Arsenal to avoid some transfers after confirming Alexis absence?

Arsene Wenger, along with everyone connected with the mighty Arsenal, was understandably buzzing after watching his players polish off Aston Villa and lift the FA cup trophy for the second year in a row. And he suggested that he would take a little time to relax and enjoy the triumph before assessing our season and going into transfer mode.

He also confirmed, however, that one of the stars of that Wembley final and definitely the star of our season, Alexis Sanchez, would be out of action when the next campaign begins. As reported by he declared that the striker would be given a full four weeks off after the Copa America which ends in the first week of July.

Wenger said, “I will push for him to have a good holiday because we’ve played 56 games. Now he goes to the Copa America and it’s not ideal. The Copa America finishes at the beginning of July and I will give him four weeks’ holiday, so that’s of course important.”

Alexis has had a hard debut season with Arsenal and it did look as though he as tiring at some points in it. He was involved in the latter stages of the World Cup as well so Wenger will be worried about fatigue and injury, meaning that he will be a few weeks getting back to match fitness once he does join up with the Gunners in August.

This is an unavoidable problem for Arsenal but will it mean that Wenger avoids signing any more players that will be in the same situation, namely those from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia? Do you think that this should affect our transfer plans or should we just get by until those players are ready for action?

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  1. We are arsenal! We will cope even without our talisman! When these times come, we need to show fight, strength, and belief! We are a team! Coyg!

  2. Benzema and Lacazette are the other option who wont be in Copa but im not sure whether they are what we need. Martinez, Higuain and Vietto will be in Copa America.

    1. Wenger likes having a fuller midfield with a 4-5-1, Lacazette would do well if we had him/Theo/Sanchez in a 4-3-3 as our front 3 kinda like Barcelona have 3 forwards who are capable of moving around and switching play.

      But Benzema as the striker end of a 4-5-1 could be a preferable choice who can do both link-up play and could utilise his strenght in the air and his pace in behind defenders. He had a great relationship with Ozil on the pitch which could help too.

  3. 4 weeks? Is that all?
    He will be back in
    training by August 1st
    or sooner if Chile go out early.
    The league kicks off on the 8th
    so Sanchez could be available
    for the bench on the first day.
    I fear he will get run down
    next season if we don’t rotate him.

    1. It would be better if we give him 6 weeks rest after copa america. We need him fit in the second half of the season. We made the same mistake with Ozil playing him early after world cup was over which made him fatigue and his form diminished. We just need to sign a quality striker who can score goals then we would be fine.

    2. Towards the end of the season I think Arsene wanted to rotate but couldn’t with Ox and Welbeck out. For whatever reason he didn’t want to play Walcott either so had to stick with Alexis.

  4. No point. Rather have top quality for most of the season than good quality for all of it, we already have good quality. Plus next year it’ll be the same case with Euro 2016 affecting the European players.

    Arsene likes to get his excuses in early but Arsenal aren’t exactly going to be decimated by this. We’re only losing 2 players – Alexis and Ospina. Alexis is vital to us, but Ospina can be replaced by Szczesny, and as a goalkeeper, I doubt he needs rest. Man City will lose their key man in Aguero as well as others like Zabaleta and Demichelis. Chelsea will just lose one key player in Willian, but they also lose his replacement in Cuadrado. Filipe Luis too but he’s not key for them. United will lose Rojo, Valencia and Di Maria.

    So everyone else is hit by it too. He’s right to be concerned for the player’s health, but for our title hopes I don’t think he can blame it on the Copa America… Everyone else had players at the World Cup last year, no one else moaned or got as many injuries. Perhaps he should just consider resting them for a little longer this time. Without the qualifier our early season should be lighter this year too. Not worried.

    1. Chelsea are so lucky again next season. Useles Willian and Cuardado wont be missed.
      Man City, United and Arsenal will miss their key players though. I just hope we sign a quality striker to be on par with chelsea.

      1. Diego Costa seems to have underlying muscular injuries. He’s barely played recently, he comes back and has to go off again. It was the same at Atletico Madrid too, remember he had to go off in the CL final after just coming back? If Chelsea’s medical team can’t get him fit then there must be something quite wrong with him. Like Michael Owen with his hamstrings..

        1. Chelsea will sign new striker. Drogba has left. Remy is the only backup, Chelsea have also made profit of 90 million. I just hope they sign terrible striker lol. We need new striker badly.

    2. Wenger can’t even explain he’s giving a player a rest without some fans labelling it an ‘excuse…’
      Seriously? how could he have responded to that question that would have pleased you??

      1. For Alexis we are only looking into getting him a top top top vacation and only if it is a reasonable price.

  5. Hopefully we can see Danny Welbeck during pre-season so we can have him confident and firing like he does in the EURO qualifiers aswell as Theo and Chambo. Arsene Wenger can hopefully spend some time with Danny to improve him like he has done with the likes of Adebayor, Anelka and RVP.

    I also want to see Chambers in central defence during pre-season, he’s good on the ball but should improve his decision making. He can hopefully develop and replace Mertesacker in the long-term.

    We should go and get a striker this summer however, if we can go into next season with 3 centerforwards like Martinez / Welbeck / Giroud then all is good.
    Wenger has to decide a 433 with a pacey striker like Lacazette to join Theo and Alexis, or a 451 with a proper centerforward like Benzema/Martinez.

    1. The coming few seasons will be very important for Welbeck. I can’t see any of our current strikers dislodging Giroud bar Theo as our first choice striker without drastic improvement. Akpom and Sanogo are just as physically gifted as Welbeck. (if you’ve written Sanogo off please,just disregard his name) I personally think it will be very interesting which one of the three will be deadliest 2-3 years from now.. My money’s on Akpom personally, seems to have the most confidence about his game which you need as a striker.

  6. And I know this is a pretty odd thought but I think that if Falcao is good this summer, we should consider signing him. Apparently he’s willing to take a sizeable wage cut, so on that basis, might be worth it.

    I know everyone will shout about what happened at United, but which of United’s ‘world class’ players were any good this season? De Gea and no one else… There was zero service to their strikers all season – long ball United, loads of possession but never actually pressing, remember? Plus Falcao was barely played and had just come back from a cruciate ligament injury. Not to mention Van Gaal clearly had something against him.

    Falcao was probably the best striker in the world a couple of years ago. Not Suarez, not Costa, not Aguero, not Lewandowski. Ibrahimovic, Cavani and Van Persie back then perhaps could have stood with him, but no one else. And no, Messi and Ronaldo aren’t strikers. Monaco need to sell him, they can’t afford his wages under FFP. If we can get a decent price and sensible wage deal, and he impresses in the summer, why not?

    Not saying we should go for him as first choice, but if there’s no other sensible deals on the table, I think he’s someone we should at least consider. After all, where else would he go? Oddly, no one else seems to be looking for a top striker anymore. Who would challenge us for his signature? If there’s no one else offering, we could get him on the cheap.

        1. You’re so infuriating!!!!!! Chris Smalling outscored Falcao this season for United!!!!!! 4 goals!!! 4 goals!!! for a 20 F@#king million dollar season loan!!!!
          You just say ‘guarantees goals’ neglecting the obvious fact that that’s far, far, far from what he produced this season!!

          1. If Falcao moved to Madrid replacing Benzema would you bet against him getting double numbers… i wouldnt and i would even expect him to be on similar par to Suarez.

  7. we need a player to compete and provide cover for Alexis…

    Alexis cant play every game…

  8. “Do you think that this should affect our transfer plans or should we just get by until those players are ready for action?” ——— Bob (boob). We have been just getting by with an inadequate squad for over 8 years. Its time that Wenger pulls up his socks and builds a team ready to challenge from day 1 of the season as Chelsea did last year. No more bull shit about players coming back tired or injured. You have ample time to prepare your squad and bring in cover given that he knows the likes of alexis will be out at the start of the season…. NO MORE BS

  9. why are you all forgetting that we have OX who can play left wing?Gnabry can too…maybe its their time to get out of the shell and shine to an extent of competing with sanchez! it happened for monreal when gibbs got injured,belarin for. debuchy ,conqlin for arteta …
    consider this team….
    Bellerin/Debuchy – Per/Gabriel – Kos/
    Chambers – Gibbs/Monreal
    Vidal/Coq – Ramsey/ Wilshire
    Walcott/Ox – Lacazette/Giroud –

    can you say they all cant compete for first eleven? the problem with Wenger is that he never rotates…if the team is performing and the disadvantage is that you can never show what you can do if you not given a chance…again it leads to fatigue and unnecessary injury..
    verdict…Wenger must rotate as all these are world class players.
    …………. Wenger must start making timely and early substitutions

  10. I believe we have enough depth to cope with the problem as it is. With Giroud as central striker, to his left we can have Walcot/Welbeck to fill in for Sanchez and on the right, we have Ox/Ramsey/Wilshire. So we are stocked up front. Walcot and Welbeck can also play as strikers should Giroud get benched or injured.

  11. Most times we just suggest new players for d purpose of having a new face in the squad, whereas in reality most of our current are better as EPL players than the names u want. back then, there were shouts for Gustavo, where is he today? cabaye? I don’t know what makes some guys think Draxler would do better than Ox. These current team, barring injuries can win d title. we only need few quality adjustment.

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