Arsenal to bid BIG after talks with TOP transfer target

So I guess that the talks between Arsenal and the representatives of one of our top transfer targets of the summer have been pretty positive, as they are to be followed by a transfer bid of around £30 million for Gonzalo Higuain, according to the latest Arsenal transfer rumour being reported by the Daily Star.

The report also claims that the Napoli chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis has let it be known that he wants £37 million for the Argentina international. He is known to be a shrewd operator in the transfer market who will try to squeeze every penny out of a deal but then our own Arsene Wenger is no mug when it comes to these sort of negotiations.

Napoli paid around €40 million for the striker when they signed him from Real Madrid a couple of years ago but they did sign him to a long term deal that still has three years left to run, so they are in a strong position. But after the Gunners held talks with Higuain’s agent, who is also his brother, we must have been given some encouragement from the player.

At 27-years old Higuain should be in his prime and we know that he is a talented forward but I am not convinced that he is the man to fire us to the Premier League title. How about you?

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  1. What type of DM do Arsenal need?

    I just watch Macherano interview on sky sport. he said when he left liverpool he was a complete distroyer and going to barcelona changed him as he has to be more assured in Possession of the ball. He also said it is one of the reason that he is at CB . he said Sergio Basquet is the best in the world in that position as he does the defensive job without affecting the fluency of the team. Macherano talks about a defensive midfielder been creative. So what type of defensive midfielder should Arsenal Buy? A creative Defensive Midfielder or a Complete Distroyer.

    yesterday I spoke about
    Grzegorz Krychowiak. (seville) 25 years Old)
    I got criticised by people saying am depending on SquAka stats. Well This guy is in the spanish team of the season voted by professional la liga players. Messi and Iniesta talk about him been the toughest oponent they have faced in liga. If that is not a complinent I don’t know what a complement is. If You watched him in the Europa league Final he is one hell of a beast. Forget statistic. I think he is the best Distroyer in Europe at the moment. think when it comes to speed tackling blocks interception airial duels HE IS A MONSTER .

    Wanyama. defensively he is solid as well and have premier league experience. Which is very helpful. I have been a fan since when he was at celtic. was even surprised he went to Saint. no disrespect. But i rate him highly.

    Kondobia. his game is also focus on defensive aspects but technically he is also a very good player. We talk alot about him because we played monaco. If he had a bad game we would have said not good enough. I feel he is a very good player and at Just 22 years of age there is room for improvement.

    Complete CM or Creative defensive Midfielders as macherano calls it.

    Vidal. Vidal is and has been one of the most complete midfielders in europe in the last 5 years. When you buy Vidal you know you have bought a player that has been tried and testes in different leagues. A player that is absolutely worldclass. His all round game passing tackling goals shooting technique is imeanse. He is 28 years old so i feel like if juve becomes greedy and start asking for £40 million then am sorry Arsene will run away. Cause at the age of 28 or 29 to be spending that money.?? Just look at How United fans are now Bashing RVP. Saying he is old and useless and don’t deserve his wages.

    Gianelli Imbulla . marseille 22 years.
    I have been speaking about him so much of late and the reason is because he is just too good. Born in belgium which is like the new brasil. lol . Imbulla is 22 and for me he is already ahead of Kondobia. his all round game is both defensively and offensive is insanely good. for a 22 year old he is a gem of player.

    Morgan Schiniderlin.
    we know all about him already. good defensively and assured in his passing and good technique. Just like wanyama he has premier league experience which can be very helpful. Funny enough Wenger recommended him to southampton as a 16 years old. lol


    1. I’d say Wenger definitely prefers a DM who like Mascherano says is creative and allows the fluidity of the game like what Arteta does. The best teams in the world Madrid, Barca Bayern Juventus don’t really use and out and out DM. In the premier league maybe you do need someone who’s a bit rougher than you would in other leagues but still you only have 6 players in front of the defence and ideally every one needs to have a good all round game. I think in terms of pure DM’s Coquelin’s been as good as anyone and had he not returned from loan and been released this summer I don’t think we’d have bought 2 DM’s this summer so in some ways Coquelin should be more than enough. So I’d say Vidal he does all the tackling interceptions just as well as Coquelin but he’s got a fantastic range of passing and likes to drive the team forward a great mix of aggression and skill. Gundogan could still be a good option maybe have to be a bit more disciplined than he likes but also a good tackler interceptor with great passing and such. With Vidal you could also partner him with Coquelin and not be too defensive or partner him with the likes of santi, Ramsey and Jack. On the other hand I don’t think you could partner Coquelin with kondogbia we’d be far too defensive it’s not arsenals style only maybe to see out games.

      1. Wow thats a great assesment. You mentioned partnering Coq with Kondobia sating its not arsenal style. But there are certain games away from home where we could do with that. If you wnat to win the league sometime you need to go to places and show more substance than style. You need to go to this grounds and grind out result. What about Champions league away from home.
        You don’t want to play agaist barcelona with Ozil cazorla and COQ. who will do the running and the tackling? You will be asking for trouble from min 1 to min 90.

        I think we need to vary our game a lil bit more next season. Yes we beat Villa . But Villa are not chelsea or United or barca or juve or real or Atletico etc. we need to aim higher.

        1. I know what your saying against teams like Chelsea play them at there own game but still you need players who can adapt to the tempo of the game. Le Coq and Kondogbia together we’d lose so much going forward we end up just defending for 90 minutes and that’s very dangerous. Vidal would allow changes in formation you could go 4-3-3 with Le Coq Vidal and Ramsey /Jack and have a good strong midfield. Vidal if your on the back foot will defend just as much as Coquelin but turn defending into attacking. He’s the type of player who can turn games around. I think you always have to look at players who can play along side what you have. Someone like Kondogbia would be a good alternate to Coquelin but for me that’s all he would be it would be one or the other. Vidal would allow for more combinations of players and allow for better rotation of players.

          1. Did you even watch the Monaco game at the Emirates?
            Kondogbia is a Box to Box player with good defensive capabilities.
            He made a number of breaks and ran to the edge of our box, how you think Coquelin and Kondogbia would be too defensive is something I can’t grasp.

    2. You forgot to add: Francis Coquelin

      Still only 24 years old and one of the best DMs in the league at the moment. He’s assured in possession, quick and mobile and is effective even without being physically imposing. His ability to sense danger before it happens has made him to have a relatively clean disciplinary record for a DM. He’s also a big game player posting immense displays against City, United and was arguably the MOTM in the FA cup final against Villa.

    3. A creative 1, it’s no coincidence Wenger played Arteta there so if he does enforce that position it will be a younger version.

    4. I’mma Bar the Gates to the Emirates…………… I’mma Let many pass through but not HIGUAIN ….. Stay at NapoLi or go elsewhere

    5. @galen……. Nice….. Nice…… But pls dn’t send this over to the admin for posting next week L()L

      1. @Soopa
        lol. Thanks. between i never sent anything to admin. I guess they just saw it copied it and pasted it. I woke up in the morning and I saw it posted. Not that am complaining. But thanks anyways.

  2. Once again the media linking us to every striker. lol

    What happend to Luciano vietto. Just recently they said we have triggered his release clause together with Athletico madrid. .

    Last time it was Dybala who we had signed and he has now joined juventus

    What happened to jackson martinez. they said the deal was done and dusted and he should be moving to Arsenal after Copa America

    What happened to lacazette? they said arsenal has made a bid for the player.

    Now they have gone to for Gonzalo Higuain.

    who will be the next striker we are linked too Bocca Icardi benteke??

    Tired of the media am just happy we are not linked to danny Ings. Atleast they know we are Arsenal and not Liverpool or Totthenham.

    1. Agree Galen how about promoting Danny Welbeck to more minutes if folks are concerned about OG’s minutes. What I have always seen is OG And Sanchez holding up their ends. Each with 20 plus goals. Theo is a winger who plays centrally and can score 20+ goals as well. That’s 70-75 goals in all competitions. Throw in Welbeck Ox Ramsey Jack Santi and Ozil and that might be another 25-30.
      We are fine in the attacking front. What has won Chelsea the title is defense. Sort the defense out and don’t concede early goals like we did the start of the season and we might have been the team with only a couple of defeats.

      1. @Jim.
        Am sorry Jim we can’t experiment this season. We have a chance to challenge and win the league. Our squad is good yet we finished 3rd. The table never lies. Chelsea city and United will go out and improve their squad. if we don’t do same we remain still and that will mean figting for 4th position again.

        The word top 4 should be banned from this site. Its 10 years now. lets show some ambition and start talking about title and not top 4. We need a new striker. Am not saying we buy a new striker and bench Welbeck or Giroud. Am saying we buy and they compete. competition brings out the best. If you want to play for a top club you must accept competition.
        Just look at how jack and theo have reacted to competition. they have come in the team with a a bang. That is how professionals should behave. is thesame with gibbs and nacho. per and gabrille. everyone is fighting for his place. why should we give Giroud or welbeck a free ride?

  3. Germans find a way to win and we now have a few that lead our dressing room. There would be 2 that I would like here at arsenal and let’s not forget we can trade with a few of our players LP one of them

  4. The bookies seem to disagree, best odds are for him to stay in Napoli then a transfer to United.

  5. does wenger believe in coq? if he buys a player like vidal, he can play alongside le coq, or instead of him. vidal will not want to be on the bench, so someone might be upset. on the other hand…. VIDAL. what an animal, he wld improve our side.

    a lot depends on how wengers views his midfield.
    there are a lot of obvious great options out there for once, not like with strikers/wingers.
    if wenger decides to buy, i am confident he will buy top top quality. but you can’t second guess the man. even though he did say that francis is ready to stay and would fight for his place. i really hope that s a hint that he will buy

    1. Pogba likes going forward, we are full of players able to do this. Coquelin has been brilliant with his discipline and protection of the back 4 so I would prefer someone in the same mould to alternate with him.

      With Pogba as the most defensive midfielder we’d still get done on the counter.

  6. Also we have a budget. We won’t sign players of the value of Bale, Pogba, Messi, Ronaldo.

    That said we can afford players like Vidal, Reus, Benzema, Martinez, Lacazette, Hummels etc

  7. Powerful assessment by Galen. Your comment pulled more weight than the main article. No surprise everyone has been commenting on the choice of DM and nobody has said a word about the main article on Higuain. Nice one dude.
    Personally I will go for a player like Morgan Schniderlin as we already have a destroyer in Le Coq.

  8. I predict that all deals have been completed in principle and on the first week of July Wenger will unveil our new Gunners : Vidal, Martinez and Cech

    No it’s not a prediction, a wish. Actually I would love Lacazette or Martinez, Vidal or Kondogbia and Cech

    Unfortunately my gut feeling is that Wenger will just get a top striker and that’s it. I think for back of midfield Wenger is satisfied with Coquelin, Arteta, Flamini, Cazorla, Wilshere, Ramsey, rosicky, Bielik, chambers.

  9. I am just sick and tired of all these rumours. Daily Star? Only fools would believe stories coming from that source. I would rather not raise any hope. If it’s on Sky sports news, I may believe there could be an iota of truth in the news. Daily Star is so rubbish that they could have it as headline tomorrow that Arsenal is talking to the Agent of Maradona or Pele….lol

  10. We need and out and out DM,a chief destroyer…Busquets the best in the game??!!! have you seen how weak barca’s defense is?…i even rate Mascherano himself above busquets…check his world cup performances and you will see.

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