Arsenal will pay record wage to sign stunning striker

The end of this current season will see two of Arsenal´s key players enter the final two years of their contracts and that is something that Arsene Wenger and the club are determined to not let happen anymore with our best players, after we were forced to say goodbye to stars like Robin van Persie in the past.

Both Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil have contracts with Arsenal up until 2018 and the way that the German play maker and the Chilean forward are playing at the minute, we really can not afford to risk losing them. So according to a Daily Mail report, Wenger is planning to break the current salary record to make Alexis the highest paid player at the club and tie him to a new long term deal.

The superb striker, who was the star of the show as Arsenal beat Manchester United in our last Premier League outing, is currently on around £130,000 a week and that is about £10,000 a week less than his German team mate, but this new deal, if Alexis agrees to sign it, will make him the club’s top earner.

There is no mention of a new deal for Ozil though, but I’m sure that is in Wenger’s thoughts as well. Maybe he wants to get Alexis signed up first, as the top earner, and then give his number 11 a pay rise to bring him in line. Do you think they deserve to be getting the same amount or should Alexis be out on his own because of what he offers the team?

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  1. I think in Jan. we should try to sign Sadio Mane..can play anywhere across the front three,great work rate..he would definitely improve us on the bothersome right there were reports of our interest in him back in the summer window..

  2. Who is the stunning striker we are about to sign? Shouldn’t the title read that Arsenal are about to extend Alexis Sanchez’s contract? Why go through the mischievous lengths of trying to frame an inaccurate title to get readers? How does this help in anyway? The article still sucks.
    **I think instead of trying to deceive readers, you should try to be creative by creating a like and dislike button for articles themselves (not just comments) so I could thumb down this article to show my vehement disgust**
    I have no respect for this sort of garbage. Show some respect to people reading this crap by at least creating an honest title to match the article.

    I think the title of this article is RUBBISH, deceitful and is an insult to many readers intelligence.

    1. I would agree with ya but I must admit I knew exactly what I was clicking before it even came up, this story was yesterday and combine that with the fact of the transfer window not open yet I feel I would have been gullible to believe otherwise.

  3. Exactly. Misleading Title
    This always irritates me.
    No need for it. We are Arsenal and Alexis fans, we will click on the link anyway

    1. Yes Agreed.
      This Article is written by an AKB to create a hype for nothing.
      There is no Arsenal fan in the owrld who would not agree or support increase in wages for Alexis, and Ozil. But the article exploit the sentiments and wrote the title in a misleading way like Arsenal is in process of signing a top striker and ready to pay him very high wage.
      This is exactly like their boss and mentor, Arsene Wenger saying something meaning something else totally not relevant.
      Getting thumbs hi for this article was easy coz we all love Alexis, and Ozil.

  4. We need to pay our best players higher so as to motivate other members ot the team to try and reach their levels and also make our team attractive to world class players. COYG

  5. Although this article heading is different from what the subject in the article contains, I will say it’s better for Arsenal to extend the deals of their top players whose deals run into their last 2 years of expiration. If not extended, that could make the player and Arsenal vunerable to transfer bidding war attacks from other clubs. But on the money side, the club’s policy of no Gunners should earn more than the Boss should still be very much in place. Otherwise, Arsenal could become Barcelona FC and Real Madrid where some players there are believed to be earning more than their managers. In that wise, who is the master and the servant? I think the Boss may have to allow Arsenal Holding Plc Board of Directors to increase his own pay substantially before the January window, even if he doesn’t need it. Because such an increase in his own wage will embolding him to be signing high profile players like Neymar, Lewandoswki or their like for Arsenal even in this upcoming January window should the need arise to do so. The Boss pegging his weekly wage to 150K per week(not sure) has incapacitated him to sign any very top quality player for Arsenal whose pay should be less than 150K/week. And that has been difficult to find.

  6. Thing is we can’t go in the red so it needs doing with bonus involved. There is a lot of players that need to go out MA MF ? BFG should be benched the list is high. We don’t have a team in a team like Man U man city and so on. Little player at qpr could come to Arsenal you all no who he is. JC my god get him of the books or do a swoop with cash. I don’t even think we can do too 4 this season because Chelsea will be there man city Liverpool for shaw Man U it’s just going to be hard because we don’t have the players to rest our stars. CJ still at West Ham and far better then chambers and he can play RB CD DM CA go get him back

  7. Hypothetically Sanche is a striker. He plays there for Chile and has done for Arsenal.

    Anyway yes, Sanchez deserves whatever wage he thinks HE feels he deserves. Plays out of his skin the whole time and he delivers the end product. Cannot ask more from him.

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