Arsenal to beat Tottenham but still mess up top four race?

Arsene Wenger has spoken about the positive effect that last night’s Premier League win for Arsenal over the reigning champions Leicester City could have for the remaining few weeks and firstly for the trip to face Tottenham in the north London derby on Sunday, reports.

He said, “Every win gives you a little plus. And on that front, plus plus, plus plus, will help us to go into the next game really focused and with a great desire to win at Tottenham.”

I do agree that the win over the Foxes should help the Gunners in this big derby clash , but not all that much. I certainly do not agree with the manager’s positive assessment of the performance last night.

He said, “We took the initiative the whole game and we played against a team who defended very well and very deep and didn’t give us any space. They are difficult to destabilise and to get out of position.

“Overall we needed to be patient and not become too nervous. In the end we took all the risks, all the gambles – and it paid off. So I am very happy, because the hunger was there, the desire was there, the discipline was there, just what we missed a little bit was the zip in the change of pace and the penetration a little bit. That’s maybe why we suffered a little bit and couldn’t kill the game off.”

I personally thought we were poor but I put some of that down to fatigue from the FA cup extra time win over Man City and it is looking back at that match that gives me confidence that Arsenal can beat Spurs, because it shows once again that we can raise our game when needed, especially when it is the Gunners who are the underdogs.

So I will not be too surprised to see us mash the spuds this weekend, but if we do I am not expecting us to go on and claim another top four finish, because as soon as we are expected to win I reckon the old problems will come back with a bang.

Enjoys this weekend Gooners, if we win, but try not to get too optimistic if we do.



  1. Twig says:

    “but I put some of that down to fatigue from the FA cup extra time win over Man City”

    I put that down to not playing with a centre forward. I hope everyone can see now that Sanchez isn’t a centre forward and will never be.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Well, his goals and assists record this season, speak like a CF ??

      1. twig says:

        Or a goal scoring right winger 😉

    2. Tony says:

      At least he’s scored more goals than any other player that has played in that position this season…the truth shouldn’t be far from you you know

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    Spud has tall defenders and DM just like Chelsea….we need a big guy in there

    1. Kiko says:

      Danilo from Porto?

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Peter Crouch is a lanky forker too and he will probably be available for free in the summer ?? don’t worry, Wenger will make a good DM out of him. ??please take note of this face➡️?

      2. Tony says:

        IMO i think it is not just the player but the good manager who can harness their talents to achieve something great…you will be surprised that this same coquelin who we are criticizing can be a beast under managers who will allow him to express himself

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Are you backwards or something? ?
    If we beat the Spuds .. and that’s one massive ‘IF’ then i for one, will get very optimistic for the rest of our games, thank you very much ??
    You’re forgetting that the Wenger trophy is in danger here mate lol
    Didn’t you see Sanchez’s play acting? ? ? That was for the Wenger Trophy, God dam it ?? There will be plenty of more of that from all our players,in the coming weeks… And don’t be surprised to see Wenger getting in on the act too.Failure isn’t an option when there’s a battle for the Wenger trophy ?… Wait & see.

  4. Raoh says:

    I love Arsenal but can’t be that optimistic!! A draw in my opinion would be considered a great result. That being said with both manchester derby ending in a goalless draw taking all 3 points would not only be amazing but can spurn the team to a dramatic but fantastic end of the season for a top 4 spot!

  5. citrenoogeht says:

    A cliché I know but Arsenal have 7 cup finals until the end of the season and we have to win all of them.

  6. JPS_AFCNo1 says:

    Twig. Are you serious Alexis is not a center forward. Mate what team have you been watching. We went 20 game unbeaten run when he was playing up top then our season fell apart as soon as Mr Potatoe h
    Head put him back out on the wing. He is the best center forward we have had since Van Persie left and i think he should play up top or as a false 9 until we get a top Out and Out Striker. If we address that in the summer he should play just behind the number 9 cause his talent is wasted on the wing. Sell Ozil and put Lucas or another CAM in there that is not lazy and runs both ways and we will challenge. If we had a half decent manager we would have won it this year witb these players. To little to late from Wenger persisted way to long witb a system that doesn’t work.

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