Arsenal to be EPL favourites after Mahrez transfer?

Arsene Wenger has, in my opinion, already got two very good bits of transfer business done for Arsenal this summer. And if the Arsenal transfer rumours are correct his next signing could actually make the Gunners a strong favourite to win the English Premier League title next May.

The Frenchman beat off a number of rival clubs to secure the free transfer of the highly rated and versatile Bosnian international defender Sead Kolasinac and that has not been shouted about too much, perhaps because the primarily left sided player cost the club nothing but his wages (which are pretty steep at well over £100,000 a week) and because he he is still young and has been playing for a not particularly big club in Germany.

I think he could prove to be a great addition though, with pace, aggression and technical ability in at least three different positions on the pitch. We all know what Alexandre Lacazette will bring to the team, or at least what we hope he will, and that is penetration, pace and lots of goals.

Now if we can add even more guile as well as a proven ability to thrive in the EPL, with Metro reporting that Riyad Mahrez is set to be the third Arsenal signing, it will give the squad a fearsome array of firepower and creative ability and perhaps more importantly it will give the manager a lot of options for when the inevitable injury problems kick in.

Would signing Mahrez complete the Arsenal squad, assuming we do not then lose Alexis and Ozil, or would you like to see Wenger strengthen in other areas?



    1. No transfer is rightfully so in the market anymore. Utd is getting Lukaku for £75m, Everton got Micheal Keane (as unproven as he is) for £30m, Even Arsenal got Lacazette for almost £50m

  1. Sead vs Gibbs
    Laca vs Walcott and
    Mahrez vs Perez
    all are excellent upgrades
    to win title arsenal should keep Sanchez, Ozil, Giroud and Bellerin
    and find an upgrade for Ramsey as well

    1. Cazorla is an upgrade for Ramsey. Ozil, Cazorla, Xhaka assuming we played 3 in the middle again. If not, then just Cazorla and Xhaka with Ozil playing right AM behind Lacazette (or left AM if Sanchez leaves and Mahrez comes in as right AM).

  2. I hope he (Wenger) gets Mahrez , i hate seen Ozil and the likes always turning to Sanchez to attack… And maybe William Calvaho too, Xhaka is too good to be locked up as a defensive midfielder…he needs a natural 4 like Kante so he (Xhaka) can give the nearly always perfect passes in abundance.

  3. So far so good, nice signings. But to be able to win the premier league this year are need more than two signings. If we can sign another striker and defensive midfielder, then we are a bit ready. But in my own opinion, we are three more players short right now.

    1. Buy Mahrez, and a strong defensive midfielder, and another striker then we are ready. Because, if Giroud do go, that means we are short again, to me Welbeck is not good enough, I prefer Giroud to Welbeck. His scoring ratio is very very terrible. So Wenger, give us three more players if you want the glory back again. Listen to the voices of the wise.

  4. To me I don’t think even after signing Mahrez that the team is complete even with Sanchez and Ozil, I think we still need either two or one good mid fielder that will give the already midfielder competition I mean good midfielder.

  5. Champions if we bring those players in and replace Ramsey with Santi for a major part of the season.

  6. If Arsenal can get Riyad Mahrez or Lemar I think we have a great chance of winning the EPL in May also if we can keep hold on Sanchez and Ozil we will be a great force to be reckoned with.

  7. I think if get mahrez or lemar we be strong favourites for the premiership though a defensive midfielder and a goalkeeper should be added,el nely and coquellin are not up It and should be sold

  8. Do we actually have upgrade of Ramsey in the transfer market? He will be key player this season.

  9. I think Mathews would be an excellent addition I do think though we need a top drawer goal keeper to take over from Petra he is starting to slow a little uhderstandably with age he’s still excellent though but we need someone like Butland to join us. He was amazing when we played them it should have been 6 had it not been for Jack.

  10. according to mi i think if we get mahrez added on ozil, sanchez , and lacazeatte either ue like it ohhh no arsenal r to b the epl favouraties this season .

    1. I think, we will not get any major signing considering amount of forwards we have. I mean wenger will not put another rw when we already have Walcott, iwobi, Perez, Campbell, OX, and midfielders who need game time like Ramsey, wilshere etc.
      We already know the other positions are guaranteed for Sanchez, ozil, lacazatte( already have giroud and welbeck as competition), xhaka, Cazorla, bellerin etc…. We sk least loose 3 players on the rw in order to bring in a guaranteed starter coz the remaining players must accept they will be benched regardless of form And I don’t see that happening.
      The best wenger will do is sign a teenager

  11. It would be suicide to have Mahrez, and Ozil in the same team, so I am hoping he’s to replace Ozil, but it’s more likely he’s to replace Sanchez. The key issue right now is central midfield though.

    People keep salivating over a front four of LMAO, but we could only accommodate them all if we switch back to the epic failure of 4-2-3-1. 3-4-3 has been a huge success, and we should keep that formation.

  12. No, We won’t be title favourites till Wenger is in charge.Wait till August 31st to see Sanchez and Ox leave.

  13. Mahrez is a great addition but 50m is too high.
    Leicester will come down.

    Totally off topic bit I woke up today Googled arsenal and a photo of someone popped up on the screen.
    My initial reaction was OMG next arsenal manager…….crazy as he is, he’d take no sh*t!
    Yep you guessed it JENS LEHMANN!

  14. We need Leon from Germany in midfield or the boy from Russia. Someone who can do the carzola work from deep. Or get James from Madrid and play him deep with a 3 5 2..

    1. Aleksandr Golovin all the way. Leon Goretzka is just the German version of Ramsey; well timed runs and all but zero defensive discipline.

    2. The important thing is to have different dimensions within the squad and IMO we are getting very close.

      Sure we can look at our squad and upgrade all over. Hell u can even upgrade on Lacazette, but let’s be realistic, you cannot have world class players not even making the bench.

      For example if you was to name our best 3 goalkeepers at the club you would say Cech Szczesney and ospina. If somehow we could keep all 3 happy we would have the best 3 keepers in the league. I think our current and best 25 is as good as anyone’s

      Gk – Cech, szczesney, ospina
      Cb – mustafi Mertesacker Koscielny chambers holding gabriel
      Rwb – bellerin chamberlain
      Cm – xhaka ramsey wilshire coquelin elneny Niles*
      Lwb – Kolasinac Monreal
      Am – ozil alexis walcott iwobi* Adelaide*
      Cf – lacazette giroud Welbeck perez

      Martinez, macey, iliev, Jenkinson, Debuchy. gibbs, cazorla, toral, campbell and akpom unfortunately fail to make the cut, for one reason or another.

  15. I think all we need now that’s if we get Lemar or Mahrez is Jean Michael Seri or Leon Goretzka. Then we will title favourites. That’s if Mr Potatoe head finds the right tactics to get the best out off all the players but IT’S A GOOD TIME TO BE AN ARSENAL FAN AGAIN. I have not been this pumped since the Invincible’s season.

    1. Would prefer Aleksandr Golovin of CSKA Mocsow in that midfield role instead.
      Orchestrator from deep; good passing ability – long and short;
      Good positioning and good at tackling.
      He even has the “famous Ramsey Engine” to run for 90mins non-stop

  16. Some comments are laughable cazorla is another Diaby, yeah ok man I’ll never take any of your comments seriously that’s for sure!! By the way we might differ in opinions but the one thing that everyone here has in common is the love of the club and the players that give it all to that club, so need to trash our own players especially the ones that are as brilliant as cazorla? For your information frustrated gunner Diaby was unlucky with his injuries if he wasn’t so injury prone he would have been a better player than either granit or Ramsey, if you ever saw him play or the few times he did he was vieraesque, hope I’m allowed to make up my own word, but injuries destroyed his career so to me you are just someone who is clueless about football… to all you guys asking for dm and Maherz basically you are saying we need to spend another 85 mil min to get those two, we also need to swich to four at the back ,ok yeah let’s regress we found that 3 at the back Suits our team we have been more solid defensively but no let’s revert to the old system that hasn’t won us anything major in a decade even tough we won a trophy beating the pl champions with the new system, a system that Many top teams are using for your information!! but no scrap that get mahrez because you watched a YouTube video with his skills, let’s switch the entire way we’ve been playing in the second half of the season to accomadate him, what is more ironic is these are the same fans calling for wengers head saying how resistant to change he is, take a look in the mirror!!

  17. We really need a good 4″defensive midfielder” cok n Lenny are not uping their game”form dropped”..
    A replacement for belle too cos of our injury issues every December,I mean someone that is has good as hector himself.
    Lacazette welcome to arsenal.we should not expect much goals from him this season cos its is first season n this is EPL at least 18-20goals but who knows he might just surprise us and adapt fast to EPL

  18. Can Arsenal be strong favorites for the PL before they have proven to have fixed their annual meltdown?

  19. Damn, i hope that my non arsenal friends will never know about what we make our self to believe on this site

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