Arsenal to bring Szczesny back for Stoke clash?

There is an interesting report from the Guardian last night that sounds like the reporter has been speaking directly to Wojciech Szczesny for his thoughts on whether he will be dropped by Arsenal next week in favour of David Ospina.

Here are a few quotes from the report to illustrate whyI think it has come straight from the Polish keeper:

Wojciech Szczesny expects to regain his place in the Arsenal team to face Stoke City on Sunday, despite the furore over him smoking a cigarette in the shower area of the dressing room after his most recent appearance…

……Szczesny has been fined by the club but there is no question of him being internally suspended…..

…… Szczesny, who did not play in Sunday’s 2-0 home win over Hull City in the FA Cup, believes that the incident will not influence the manager’s selection. The pair have always enjoyed a strong relationship…

……Wenger knows that Stoke will bring a direct and physical style and he must decide whether Ospina is the man to repel it. Southampton apart, Szczesny has been generally reliable this season.

So, does that sound like a conversation with Szczesny? Is Wenger likely to reinstate him so quickly despite his errors and the smoking incident, because they have a “strong relationship”?

It is certainly true that Wenger always seemed to favour Szczesny over Fabianski in previous years, no matter how well the older keeper played so I can see why he thinks Le Prof will give him another chance next week.

But I guess the crux of the matter depends on whether Wenger really does believe that Wojciech has been “generally reliable” other than the crazy antics against Southampton……

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  1. I think Arsenal are about to bring in Perrin and Carvalho. Both versatile and can play as a CB or DM.

      1. She wouldn’t get much sleep in MY bed! I mean…. can we concentrate on the football please. Comments like that put me off my stride!

          1. as predicted, Ospina was only allowed to play cuz it was a cup game…. as predicted, we would hear press statements like “szcesny has learnt his lesson” , “He’s been fined” , “He made a promise” …..bla bla bla…… Wenger ain’t a disciplinarian, infact it seems like he runs a charity home of udder suckling babies……. Can’t understand why he spoils these kids by sparing the rod!…… So really now ospina’s gonna live thru his days at Arsenal playing only cup games, quite sure wenger bought him for a resale value…… How arsenal have become a financial institution, a bank or an institute of chattered accountants, is beyond my imagination…… Gosh! I miss Highbury days

              1. szcesny was between the sticks weeks ago in the britannia…… U sucked it up and danced….didn’t u?…… Now if i may be excused

  2. Wenger plays his favourites whether in form or out of form. He only stops playing them when they get injured. That’s why good players like Podolsk’s, had to leave cause rotation is not part of Wenger’s philosophy.

    1. Podolski Campbell Park Bendtner
      Squilacci Santos Djourou Vemaelen
      Ryo Vela Sanogo Adebayor Senderos
      Arshavin and others were simply poor buys.
      This is at odds with those who say Wenger
      has an eye for talent. Mertz Monreal Arteta Giroud Flamini
      are solid at best none turned out to be outstanding.
      It is yet to be seen whether the UK bunch of
      Gibbs Wellbeck Wilshere Walcott and Ox and Ramsey will
      be more than njury prone potential. Ozil remains a mystery.
      As for keeping an injury wreck Diaby for years…
      Aside from Sanchez and occassional cameos from others
      Arsene has built the definitive 4th place champion side.

  3. Benched him!
    We need everyone to focus on winning the game not focus on social media.

    Ospina please.

  4. I am a huge fan of Szcz but his mistakes
    v Southampton were shocking.
    Wenger has a high opinion of Ospina
    so he needs to show faith in his summer purchase.
    It will also signal to Szcz that stupid mistakes will
    not be tolerated. I await the selection with interest.

    1. yeah, this decision will be a good barometer re how much wenger punishes (usually little) versus how much he forgives, nurtures & coddles (quite a lot usually)

    2. Like the mistakes against man united, West ham,Stokes,dortmund,Wigan etc
      You simply have a lamppost as a goalie. Saves nothing apart from straight balls. Consistently causing panic at the back.
      He should have been sold along with the likes of benthner,denilson, sendoros

  5. All managers have got favourites so I’ll guess Szczesny will play. All hands on deck Sunday.
    I see silent sam is to plow millions ontop of millions into a new franchise in LA to add to his London franchise,Us.Have we got to start losing money before he loses interest in our club?Maybe a bolt of lightning straight onto his irish jig would do the trick.I’ll let somebody else explain that cockney rhyming slang to our overseas brothers and sisters.
    A belated Happy N ew Ye ar to one and all.

    1. yeah, we wont be able to get rid of silent stan until arsenal starts losing money. that will be the only way to get rid of silent stan.

  6. Well, if you count out the penalties, the red cards, the goal kicks straight to the opposition, the rushing out into no man’s land, the bad save ratio, the late reaction to shots and the mistakes leading to goals, Sczszesny has been playing pretty well this season

    1. every penalty against us is an automatic goal when the Pole is on net, it pisses me off. It is almost as if he doesn’t work on trying to stop a penno, or try to study the opposing team penno kicker to get at least a chance of a save…not saying that he should stop every penalty, but at least 1 every once in a while wouldn’t hurt…

      1. Udinese away CL qualifier? Thats the last one I can remember actually, but tbf it was a mighty important save.

        Despite the fact Ospina had about 1 save to make vs Hull the other night his presence and distribution was a joy to behold compared to Szczęsny. Good punch on the early cross away from danger, good catch later to relieve pressure, and all around very good throws and kicks. I am keeping my fingers crossed he gets a good run in the team he is no no.2 and competition for places usually brings out the best in keepers.

  7. Its funny , David Ospina is actually a much better goalkeeper compared to Szczesny , Szczesny is too naive and immature i can imagine David Ospina spent his New years eve with his Family and celebrated it with them with champagne and Szczesny went out got absolutely smashed smoked some fags and crashed at gibbos house.

    Im Colombian myself and im telling you Alexis Ospina & Santi probably have the best Football attitude than the rest of the whole squad, They are real professionals.

    1. One of Ospina’s strong points is the aerial game, he’s very good at going for the ball on crosses/corners/free kicks…the Pole, although very tall, doesn’t have that much succes when he gets out of his line…

  8. Deserves an extended spell on the bench.

    Has always had a questionable attitude (unworthy arrogance), but in 4 years as our number 1 his progression has been far from meteoric. And please nobody point to last years golden glove as some nation of his superiority, just don’t, we know he wasn’t best GK in the league last season.

    De Gea has gotten much better in a shorter span of time. Argue each player develops differently, that’s fine I’ll agree, however 4 years as number 1?? Doesn’t deserve that at Arsenal football club for me.

    1. Well put. Totally agree with this, his progression has been pretty low and he’s still making his backline insecure at times (especially in away games).

      Szczesny obviously got the golden glove due to the streak of fantastic performances by the BFG-Koscielny pairing. Kos gets injured, and straight away BFG and Szczesny got a little bit exposed. Time to give Ospina a run, definitely a good signing and I read he’s doing good in training aswell.

  9. Its good to have competition in every position. It encourages player to work hard. But competition does not help if you have a biased manager like AW who has already made up his mind on whom to play. Those who out remain out no matter they try everything to impress , he simply ignores them and leaves them in the cold .

  10. Drop this guy and start Ospina. He needs to be taught a lesson that his place is not granted in the team. How many more mistakes do this guy need to commit to realize that ? But for Stoke yeah, i would not mind starting Scez as we need a tall GK who can clear/collect the crosses amongst their big players. But after that, give him a hukkah and make him sit on the bench.

  11. I did ask Wojciech and Jack to chain smoke in the Stoke changing room before the game. But then realised as a Pub team Stoke would feel right at home.

  12. Szczesny will be back because logic and common sense has no place at Arsenal.
    If it was, we would have won more leagues and may be a CL by then.

    It is even clear that Szczesny is an avid smoker and oblige in the comfort of his own surrounding (and so is Wilshere).

    I think it is not even predictable because the players are not “afraid” to disappoint.
    I don’t think you will see players smoke under Mourinho or Van Gaal “supervision” and management… That would not just happen because they know the consequences would be severe.

    Wenger is a father figure and you cannot manage or coach (since he does not that is fine) young players who see you as their “daddy” because they will rebel.
    None of them are scared of Wenger and as matter of fact as long as they are paid (gracefully) they would not give a f*ck about the French manager.

    Players like Sanchez are doing their job surrounded by a “bunch” of average players. Like the other “jewels” we had, as soon as a top club comes calling he will be on his way. We are used to it and it is part of the Arsenal culture since trophies, major trophies are not a priority.

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