now THAT is depressing.

    1. khangunners says:

      You are the one obsessed with him. How do you judge a manger based on just a few games. This shows you are not a gunner and you are just trolling us here

      1. mark says:

        I’ve been posting here for a few years now. And I was a firm AOB, but I can see the sense of him staying for 2 years and planning his successor properly.

        Just because you disagree that makes me a troll? Whatever.

    2. ThirdManJW says:

      By changing our manger, it is a leap into the unknown, we may get better, we may get worse, but no one can know. What we do know however, is what is more than likely to happen if we DO NOT change our manager. We consistently fail in Europe, and in the league under Wenger. We’ve been regressing for years, and that is a fact. When was the last time we took such a beating in Europe, or when we finished so far behind the league champions?

      Myself, and many other fans said we only finished second last season (and still nowhere near winning the league) because of our rivals. It wasn’t because we had progressed. And we were right, again! Because look what happened this season.

      9 years without a trophy, no major trophy for 13 years, and counting, and no European trophy ever under Wenger! One of highest wage bills in the world, yet we have a squad packed with average/rubbish players. Why are Sanogo, Jenkinson, Ramsey, etc, still Arsenal players? Why does Wenger never want to buy a quality striker? I could ask hundreds of questions about Wenger’s reign.

      At the end of the day, we know what we’re getting by NOT changing our manager. You also say changing our manger could be a huge risk, well then that exact way of thinking also applies to buying players. So I guess you do not want Arsenal to buy anyone, because it could be a risk? One has to accept, that football is ever changing, and it’s always about taking risks, whether it be with new managers, or new players, or new a stadium, etc.

      1. ThirdManJW says:


        1. ArseOverTit says:

          sense spoken as always!

    3. 268gunner says:

      But we’re struggling now and it looks set to continue under wenger

  12. khangunners says:

    Admin we hve trollers in here. So many guys commenting and they dont even know who tony adams, they dont even know bould was a former gunner player just coming to troll us here

  13. GrahamB says:

    Like Ian Wright, I have a feeling Wenger will walk away.

  14. ManMulo says:

    I really dont think he will from the way he talked about how much he loved the club while also blaming the fans for the hostile environment, to me he way telling the fans that next season even if we dont do well we should just support the team

  15. ManMulo says:

    And Thomas Tuchel has just been sacked, its a sign lol…

  16. 268gunner says:

    Wengers past 13 seasons I’ve seen leceister city win the league, Jose win leave come back amd win the league gets fired and prolly be in a better position to win the league next season, south Hampton get promoted and become a stable club, oh yea leceister too, pep struggle in a league (still finished above us) Chelsea change managers and Yh they won too , Tottenham just basically becoming a better side plain and simple smh, Liverpool and Everton go through management changes and still be competitive while we’re here struggling to just to even compete in our own league and getting embarrassed in europe and now as a fan we don’t only have to worry about us getting players and other clubs hijacking our targets (just as every season thus far) but probably losing two of our best players and a slew of others including one our better performers in oxlade-chamberlain and our immovable manger is still showing how not to win the league and gets a bumper new deal for his struggles

  17. mark says:

    Anyway, get used to it guys. 2 year contract confirmed..

  18. ZEN2OH says:

    The best way to Spend this £100 million is to be very smart and will to go over the odds to bring in these players. Realistic targets are for Top Strikers (I mean those that will still come if both Ozil and Sanchez stays)
    1. Beloti (Starting from 45- 60 million)
    2. Lukaku (From 50-70 million)
    3. Morata (40-55 million)
    4. Mario Icardi (45-60 million)
    Non Realistic Top Strikers are
    1. Griezmann (60-90 million)
    2. Aubameyang (50-85 million)
    3 .Mbappe (50- 85 million)

    For Realistic Midfielders
    1 Idrissa Gana Guaye {EVERTON (20-35 millon)}
    2. keita (25-35 millon)
    3. Bakayoko (25- 37 millon)
    Non Realistic
    1. Naigolang [ROMA] (25-40 millon)
    2. Andreas Iniesta [Barca] [to play in carzola’s position and convert xhaka to DM] (10- 20 mill)*
    3. Macro verrati[ PSG] (40- 60 millon)
    4. Pjanic Juventus (25-40 mil)

  19. MANTAK says:

    He’s staying so deal with it. Aron Ramsay was amazing for Wales in the world cup nñyet had a hangover that last 90% of the season. It doesnt make him a bad player. Bellerin was half the player he was the season before. Cech didnt play up to his ability. Walcott…inconsistent, Welbeck injured for most of it…..thats not Wenger’s fault. 3 FA Cups in 4 seasons is really impressive. We wont spend 100 million in the summer unless we sell a few which makes sense. Thw formation change dramatically changed our fortunes and players who qere struggling for form came good. With a CF and CM we will be a strong team for next season. Tieing Sanchez down is crucial. If Ozil goes so be it… lets look forward to next season and look to reinstate st. Totterighams day in 2018…

  20. Nebsy says:

    Bringing in two super stars and keeping both Sanchez and Ozil would be great. BUT it won’t happen. The best we can hope for is maybe Ozil staying. And that’s a big maybe.
    What is there to keep Sanchez at the club? Ambition? No. Enough money to wipe his tears for not winning the league? No. What then? Nothing. So, he’ll leave, let’s be super certain about that.
    Arsenal won’t make as much money in the next season, as they had in the previous two, because they lost the UCL money and will have to cut down the ticket prices. And we all know that Arsenal only spends what it makes, and since we’re making less money, how in the world will a top signing join Arsenal, when top signings cost over 60 million pounds?

  21. Midkemma says:

    I hope Silent Stan will back Wenger in getting the players he wants, imagine if Wenger had that backing last transfer window for the 3 big signings he wanted to make…

    We have all read about how Wenger likes Lacazette and how AFC failed in a £30ish million bid and how many remember that we had around £100 mil then?

    I have been saying the sums and will repeat them.
    Xhaka = £35 million (ish)
    Mustafi = £35 million (ish)
    Left over £30 million. (ish)
    Bid that was rejected for Lacazette was around £30 million (ish).

    Imagine if we did have Lacazette now… that is a Cf we wouldn’t need to look for. £100 mil now doesn’t feel enough but if we had Lacazette then £50 mil would feel enough to get a top CM to partner Xhaka… for the sake of £10 million last transfer window we are having to spend a LOT more.

    I hope Silent Stan has seen that and doesn’t want to make that financial mistake AGAIN.

    1. GetItRight says:

      Lucas Perez = £17 million (ish)

  22. ger burke says:

    wenger out , so i told a lie earlier when i said stay wenger lol. wenger out please.

    1. Admin says:

      You are becoming boring…. again! Where are the insightful revelations? Where are the glaring facts? Oh its just another slogan… oh well….

      1. ger burke says:

        mr.admin, but yet you allow the comment . speaking of insightful revealations sir, would that not be your brief ,seeing as this pagew is owned and run by you . thats just my opinion now mind , lol.

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