Arsenal to blame for England’s faltering Euro 2016 hopes?

Even though there was a positive cameo performance from the Arsenal and England international star Jack Wilshere on Saturday night, the 24-year old Gunner was unlucky to see the goal he set up chalked off for offside, correctly, and it all ended in disappointment for Wilshere and the other England players as Russia scored a late goal to claim an unlikely point.

So where did it all go wrong for the three lions? Well it was a pretty decent game from them in general but the worst player on the pitch was probably the Tottenham striker Harry Kane and he has not really looked in any sort of form since the end of the Premier League season.

That is why I wonder whether Arsenal might be to blame, because I think Kane is still suffering from the way the season finished on such a bad note for the spuds, with the Gunners somehow managing to maintain our fantastic record of finishing above our north London rivals.

Perhaps not, as the other spuds on show for England played well, but Kane certainly seems to have something wrong with him and so there are growing calls for Roy Hodgson to drop him and go with the Arsenal transfer target Jamie Vardy, who might himself be affected by all the speculation about his future.

What do you think Gooners_ Has the latest St. Totteringham’s day affected Kane and caused serious harm to England’s Euro 2016 hopes?


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  1. Maybe Woy should have picked some of our “British Core” of players…I didn’t see where Jack made much of a difference in that match. He did his usual, run into defenders, get the ball taken from him and then lay on the ground lookin at the ref to give him the foul, while the Russian players played on…

    1. What a load of rubbish. Done more in his 15 minutes AS A MIDFIELDER then MOTM Rooney and all that when England’s only goal was to run down the clock.

  2. I think Jack played well in that game. Why was Kane taking ask the coners??! He should have been scoring them..nut taking them

  3. Funny twisting mind you have their admin. It’s Spuds who dominate the three lions. The deserve all the blame if the lions fall out. I don’t think the last St. Totteringham Day have mentality effect at any Spuds men because they get all used to it. It’s like your destiny even when you are not born yet (LOL!)
    Harry Kane probably in the process of burn out. That was happened to TH14 once at 2002 World Cup. Well, can’t say I’m not happy with it if it’s become reality. So, what the hell Roy is waiting for? Unleash Vardy, so we all can see whether he still has the goals mantra or it’s gone already.

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