Arsenal to bid BIG then turn from Benzema to Higuain?

Despite the ongoing protestations from Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal transfer rumours linking the club with Karim Benzema just will not go away and there is a strong feeling in the football media that our manager is not being entirely honest about his hopes of signing the France international star.

The Daily Mail, for instance, are reporting that the prof is set to make an offer for the 27-year old striker which, if accepted, would break the Arsenal transfer record that is currently the £42.5 million we paid the same club for Mesut Ozil a couple of years ago. The paper also claims that Benzema would become the club’s top earner on around £150,000 if the deal was done.

But is is perhaps telling that Arsenal are trying to use big money offers to grease the wheels of this transfer rather than Wenger’s talk of waiting and seeing what comes up. Hopefully that West Ham woe has convinced the boss that he needs to be more proactive in the remaining 22 days of the transfer window.

So maybe there is also some truth to the reports in Spain, reported by Metro, that we are reviving our transfer interest in Benzema’s former strike partner Gonzalo Higuain. The Argentina international is said to be keen to leave his current club Napoli and the Italian club, despite their ridiculous talk of a £60 million+ transfer fee, are concerned about having a player that does not want to be there. Apparently he has already rejected a new contract from the Serie A side.

So if Arsenal have a record transfer bid knocked back by Real Madrid, will we be moving on to Higuain instead?

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  1. More probability with this transfer. Surely Napoli are not in a position where they could refuse such a huge payment knowing that down the line the lads transfer value is only decreasing. They aren’t a big enough club to turn down a fair offer for a player of his age. I was surprised in the first place that they bagged him.

    1. True man, crazy stuff this is. We have linked to almost all the good strikers now, whether they are available or not is not so important. I think the football journalists doesn’t know much about Wenger’s plans, so they are linking us with everyone. And I challenge you that in the next transfer window the same journalists will be advertised or popularized as the man who broke news of ***** to Arsenal is predicting that Arsenal will sign Messi…

  2. I would rather get him(Higuain)…He’s surely a better finisher than Giroud…More mobile…More direct…He can suit our style…Has played with Ozil..He can dribble.. Okay.. He hasn’t been in good form in copa America or in the world cup final…But at this stage if Napoli accept a bid of £30-35M for him…I would hugely recommend him…Bcoz Madrid won’t be selling Benzema…

  3. As source is Metro then definitely it is true and Wenger will surely pay 60+ millions for Higuain.
    Tomorrow there will be article that Wenger has spoke to Messi to come to Arsenal.

    We need striker and fans are desperate so these media houses are just taking advantage of us and making all these non sense rumors to get their websites running.
    Top of that we have Bob who just copy article from Metro and Daily mail and post here.

    That’s why many readers don’t even read article and just come to comment section to post their comment.

  4. so now Emi martinez’s been Loaned out……… It can only mean 3 things to me

    (1) we are stucked with just two keepers (Reality Cech and Ospina)

    (2) Another buy is coming….i mean a keeper!

    (3) Malen to be 3rd choice.

    And we are yet to even reinforce this presumably competitive squad *coughs*

    Great!….Just Great

  5. Never have i seen a manager so unserious about his Team………Yea WENGER….. Even Watford have made 10signings, Manure are still signing , Liverpool ain’t done with business yet ……. Phew!

      1. Exactly!….pls remind me if man of the match for Arsenal vs Westham wasn’t DMITRI PAYET……. Their signing of the summer!

        1. Which was a necessary signing for their team, wasn’t it? Dmitri Payet was bought to replace Stewart Downing, their most creative player before leaving.

          Most of the signings made by other teams was either a replacement or an addition to a position they were short in. While we looked fine with our squad. We made an wonderful addition(still hopeful of Cech), and would only make a signing if they were an improvement on us. So what’s a problem in that?

          1. I have to disagree that our squad looks fine.

            Let me name Arteta, Flamini and Danny Wellbeck as 3 players I think don’t cut the mustard at AFC and you tell me there was no-one to improve on this players?

          2. If you think we have a good squad then can you tell me what happened on Sunday, how Arsenal can play a game without scoring, its pathetic situation to be in. With the so called quality we have then we could have at least got a consolation goal to reduce the GD. Anyone who thinks we have right squad with current strikers then it is ignorance.

            Sometimes feel that Poldi Shld have stayed for another year, he could have been a goalscorer on Sunday…..

  6. According to reports we will sign Benzema, Higuin and Cavani!

    I would like to report that we are to sign Messi.


        1. @ArseOverTit……….u knw dis could really work……Per as striker, giroud as midfield playmaker(with all his hold up play), ramsey as supporting striker, ox as defender(with his track back attributes), bellerin as natural right winger etc……. This could really work, wenger is the master of experiments…..he should try that sometime!

  7. A week ago wenger was saying he had all the fire power to win league earlier he said in coquellin he had a 40m dollar signing somewhere along the way he rambled on about zee spiwit an coeesion of ze team.. seriously is this the kind of person who should be managing this club …. I genuinely thought the man could by end of last season see the weaknesses of the team in comparison with rivals but he is truly incapable …. A gk and a bunch of school kids ….We will not win league even if we invest …so that will be 12 years when the f*** d oes this nightmare end?

  8. Just watching the Transfer Centre show on Sky. ‘Every Premier League club has signed at least three new players this window… With the exception of Arsenal.’

    1 signing. 0 reliable rumours. Not happy.

    1. Chelsea : Begovic, Falcao
      ManCity : Sterling, Delph
      Everton : Cleverley, Deulofeu

      That’s three of the six/seven TOP clubs. I think that should answer your question.

      1. Man city signed unal a Turkish St aswell
        Chelsea signed Kennedy Brazilian ss and a Romanian rb

        For me these players aren’t seniors (we could also say Adelaide+the other French signing + Romanian midfield + young gk….so sky sports are just making an anti arsenal post typical

        Everton have a very thin squad

    1. ur cry for mercy have just fallen on the deaf ears of wenger, gazidis and kroenke……. Wipe ur tears child!

  9. Griezman already scoring freely … 40 m on table would have got him in june 22 on kondogbia the same …. About as much as city spent on sterling ….Gabriel in defence… Could have integrated these in to team by now. .. stronger spine and quality attack … And I wouldn’t cost 8m quid to put it in to practice … Hell would do it for free!!!

  10. Haha! Benzema all summer, Cavani earlier today, and now back to old flame Higuain. My monies on Wenger spending big on another RB and an CAM. I am obviously joking, but that wouldn’t surprise me with Wenger.

  11. I feel with a little luck and no glitches well sign one of the listed strikers. According to jeiny lizzarazo on twitter, (god knows how credible her source is at Real M) she’s claiming bayern have come in for benzema, lewandoski to mu or us maybe? At some point the striker merrygo round will start. Also anyone else feel that cavanni will be free to leave psg now that di marias arrived, mu? Anyway on a happier note but so so serious let’s try and poach Eva Carniero the Chelsea doctor, always thought she was smoking hot 🙂 will jose sack her after her fb comments? Petr give her a ring!

  12. I think if we fail with Higuain then we should try Bendtner. He is the 9th best CF in the world after Benzema, Cavani and Higuain

    Best CF
    1. Suarez
    2. Lewandowski
    3. Ibrahimovic
    4. Costa
    5. Aguero
    6. Benzema
    7. Cavani
    8. Higuain
    9. Bendtner
    10. Mandzukic

    1. Fred !…….. There’s not a time you don’t come up with this menu/ List of yours….. Are u some sorta waiter/steward in a Restaurant? L()L

  13. do you think Wenger buys expensive presents at Christmas?

    I think old 2nd hand socks from Carrefour is probably his thing.

  14. I think Wenger is a masochist and the problem is that we did too well last season. We finished 3rd, so we don’t have to go through the customary pain and uncertainty of having to qualify for the CL. So to redress the balance and make sure that we are not too happy and comfortable he sells / loans as many as possible including strikers like Akpom who seem to be scoring freely ATM, loses at home to West Ham, who nobody has ever lost to at home before, whilst making no signings whatsoever, apart from Cech who virtually signed himself. #SignUpDavidDein

  15. @gmv8. I’d normally agree but for the first time in many years I sensed wenger was going ro go for it this year and do everything wirhin his means to win the pl. I still think he has a big signing or two up his sleeve and is playing the media and us. My main concern though is how did wenger get theo to sign the contract, just the wage or promise of being up front? Also why loan so many players out before bringing others in? Move flam and Joel on and make the signings we need and what a window it will have been!

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