Arsenal set to make Man City WEAKER next season

It is being reported that Arsenal are the club most likely to complete the free transfer of the England international James Milner in the summer. I´m not sure how to describe the 29-year old really because he is so versatile that he has been known to play about five different positions in a single match, on both flanks, central midfield and even as an emergency full-back.

That is why his current manager Manuel Pellegrini wants to keep Milner at Man City. Unfortunately for the Chilean, however, it does not look as though he will still be in charge of the mega rich club next season and that could confirm the player´s de4cision not to sign an extension to the contract that is due to run out at the end of the season.

There will no doubt be a number of clubs interested in completing the free transfer of such a useful player but according to The Mirror it is the Gunners that the Yorkshireman is keenest on joining.

I think this would be a real transfer coup for Wenger and Arsenal, as long as it does not mean that we lose any of our current stars to what is likely to be some serious spending by the City owners to revamp their aging and under fire squad. There is talk of them wanting Jack Wilshere and many Arsenal fans do not seem too reluctant to see him leave, but I do not agree and hope that Wenger stands firm on this, while at the same time relieving them of one of their most useful players in Milner. What do you think?

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  1. There is no place for him. Jack, Ox, walcott and young wonder kid -Joel Cambell. We have injured diaby to. We rather a quality Cdm who can play center back to.

    1. Its unbelievable how you managed to get 9 thumb down. I am not some transfer genius. But getting Milner even for free makes less sense. If he is leaving city beacuse he can’t get enough games then i strongly advice him to go to Liverpool.

      I would play Sanchez OX Welbeck jack rambo Ozil cazorla rosisky etc all ahead of him. Who really advices this players. Its like scot sinclair going to Ma City. My brother was like that kid is crazy. And i understood why he said so. for 3 years the kid barely played a game.

      1. I disagree with you guys. I think Milner is a fantastic player and would be a great signing!!! The guy not only has great skills on the ball but also has one of the key qualities AW is looking for right now…”WORK HORSE”!! I don’t exactly know where he would fit in right now but I can picture him replacing either MA8 or MF20, I think he’s better then both at the moment.
        Not to mention
        -he’s English
        -he’s versatile
        -has EPL and CL experience
        -he’s Free
        very underrated player

        1. he has been piss poor in cm and dm this season he perForms best at am or ram. So to say he would replace flamini or mikel is laughable

      2. This guy has played for City for 4years and still a quality player.He would be a great asset for Arsenal for 2 years by then Wenger would have won the League and Champs lg and retired after.If you look at City in the past 5 games they are falling apart,time to move on and Milner will be a top asset to the club. CB

    2. “wonder kid -Joel Campbell”
      Where did you get that from, potential but it isn’t really showing up at present.
      He hasn’t exactly been cutting it up on loan, sell him and be done.

      Wack Wiltshire is not going to cut it either, sell him and buy Sissoko.

  2. Don’t really need him, we at a point where 1 or 2 quality signings of players that specialise in a certain position can get us to really challenge for the league.

    If Wenger obviously doesn’t want to spend then yes he can cover, Diaby, Rosicky and Flamini who all might be leaving.

  3. i doubt this will happen, he wants to play, and where will he play in Arsenal? and on this Klopp thing, Wenger job is not even 1% in danger, he is board and CEO in Arsenal, he will leave when he wants, so Klopp wont happened, i am perfectly fine with that, cuz next 2 seasons we will be level up, and if anyone deserves success than its Wenger

  4. Bayern are getting raped. So much about english clubs on the wane, when Bayern are getting beat by porto, knock out football is one game it’s bout performance on the day and Bayern like the english clubs are guilty of not performing.

    1. Why are you draging english teams to this. Porto is from Portugal, Bayern is from Germany. The final score of these matches does not say anything about no English team.

  5. Milner is home grown part of UK core and has great work rate. I doubt he will get a fixed position and lots of playing time at Arsenal with the competition we have already.

    1. yes crowley will get promoted but he does not qualify as a squad player as he is under 21. This one has no effect on the homegrown count until he reaches that age.

      Honestly I think Milner will make an ideal Rosicky replacement. He is versatile and he is hard working. He cost nothing to get and lets say we offer him 90-100K he will not cost much more in wages. It will be sad to see Rosicky but Milner would give us more home grown count, both the current and the new proposed rules.

      We just have to look at City and Chelsea current squad to see what a lack of home grown players does. They do not have squad depth.

  6. Milner is talented, versatile and hard working

    However, with Wellington Silva coming and lots of wingers and lots of midfielders is there a place for him?

    Wingers: Alexis, Welbeck, OX, Walcott, Wellington, Campbell, Gnabry. Ozil, Podolski, Ramsey, Cazorla can play wing too.

    Central Midfielder: Ramsey, Coquelin, Rosicky, Diaby, Arteta, Ozil, Cazorla, Wilshere, Ox

    I don’t see him as useful other than a defensive midfielder.

    If anything we need to streamline a bit. Consider getting rid of some of these players: Podolski, Campbell, Flamini, Diaby, Sanogo

    Add top DM, top striker and young LB

    1. Some of you lads are putting WAAAYYYY to much trust on W Silva. Most of us haven’t even seen 3 matches where he has played. He’s a winger with 3 assists this season in 20 starts. 3! And zero goals to his name. None of his stats are particularly impressive for La Liga.

      Remember what happened with Campbell? Huge expectations, people listing him in our squad as per “we don’t need him we got Campbell etc.”. Now he can’t get a foot in La Liga.

      Not slating Wellington, he’s still very young (just 22) and who knows he might be revelation! But please, don’t hype him up to be someone who will rock the League next season because most likely he won’t be that special. Oh and by the way, he plays RW/CAM, a position we are PACKED with talent.

      1. what are you talking about? JC currently has had 10 starts since his current loan move, 1 of them a very good game vs Real Madrid? they integrated him in to the first team almost instantly!
        I 100% agree though on the expectations were ridiculous and i remember the comments you were referring to as many were listing him as playing lone striker. Campbell is also just 22. There’s a big difference between shining for a relegation club (which, despite average goal contribution Silva has been doing, their attack and transition starts with him) and coming in to a very competitive attack like ours and performing instantly…
        We’re likely to have Ox and Jack back who will most likely feature in Wenger’s plans who are both very attacking players. As it currently stands I think the youngsters who will be kept around are most likely Gnabry and Akpom IMO.
        But as we have so, so, so clearly seen this season with Coquelin, there is no harm in keeping talented players around, letting them work hard and develop and some will surprise. He went from sitting on the bench in a lower league to one of the most effective DM’s in the league in a matter of months. If he had been sold the previous summer would many of you battered an eyelid? I know i wouldn’t have….

        1. Campbell has started a sh*t load at Villarreal but he’s not making the best impression, I don’t think he has a goal to his name. But against Madrid at the bernabeu he was excellent.

          And people are talking silva up way to much he plays on a shitty Almeria team and his performances aren’t what people make it out to be.
          He needs to be put on a decent team in la liga or a relegation threatened club in the prem where he’ll play consistently before people start saying he’s gonna be amazing

          1. We paid £3.5 mil for Silva 4 years ago, who was playing with Neymar for the barzalian youth team. Stupid work permit rules meant he could not play for Arsenal. We have several players like that in Wellington Silva, Galindo and Campbell. It must be a very difficult for them plus I don’t think it is a thing Arsenal should do.

            Now we going for Maximiliano Romero a 16 year old lad. How long will it take for him to see an Arsenal shirt.

            We should invest in a Spanish team to bleed the South American talent. Then go for Spanish passport applications and bring them to the UK.

            Wellington should at least have a chance if not will any non EU player go through this horrible process to play for Arsenal.

  7. i would have milner, my missus would too,
    wait, she dont even follow football what does she me…CARMEN! get ur ass over here

  8. there is always space for the reserves。。but that will be paying be in the reserves

  9. Suarez just proved why we so desperately wanted to sign him. Unfortunately, we decided to penny pinch more than was good for us.

    1. Totally we should have sign Suarez instead of Ozil…..things could have turn our diff last season….

      and can you imagine this season SAS combination of Sanchez and Suarez???


  10. I would take him on a free transfer, but I expect he will go elsewhere if he really wants to play regularly.

    We are already stacked at the positions he plays, but he would make a great squad player and add to the homegrown pool. He is a good leader and hard working, and maybe he could help the kids grow.

    The issues are what wages he wants and how much playing time he wants. Both are sure to be sticking points, but if he wants to stay in the Champions League, we may be the right choice for him.

  11. If you compare him to the Ox Milner is a far better player and can run with the ball like Oxy but doesn’t lose it.Oxy runs hot and cold like Walcot if Wenger signs him it’s for a reason he has vast experience than the others and I rate him better than Arteta. Wenger is now looking to beat the other top 3 but to do it you need players like Milner not 20 year olds CB

  12. Milner is an average player for crying out; he offers nothing Ox won’t offer twice of in any position.
    Get POGBA or at least William/Wanyama if you need steel in midfield and competition for Coq.
    William Carvalho will only bench Coq if Coq drops form.

  13. Milner is not better then our current first 11. That to me says he is a squad player. I don’t rate him – he’s a typical English player who’ll do grunt work but isn’t anything special. I don’t even like when he plays for England – he usually is more a detriment then a positive. I can imagine he’d join us and do a job but I wouldn’t throw anyone else out to incorporate him. He has no further potential and nothing to add to his game so it’s not like he’ll suddenly come good. Worth it as a squady but nothing more.

  14. Let Jack go. If they were willing to pay 30mil for Mangala then imagine what we could get for him. Especially considering that he misses half of the season every year. Can use the Wilshere money for Draxler or something.

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