ARSENAL to be charged over Galatasary flare episode. What!?!

We all know that UEFA are a farce and this has been proved once again with the news that Arsenal are to be charged because Galatasary fans smuggled in numerous flares which they threw onto the pitch during the game.

Flares are very common in Turkey and you will see hundreds of them lit up during any big games in the SuperLiga, but if UEFA expected Arsenal to thoroughly search every single Galatasary fan as they entered the ground then they are asking the impossible. Can you imagine the delays that would cause and may even actually cause more problems as the volatile Turkish fans could become very frustrated.

And imagine if they DID find every flare that was being smuggled in? Two Galatasary fans were arrested, but what if they tried to arrest 100 of them? Where would they put them? How will they be dealt with while the other fans were being searched?

Arsenal v Galatasaray

Come on UEFA, this is a ridiculous ruling and obviously the club whose fans caused the trouble should be the ones getting punished. NOT the team that hosts the game!

This ruling needs changing right now, and considering that nearly EVERY game in Turkey has these offences maybe UEFA should try and get the clubs to stamp it out on their own terraces, then fans may not be so inclined to take them to away games as well….

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  1. Greg says:

    What are uefa smoking? How can they blame us for the ridiculous shameful display, from those sore losers galatasaray supporters?

  2. davidnz says:

    Firstly were the flares all
    thrown by Gala supporters?
    Were the required UEFA
    procedures met?
    Did Arsenal do enough to prevent
    the flares being brought in.
    Is their warning signage around the ground?
    Are there warnings on the tickets?
    Did they do the required amount of bag checks?
    Arsenal could file a law suit against
    UEFA for discrimination by allowing flares
    at European stadiums in league games.
    Arsenal can say no to Gala supporters
    coming to the Emirates in the future.
    Hopefully the issue will be cleared up quickly
    retaining goodwill between all parties.
    Any issues must not affect our teams progress.

    1. Trudeau says:

      Some good points but warning signs? Really? Where would it stop? Warnings not to push other fans down the stairs? Not to piss in the aisles? Not to throw coins at opposition players? Yes Emirates needs to provide a safe environment for fans but there is also some individual responsibility here.

  3. mohawk says:

    In today’ PC, no-common-sense world, this kind of nonsense does not surprise me any more.

    Today, up is down, good is bad, and right is wrong.

  4. archy15 says:

    just f*ck off uefa

  5. windrider007 says:

    I would like to stick a lit flare up sepp blatters a$$

    1. atid says:

      Why would anyone want to go anywhere near Sept blatters arse?

      I’m glad arsenal are getting done for this, it’s about time that the club realised their over the top tactics with the home fans, for a bit of swearing, standing up and so called semitic chanting against spurs is nothing compared to people bringing in flares and throwing them.

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