Arsenal to beat Chelsea to transfer of new Diaby?

We know that Arsene Wenger has an extensive scouting network in order to find the best players for Arsenal to sign but I am sure that he would be happy to take a bit of advice on the subject as well, especially if the suggestion comes from a trusted source.

And the fact that Le Prof used to work with Roland Cheubel should make this Metro report interesting to the Arsenal boss. Cheubel thinks he has found the perfect player for the Gunners to sign this summer, as a long term replacement for the unlucky and injury ravaged French midfielder Abou Diaby.

The player in question is the 22-year old powerhouse Gianelli Imbula, currently plying his trade in the French Ligue 1 with Olympique Marseille. It looks as though the French club are set to miss out on the final Champions League spot this season which should make it easier for us to sign Imbula, although it is rumoured that Jose Mourinho and Chelsea are also keen, so hopefully the Cheubel heads up gives Wenger an advantage.

He said, “Personally, I see him at Arsenal, I talk with Mathieu Flamini when he wants! He [Imbula] has remarkable technical ease, he knows what to do and he does not lose the ball, if he remains focused.

“Arsenal will definitely release poor Abou Diaby and Imbula is the Diaby of tomorrow.”

Only the keeper has started more games for Marseille than Imbula this campaign, so he will not be cheap, but if he is the next Diaby, apart from all the injuries of course, then surely he would be worth a punt no?

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    1. dunno what u guys are talking about…… I would go for Kondogbia who was good at sevilla , monaco and against arsenal ….forget this ImbuLa……..where is marseille on the league 1 table?

      1. If i was to put money down i would say Kondogbia will be Madrid Bayern PSG or Barc bound. Ever since Vieira and co all clubs look to capture the next dinamo from france. Madrids Illremandi hasnt worked out Khediras off and the lad they bought in jan isnt ready yet so depending where Pogba goes Kondogbia is on there list id imagine. Barca took a loss with Song but still on the lookout and im sure they have a large list ready for ban ending. Bayern… maybe, but only because they never seem to have too many top players. PSG well we know the reason is money and that there in France but they do also win trophies and have very very decent team.

        Then there is us aswell as manu manc and che. Am sure all are taking notice especially if Arsenes interested… next Vieira and all that. Which reminds me last week i seen Kondogbia doing the lifting ball just over his shoulder and opponent before brushing him aside as he came away with ball… totally loved it.

        Imbula, am sure Arsene knew of him before his old pal let everybody in on the punt. I reckon the player is definitely for sale and we should keep our options open as we may have allot of rivalry for our first targets.

  1. I’ve seen some Marseille games this year and I’m pretty impressed with him, he is definitely on par with the more-preferred Kondogbia already. His statistics and highlight reels look good aswell but as the article said he probably won’t be cheap. Looks like he’s built for a top PL-team though, I’d take the gamble.

  2. Off topic , forgive my arithmetic but if we get at least one point against hull tomorrow does that mean Spurs can’t catch us again on the table. If I’m correct than we all know what day it is ……. no it’s not Xmas or Easter or even the wife’s birthday …….Happy St tott’s day all my fellow gooners

      1. He was valued at 6.6 mill
        pound in January.
        Some one beating up
        the price… his manager? 🙁

  3. If he’s the new Vieira go get him. If he’s the new diaby…send an ambulance.

  4. u keep worrying about the Low Life spuds who are way down below us (Are they even a problem these days?)…..when we should be aiming at terrifying and beating the chelskis and manchesters of this world

    1. yeah, who cares about these spuds any more…tried to back them to beat MC yday (so we could get some breathing space), but they just throw the ball forward in hope – no solid game plan..

  5. I think we can be covered in that area too, Isaac Hayden, chambers and belliek, could be enough for that part of the pitch.

    If we need to import from outside, there are several options available, imbula, kondogbia and kante from the french league, but i would rather stay in the premier league or players with the experience, Sissoko from newcastle would be a good buy can be used in several area, capoue from the tots also would be a good buy, Jack rodwell from sunderland if he could stay fit and last but not least Leroy ferr from queenspark rangers.

    If you notice all the players named are of good height and physical built, which i think is a missing ingredient in our midfield, all the players named a can also fit into other positions easily and have good pace. Arsenal would be the perfect team to turn any of of the players mention into world betters. (they are also cheaper options)

    1. Some have already told that joke so seeing as – new Diaby means skillset strength its unwise to state yet again and again new Diaby means treatment table. You should have just thumbed up one of the others.

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