Arsenal to be firmly in Premier League Top 4 by New Year?

Arsenal have four more Premier League games to play before we see the visit of Hull in the FA cup, a re-run of that famous day at Wembley in May when the Gunners finally ended our long wait for another trophy. Really we should already be comfortably in the top four of the league table, but there is every chance that we will be after these four games.

For one thing, the last two of them are away to West Ham United and Southampton, two of the clubs that are currently above us. But they are both showing signs of slowing down and getting bloody noses from being so high up in the table.

The Saints have just had a really tough run of games, including the defeat by Arsenal, but it seems to have knocked them off their stride as they lost to lowly Burnley yesterday. They play Everton next and face Chelsea again before the new year, so it is not looking too good for them at the minute.

The Hammers do have a home game with Leicester City next weekend but then they travel to Chelsea before Arsenal head to Upton Park. And if we can overhaul those two, the Gunners will have Man United in our sights and things will be looking a lot better.

Of course we have to do our bit but the signs are very encouraging now that we have finally clicked and found a great balance in the team. With more solidity behind them, our potent strike force can win us any game. The trip to Liverpool next weekend is a big test but they are a shadow of last season’s team and they have a tough League Cup match in midweek.

So Gooners, are Arsenal well and truly on the way up?

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  1. Its very much in our sights , but we musnt become complacent! Lets just keep digging deep and getting 3 points, and we can even think about achieving 3rd spot! Coyg!

    1. With all our players coming back, we have to beat ManU to the 3rd position. Anything less than that is not acceptable !

  2. Better don’t think about it. Just go on with our game and build on the momentum we gained. I have said that we will win at Liverpool, maybe I am too enthusiastic or insane and all we do is to be thrashed again. But I want so much to beat them and show we deserve the 3-4th place. We really have to show the same determination as in Istanbul and London last night. If we manage to do that then winning in Liverpool is a given.

      1. Get yourself some hope. Leave the man his dreams. What’s wrong with that? He’s the supporter, not you. The one hoping even when his team is at the bottom. He is one of the people who believed in 1989 at Anfield that we will pull it through. There was only one chance in a billion but he hoped for that chance alone. How is that wrong? How is that fickle? Yes, is different from what you do but then again nobody really believes you are a true color gooner. Whatever you say here implies otherwise.

        1. Thats being deluded and stupid, people should not take the bait and see the things how they actually are.

          Arsenal wont win every game from now one. And Chelsea won lose very game from one one. Simple to understand.

          If you think that Arsenal is Arsene then i am not a fan. but i say that Arsenal is Arsenal and that for i am a true fan, brozaaa.

          1. I have seen “true fans” like you at every game. You shout at the Mertesacker the whole game, yell at Giroud and can’t find the metro station after the game.

            1. I shout at Merti to stay behind bec i know he is as slow as a snail and he gets cought many times on the counters. I shout at Giroud for wasting tap ins bec these mistakes make the diff between beating a team and not. This is part of being a fan, in the end of the day we all want them to do good.

              If Wenger would have done the job correctly from his bench. ( he needs to yell and shout at players). We fans would be not pissed.

                1. People thumb this down? I can’t understand and will never understand the bashers. If we are spending more on transfers than Chelsea City MU etc then I will have frustration. Didn’t MU just sign :3 players 30m plus. We sign one. That is the difference. I would rather do it our way than the spendthrifts. Pay for players while also making a profit seems the way to go and until Fair Play ups their game and takes away the advantages of the big spenders then I am realistic in knowing we play and do it the right way.

    1. @ the handsome gooner…lol not happening fella, at least u acknowledged it’s unrealistic though, we could get 2nd though if we’re lucky though

  3. Wenger is smart. He makes fans starve for food only to give them bread and water in the end. People are so fickle and dumb.

    1. I couldn’t have put it better.We lost the premiership before the season start and now fans are happy to accept 3rd or 4th.What a joke.If Wenger had built a defence like he has in midfield and in attack the title would be ours.I couldn’t believe when the fans started to sing There’s only one Arsene Wenger.What a joke.Get this man out of this club.Wenger out out out

      1. Indeed there’s only one Arsene Wenger. The one Arsene they sang about last night. The one Arsene the whole Emirates loves as they did last night. I know is hard for people like you to admit. Just suck it up. Lollipop.

        1. You know at times or lets say often the stadium gets oversung by away supporters from diff teams, besides being them only few in numbers.

          Next time when Wenger will screw it up again, listen closely, and tell me if you are hearing, You dont know what you are doing, and boos, or in Wenger we trust. hahah

          1. I happen to be there now and then. I have seen the departure of RvP, Nasri and bullied by Adebayor. The only song I heard around was c’mon Arsenal. I know, is hard to grasp by a hater but take a look at the photo with the banner and look at the people around. See what disgust is on their face as no one is looking at it. They don’t want to be associated with it. Of course, in front of the TV everyone is a great coach, including you. Reality is that you just pretend to be one while Wenger is a brilliant one.

            1. Nope i listen to people who come out from the matches and what they say and what you think they say dont match with each other.

              1. In front of the TV everyone is a football puncit, a greta coach and a perfect lover. But we are talking about real people here, people who were there. Do you know how many of the people around the Emirates were actually NOT in the stadium on the match day? Thousands!

                1. If you look very careful in some of these videos you can see me as well. Not because I am a fan, just happens to be there. And I don’t even live in London.

        2. @Budd: Are you his deputy, agent or the one who sucks it up weekly? because you clearly don’t see the bigger picture. May be your money is not hard earned enough, so year after year you don’t mind spending on the costliest tickets in the world and watching your team fail “all so in a familiar manner”. The rest do and hence we want a progressive manager. No one is denying/ or can deny his achievements at the club but Wenger has stagnated. We need to look forward, and clearly Arsene is not the future.

          PS: Yes there is only one Arsene wenger. However, what we currently need is one who is better than him.

          1. Spare us all this weepy, soppy “hard-earned” cash stuff. Has the same anaesthetising effect as when I hear people belly-ache and voice their mock indignation at the use of “tax-payers money”. We pay tax get over it. This “costliest ticket in the PL/UK/Europe/world” mantra is a real balls-ache of a dull, illogical argument. AOBs scrape around the bottom of the barrel looking for half-baked arguments to justify their intense sense of entitlement. Don’t pay, don’t go – end of – that is the self-correcting market mechanism you should be using. You have no say beyond that. Man C tickets cost peanuts – so should their fans be entitled to expect nothing from their team? If the board reduced ticket prices at the Emirates to a few pence would the AOBs STFU? No course not – just find another lame argument. Same looney tune, naive and ignorant arguments about Wenger’s pay packet. It is a matter entirely between the employer and the employed – it doesn’t bestow any entitlement on the supporters to demand anything in terms of trophies etc. He is not running a public service or a utility company – he is merely helping to ramp up the value of a privately owned company over a prolonged period of time. Look at the market value of Arsenal pre-Wenger – we were off the radar, nowhere. Like it or not, by whatever means we are now close to the top of the pile by market value (5th). You won’t need to understand business to know that his £8M is a mouse piss in the ocean for the Board. I like the football arguments – not the clowns and band-wagoners hanging their hats on spurious issues with their faux indignation and crocodile tears.

      2. I don’t think he knows anything about defense. But you’re absolutely right. A half decent centreback alongside Kos, and a strong mobile CDM is all we need.. Not going to happen is it?

    2. Just badluck. But then again, hard to believe you managed a football team in your life so why should you have any more rights to speak about it. How is it fickle to stick by the team when times are hard? How’s fickle to hope one day you will overcome all this $hit? Of course nothing like that is fickle but you keep saying that in the hope people will not see how fickle you are yourself.
      You don’t fool anyone. Doomsday prophets are deemed to be right one day no matter what doom they predict. That’s the easiest job in the world. All you praise is repent, repent and push Wenger out, the devil. But what to put in place? Of course you have no fu king idea but that doesn’t matter. The hate you built has to be somehow sufficient for you to thrive for some years until you are ready to channel it on the next one. I despise people like you not because you praise the doom but because only thing you know to do is to destroy. And that’s easy. And that pi$$es me off because once you destroy what we actually cherish you simply move on for the next in line. You so full of hate that it really doesn’t matter for you if Wenger wins the UCL and EPL together this winter you will still come forward and predict the doom. People like you deserve this drought, fully.
      BTW, what is your score prediction for the game away at Liverpool?

      1. An army of sheep leed by a lion is better then an army of lions leed by a sheep.

        Wenger is the sheep person. The club is the lion. We have so much potential but Wenger makes us poor and weak.

        Of course i have an idea what the best for the club would be, but i dont blame you for not knowing it bec you are not listening, you are either to stupid or tu deluded to listen.

        Spend money where it is needed. Get us more then 2 Cb’s. Get us a Dm. Get us a worldclass striker. Dont be pronse to favorisem. Dont let star players move to rival teams. Dont make late subs. Dont make poor tactics. Dont be arrogant to your boss and the fans who love the club. Dont lie. And dont make the same mistakes over and over again.

        This is nothing a like hate. These are demands we are asking bec we know that we can do better, if we would know that we could not, we would not be so pissed and asking.

        1. Oh but there is hate. Because the lion is indeed at the helm at the Emirates. Board said themselves that they are sheep. The team was for so many time the sheep always lead by the lion as the lion gave them year in year out games at the HIGHEST level and paid more than high wages for a bunch of middle tier players.
          Also, stop wasting time : what’s your prediction for the game at Liverpool?

          1. A lion is strong and doesnt take the 4th place as an archievment. Only a sheep does so. No one forced Wenger to invent the socialist wage structure in the club which has damaged us rlly bad.

            Moro- Lion
            Fergi- Lion
            Simoene- Lion

            We will beat them fo sure. Liverpool are somehow like us. Lion club lead by a sheep managment.

            1. How about your latest favourite, Klopp? Isn’t he a lion anymore? That. And also how is Wenger imposing the wages when the club and no fu king money for years? The club is giving the money, not him.
              You make me laugh again, just months ago you said about Rodgers the same you say about Simeone, Klopp, Maureen etc 🙂 You need to grow a spine.

              1. Klopp is also a lion bec people mistake Dortmund for a big club. Dortmund was somehow an Aston Villa a like club, but Klopp took them int new heights.

                It was stupid from Wenger to award deadwood with high salarys. Denilson, Squaleaqi, Djorou, Chamakh, Almunia, Bendtner, Santos, Gervinhio, Diaby the list is endless. All 50k + players. All have been running out their contracts bec Arsenal was unable to find suiters from them to buy them off. So much money we could have been used to fill the throuts of the likes of Van Persie with money to stay.

                Arsenal offers 130k, Manure 200k, City 300k. Of course it was eas for Van the man to leave the club. I dont blame him at all. Glory and money, what more can a player desire?

                Wenger earning 8m is also a joke. Money was there, but Wenger was penny pinching, he was simple to stubborn.

                1. Borussia Dortmund Bundesliga titles since the war: 8. UCL Winners: 1. 2 of those BL titles with Klopp.
                  Arsenal 1st Div/PL titles since the war: 8. UCL Winners: 0. 3 of those titles with Wenger.

                  You see mate, without knowledge or context, this is where the whiny sense of entitlement all gets a little out of hand.

      2. You must be the stupist fan in the world if you think that Wenger can win the Epl or the Cl in his life time ever again.

        Even if we buy Messi and Ronaldo, Wenge would still find a way to lose. He is someone who takes pride in losing. He takes pride in saying i have been in the Cl for 18 years ( besides not winning it once ). It takes only a specialist in failure to take pride in this.

        Wenger out.

        1. Oh yea? So what happens with your favourite man, Klopp? How come you stopped saying anything about him. Is the trail gone cold? Did Wenger fared better than Klopp? Really? How can that be? Talk about fickle. You want Wenger out now only to say the same about Klopp when time is ripe. And you call stupid people hoping Arsenal will win EPL or UCL. Pffff.
          Again, what’s you prediction for the game at Liverpool? Stop stalling.

          1. Arsenal is 3x times the club Dortmund is. Klopp made something impossible to be possible. Wenger makes the possible into the impossible. Thats the diff.

            There is no hope if you know your limits. I already said that i see us winning this match. but i am not sure, every game is a 50% vs 50% chance.

            1. Fess up Ks-Gunner – tell the world, you started supporting Arsenal after Wenger was appointed. If you tell me you have supported them for much longer then you need to brush up on your club history. Arsenal in the 30s and 50s were one of the top dogs, but were close to nowhere in 60s, 70s and 80s. If you genuinely believe AFC is “3x” the club Dortmund is (not sure how the f**k your calculation works) can you say since when this is the case or for when and for how long? Dying to hear your explanation.

        2. GO Ks GUNNER we are with you…………… We want more, we need to see changes from this Man. There is light at the end of the tunnel, the man made early subs, playing POLDI and resting GIROUD who had a great game, talking about spending… I firmly believe that he is feeling the Pressure and we need to keep it up, maybe and just maybe the DELUDED ONE will be back to be the ONE.

      3. arsenal fc
        hard times since 2006

        its not like this is our first season we struggle to compete in bpl and cl
        we ve been there for years now… i kept on going to the emirates (and i dont live in london) to support both club and management but after 8 or 10 years of “this season we will be stronger because we ve learned from our mistakes” (wenger) i think we have the right to question arsene wenger and the board.
        his transfer policy, his attitude, his lineups, and the fukin injury problem that hasnt changed till now.

        i love to see my team win. so of course im happy when we win. but i see arsenal lose games too often these days. i want it to stop. i want us to win a big trophy. not the 4th place trophy wenger is dreaming of. win the league or the cl! we r arsenal… the greatest club the world has ever seen… not stoke!

        bring back mike dean, or give us a manager who can handle transfers!
        the signigs wenger did were great this season but they were not enough and WE ALL KNEW IT!
        now we have to play debouchy/ monreal at cb and flamini/ arteta at cdm

          1. The man who put an end to the Invincibles. I want to meet this guy once in my lifetime coz I have some uncomfortable questions to ask him.

      4. So what makes you an expert Budd? You seem to know so much about Wenger. Why weren’t you defending him when we were losing. Bet you changed your username and slated him like some fans on here. Then when Arsenal win you call other fans fickle. Tell us AKB’s, what is different this season from other seasons. We are talking fourth again. Like i said the bull run will begin till we meet the top teams.

        1. You must be new here. I show up mostly when Arsenal loses. And I have called on Wenger many times when I thought he did not prepared the game as I believed he should. But in the end of the day he is the manager, he is the one staying day in day out with the players. he knows absolutely everything about them, he knows if they are in form, he knows what they ate, he knows how much is too much for everyone of them.
          I am just a supporter. My job is to stay behind the club and be with the club through good or bad times. This is it. Nothing more.
          If the club thought they could find better manager than Wenger he’d be gone by now. But truth is that there’s not one good manager enough to come even at the end of the season and make Arsenal champions in two years time when his contract expire. Mourinho will not come because Arsenal is not an oil well club. Pellegrini will not come, Ancelotti will not come, Blanc, Guardiola etc etc. They will not come and commit to the fact that in two years time they will win the title with Arsenal. Not with the finance put at their disposal by AFC anyway.
          Sure, you can bring “cheaper” coaches like Simeone or Klopp but they have built their teams for more than 4 years until they won the title. And mind you, La Liga or Bundesliga is not EPL.
          Whatever the outcome one thing is for sure. This season is the only season in the history of the EPL when absolutely NO MANAGER WAS SACKED. Club boards learn themselves that patience will pay off in the end. From where did they took that? Arsenal? Maybe. But myself I believe we also took the model from MUTD. It just happens now that Wenger is the longest serving active manager in the EPL.
          Bottom line : I can never be convinced by the fact that a manager should be sacked at the pressure of the mob. I am not talking about Wenger in particular. A club run o a shoe string budget and featuring 17 consecutive seasons in ECL, staying consistent in the big 4 this period and sometimes winning it, reaching UCL final is a successful club. We laugh at Liverpool or Spuds but they were top there and they spend hundred times more than us every freakin’ summer just to come home empty handed. No, Wenger has earned the right to leave the club whenever he wants. I may not be agree with him, I may get pi$$ed at him but he has this right. He earned it and I will fu cking bite people like you trying to rob him from his this.

  4. If we can reduce d point gap between the league leaders and us to single figure, I feel we have a good chance to win d league… With d returning players,n one or two signings to boost our defense.

      1. stfu, are you honestly an arsenal fan?? I’ve been on this site for a whole now and all I hear is you b**** and moan. Yelling at players??? Mertesacker, giroud?? That’s just wrong. I thought fans are supposed to get behind their team and support them. You just act like a spud

      1. Any team that gives us time on the ball and are not physical we will crush them, but unfortunately the OPPISITE also applys,

        I think it’s good that we have OG and DW two wery strong phisical players up front but we are desperate for one or two more in defence one DM and CB then and only then we can control most games.

  5. This headline to this article signifies how far we’ve fallen as a team that challenges for the title year in year out to that that seeks the 4th place finish! Hack, my man-u mates have the balls to tell me that they think they might win the BPL this season (blasphemy!) yet here we are revelling in our ‘4th place’ mediocrity!

    1. Handsome Gooner you are not alone on the Walcott’s issue am more than frustrted.And i dont want to believe he is fast turning to a. Diaby.
      Get well soon….the speed king

  6. wow! that’s super great. New season, same old Arsenal story of the top 4 rather than the league tittle beign our #1 prority. smh

  7. In as much as i want Arsenal to win the League b i dont think we can catch chelsea anymore.For God’s sake the gap between us is 13points!Chelsea cant just give that all away.
    However,i want us to finish at least 2nd and win a trophy this season.

  8. Wenger will only buy if he thinks that the 4th place will be in danger, right now everything seems to be fine just fine. All the managers in the world had it right when they said that Arsene has the easist job in the world.

    Whats the diff between Manure, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs? Manure and Chelsea aim for the big things, where Arsenal and Spurs aim for the 4th place :P. London in the past 10 years do have 2 Spurs sides. Totenham and Wengerham fc.

        1. ADMIN COMMENT – Stop with the personal insults. We are all Arsenal fans. Show respect or don’t comment…..

          1. So, did you (and the other one van payslip) stroke Wenger’s dic k as you promised if Arsenal wins against Newcastle? I am not an AKB (probably you don’t understand what the letters stand for). I don’t know if Arsene knows best (hardly believe that) but definitely knows more than me or you.

        2. @Budd so your quite happy if AW don’t buy a player or players in the January transfer (and I mean early January) you will be happy with his decision ??

        1. Mediocrity? You and your cronies were flabergasted, in awe, shocked by how beautiful and how premier class Dortmund is just couple of months ago.
          What do you say now? Are they world class again? Speak.

        2. So is your offer of support for Arsenal conditional on them winning the PL? You think that by wanting/demanding something more that others somehow this makes you a better supporter? Do you think anyone is listening to you? You think the AKBs would not like to win the PL? Have you worked out yet as to why we are entitled to win the PL? Have you ever thought “we have won the top league 13 times now, I wonder how the fans of the other 89 league teams that haven’t achieved this must feel”? I would like a lot of things in life but am able to differentiate between that which is realistic, reasonable, likely or practical. It is generally kids, narcissists and people with tremendous insecurities and failures elsewhere in life that will wail on about what they would like, how things should work in accordance with their world view and cannot adjust to the core essence of sport is losing or failing is 95% of the experience for 95% of the time. Be grateful and man up a little.

  9. @johnsouttar there will be a good run i call it the “bull run” (bullsh*t run). It happens every year. Different season same sh”t.

  10. I’m not really sure where this assumption that Arsenal have a god-given right to compete for the title every season and that Wenger is taking that from us comes from…

    Before Wenger took over we only sporadically challenged for the title. Yes, we had 10 titles before Wenger took over, but over how long? 70 years? The premise that Arsenal should be competing for the title is only a result of Wenger’s own work in growing our club to be big enough to do so. People are free to criticise him, but remember that before you do..

  11. We are so close to being a top team the difference between 4th. And 1st placing is £120million which we have in the bank right now,

  12. Funny how when we met United, they were the underdogs and we were heavy favourites to win. Now they’re 3rd in the league and are looking stronger and stronger. RVP has found his scoring touch once again and Fellaini is becoming a very important member of the United team. LVG is a world class manager – FACT.

  13. All we need in Jan is a WC CB and DM.

    If Wenger gets that then we won’t even need to spend in the summer unless someone leaves or gets injured, plus Jenk returns.

    The team will have half a season to play together and the whole summer of training and we will challenge next season.

    Ospina / Schez
    Debucy / Jenks / Bellerin
    Mert / Chambers
    Kos / new CB
    Arteta / Flamini / new DM
    Ramsey / Jack
    Theo / Ox / Campbell
    Ozil / Carzola
    Poldolski / Sanchez
    OG / Welbeck / Akpom

    Sanogo loan
    Release Diaby free up wages for new DM

  14. I think we’re a cert for top four finish the way things are shaping up. With injured players slowly returning and our overall team play improving I don’t think we’re really need to dip into the jan transfer window to sign anyone either. The other teams in and around us simply are not as good as us with exception of Utd city and Chelsea. With our team fit I can see us going on a better run towards now and the end of the season. Maybe 3rd is quite achievable also but I think 2nd and most definitely 1st place is probably beyond us. Our team isn’t quite up there in certain positions but I’d wait till the summer to strengthen where it’s needed. COYG

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