Arsenal to beat Europe’s top clubs to WORLD CLASS starlet?

It seems as though every top club in Europe has been linked with this super talented young player, but if Arsenal play it right, then it could be the Emirates stadium where the Norwegian international takes his burgeoning career to the next level.

According to a Daily Mail report, Martin Odegaard is set to spend some time in London training with the Arsenal squad as he weighs up his options, with Bayern Munich, Man City, Liverpool, Barcelona and many others all keen on taking him from his current club Stromsgodset in Norway.

The 15-year old attacking midfielder has already started breaking records, becoming the youngest player to feature and also to score in the top Norwegian division. He is also the youngest player to feature for the senior Norway national team and the youngest from any country to play in a qualifier for the UEFA European championship.

So it is pretty clear that the lad is really something special and if Arsenal can impress him with our facilities and coaching staff, as well as the reputation Arsene Wenger has for giving young players plenty of chances, he could soon be a young Gunner.

After hearing that Wenger missed out on the likes of Messi, Ronaldo and Ibrahimovich when they were young, could the Frenchman finally get this star of the future to sign for Arsenal?

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    1. Pal, do not be quick in condemning Chambers, he’s been pretty great, just a few rough patches.

      Jenkinson should stay out on loan, he needs to keep improving.

    2. Nothing special about him? Dude, Real Madrid has declared full war on signing him. Anyone bids £100M? Real matches that. Crowley’s good and all, but come one…. Ødegaard has impressed in every club he’s visited so far. There’s a reason why Real Madrid are really keen on signing him!

    1. Exactly what I thought brah…the author of this article must really be bored..15yrs old? At this time? this kid any better than then boys in our reserve? …I doubt it largely

      1. Id say he’s to the number ten role what Gnabry is for the right wing, only difference is that Gnabry is born in 95, Ødegaard in 98.

        As a Norwegian, I hope he goes to a club in a far less physical league, like Ajax, Dortmund, Real or Barca.

  1. You know things are pretty ropey when on motd’s goal of the month not one arsenal goal features 🙁 ot: is Per still an Arsenal player? Arsene sell, sell, sell!, (but buy another cb first this time!)

  2. Arsenal to beat Europes top clubs…
    You had me all excited 🙂
    I thought you were telling us that
    Arsenal were bringing in Pogba Kondogbia
    Varane Hummels Draxler + Cavani
    on January 1st.
    Just some story about
    some 5ft 7” nobody playing for Stjigplvordgjpk
    juniors who scored one goal against his baby sister
    in the hallway of their house.
    C’mon Admin we need something stronger
    to lift the mood after our unlucky loss to
    the worlds best team on Sat
    How about.
    Arsenal resign
    Campbell Toure Cole Lauren
    Vieira Gilberto
    Ljungberg Pires
    Bergkamp Henri.
    Now that would lift our mood immeasurably.

    1. Things are really deteriorating at Arsenal. You know when a man thinks He is God, then his worshippers see him bleed and realise his merely flesh and blood.

  3. Back pages of today’s paper claiming Jack’s out for 5 months, I thought it was 3? Meh, injuries non stop, wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up being out for 18 months again, pathetic.

      1. That awkward moment we sell Jack to Burnley and they loan him to Blackburn for first team experience.

      2. Lol at you ignorants, you support shit, keep complaining about injuries, it’s normal wilshere got injured against manutd, have you see the replay of the tackle he received? No. It was a very nasty tackle from Mcnair i’m supprised he didnt broke his leg.

    1. Call me superstitious, but the gods of Arsenal are plaguing the club with injuries simply becuz of how sad the feel about how badly the club is being run and the despicable tendencies of the manager.

      Oh, the Universe. The Universe doesn’t like this.

  4. Can we just fooking buy some useful players and stop this “youth” experiment?
    We need men to play the game, not kids. We have enough undersized players to play a men’s game already. Even the 6’4″ Giroud can’t play like a man and manhandled by Stoke.

    1. What youth experiment?
      Our youth players never get to play, just the same 11/12 week in week out.

      Actually Odengaard is a phenomenal player and barring some miraculous blip will be world class soon, i see no issue with tying him down to a deal at the first opportunity.

      1. Vela (past), Campbell, Ox, Jack, Ramsey, Jenkinson, Sanogoal, Chambers, Welbeck (kind of), Gnabry, Bellerin, Hayden… do you want more??

        1. And how many do you see regularily in the first 11? This year, as well as the years before. Jack and Ramsey. Ox plays because Walcott is injured, Chambers because of Koscielny and Debuchy. Campbell doesnt play, Jenkinson is on loan, Gnabry hasnt played since god knows when, Bellerin is our option for when Chambers has to play central with Debuchy out, and Hayden has as far as i know never played a game for Arsenal.

          Welbeck? Well, panic buy.

  5. no players under 23 should be sign….

    the youth teams should be disband…

    we only need quality big name and proven players

  6. OT: You guys all need to watch this video: www

    To see fans doing this is truly saddening. I’m no Wenger lover, but to hurl this type of abuse and disrespect at the man who has done such a service to us is completely unjustified, and only serves to show how plastic and childish our fans are. Wenger needs to go at the end of the season, 100%, but the players seeing this must be so demotivating for the whole team.

    This isn’t a case of putting a bit of pressure on the manager (like with pardew), were now turning into the hate mob that flew a plane over old trafford to get moyes out…did that help UTD? No it only made them get worse..this type of abuse and disrespect from the fans can only perpetuate a bigger downwards spiral. Sad times for the club.

    1. Dude, I’m sure that video is rated 18.

      Besides, what can be worse than the reality show staged for almost a decade now by Wenger and his park of clueless stooges?

    2. What Newcastle and Utd did was the same thing, they just used different method to express their point.Newcastle supporters used banners inside the stadium, while Utd supporters used a plane.But both team’s fans never insulted the managers.They just showed a sign that said ‘out’.I admire both team’s fans, because they know what they want, they needed a change, wins here and there didn’t change their mind.

  7. Couldnt care less about the kid.. To be honest, yes ,this boy is extremely good , he’s maybe the next ronaldo or messi (NOT joking or exagerating)

    That’s why i dont care, just like happened with Cristiano, hazard, ibra, messi arsenal will be beaten by another club as always.

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