Arsenal to buy ANOTHER striker after Vardy – Goodbye Walcott?

You can’t help but believe that Arsene Wenger really is going to go all out this summer to do his utmost to make Arsenal League Champions next season. Just the fact that he is trying to plug all the deficiences in the squad will go a long way to showing his detractors that he is absolutely serious about winning trophies with the Gunners, and no longer just desperately trying to scrape into the Top Four to make money for Silent Stan.

Xhaka was a brilliant start, and this has swiftly been followed by the move on Leicester’s Jamie Vardy. Olivier Giroud, who stands to lose more than most by the arrival of the Foxes hitman, has stated that he is happy that Vardy is coming and he knows that the 29 year-old is keen to join the Gunners. “I have been told that Jamie wants to join us and it’s very good news for us. I think we can be complimentary and that’s all I can say,” Olly said. “He’s a fantastic player, so it’s good news for us.”

But it’s his following quote that has got me even more excited. By his words it would seem that Arsene Wenger has told him to expect even more competition for the centre-forward role. “As I said in the past I am happy with competition,” he continued. “We have always had fantastic strikers at Arsenal and I want the best for this club. Hopefully he is going to help us win this title.

“The boss [Arsene Wenger] wanted to sign at least one or two strikers, so I expected a top striker and I think it will benefit the club and hopefully he is going to score a lot of goals like he did at Leicester.”

Could Wenger really be aiming to bring in another top hitman? If so I think this can mean only one thing…. Walcott will be shown the door!


  1. Yes goodbye Walcott, Vardy will replace him as homegrown. Now if we are indeed getting 2 strikers then this is where it would make a lot of sense getting Morata who is younger with more room for improvement after sealing Vardy for your experience and who is PL proven.

  2. I hope this is really true, we actually need 2 strikers because we have none … Giroud and Walcott out …

    1. I really would like to see Mkhitaryan join. We can play the following ways.

      4-4-2 Diamond
      Alexis – Vardy
      Carz – Mkhi
      Mon – Kos – Gab – Bel

      If under pressure to much we can switch to 4-2-3-1 and play counter attack.

      Alex – Ozil – Mkhi
      Xhak – Car
      Mon -Kos – Gab -Bel

      Mkhitaryan purchase to be funded with sale of both Walcott & Oxlade which should get us him and a good Centre Back

      1. I am also quite excited by the Mkhitaryan rumours coz after Ozil he is probably the best play maker around- but a couple of points

        1- Is the wing his best position; a lot of ppl argue that his current form is because he has started playing centrally (anyone watching bundesliga who can comment)

        2- What about Iwobi- will it not stunt his growth?

        3- Agree to sell Walcott at any cost. Keep the OX and with the sales money spend big on a CB. Get an under the radar striker signed and we are sorted

        Getting Mkhitaryan may also mean that Ozil is moving – just speculating

        1. If you watched him this season he has played over75% of his games on the right. With him also excelling in that position then it can be argued that it his is new position

  3. Think Wenger is reacting to the way fans reacted last season. I’m so excited. Vardy, Xaha, maybe kante. just then a cb then we set to go.

    Waited long for this as a gunner. I’m so so so excited. wow

  4. It is possible cause there is a report Arsenal have agreed personal terms with a Croatian striker; Colak…..

    If all this is true, can’t wait to see who gets the axe…
    Walcott….in that particular order
    Walcott is the least likely to go..

  5. ——-Vardy, Giroud(Janssen)—–
    ———–Xhaka, Carzola————–
    —-Monreal, Kocsielny, Belleirin—

    That’s what we may end up playing 2016/17
    That means Walcott bye is for real!!

    1. Can’t see is play 3 at the back, suicide, expecially with Bellerin that likes to go up.

      1. Not just that- one CB in a back 3- literally the worst suggested lineup I’ve ever seen- we might score more but we’d be conceding 2-a-game to clubs in the Championship, probably League 1.

  6. Walcott must look at the likely Vardy signing and think “where has it all gone wrong?”

    Yes he’s been unlucky with injuries. Yes he’s probably been mismanaged. But ultimately he only has himself to blame for where he is now – on the outside of first team football at Arsenal and England, looking in. I still think he can turn it around but completely understand why others don’t. I’d love to see him stay at Arsenal next season and prove his detractors wrong. He has the talent to be first choice by Christmas – his best season was every bit as good as Vardy’s this year. But does he want it enough? Only he can say. So frustrating.

  7. I still wonder why some won’t just forget about Giroud n instead keep putting him in their potential line up even if it means starting with just 3 defenders…
    FFS Giroud should join Walcott out n we get another striker along with Vardy.

    1. Giroud is great when we play against a team that likes to sit back. He can hold up and use his length and strength. We would be stupid to sell him now. Plus we need to integrate all these new players into the team.

      Striker wise we will have: Giroud, Vardy, Welbeck and Akpom.

      1. Giroud is no great and will never be … Don’t you all try to polish him so much …

      1. @Sam….

        …..On a lighter mood, now that we have Vardy and probably Colak wrapped up…do you still need a striker?????…as per your username….**smiles**

  8. and who says walcott’s exactly Leaving?

    Rumours are flattered to decieve L()L
    & i wouldn’t be surprised if vardy doesn’t sign for arsenal at the end of the day even…..Benzema….Higuain….vidal is Lesson enough

  9. I knew this was coming. I mean the post or article whatever is it. He said One or two. Let’s again read it loud , one “OR” two.I don’t personally think Wenger would sign 2 striking options in a single window with welbeck still at the bench. If Wenger signs Vardy I would love him to replace Giroud upfront and FFS please sell Walcott. I already had enough of him. The wages he is getting he must be in transfer list. On such contract we might have someone like Mikhityar or even Carraso.

  10. I expect Akpom to go back out on loan, Sanogo needs to get some confidence so more than likely loan again, i am afraid Campbell may be sold through no fault of is own, what to do with ox and walcott both had injuries and were brought back too soon, in truth i do not see either going

  11. Anyone else think it was a bit strange that Giroud spoke on a transfer like this. He didn’t say anything about the Xhaka signing before it got done. Whenever it is a striker rumour, he always sounds like he is fearing it or is under a type of pressure. I don’t think Arsenal will have liked that he said he wants to join, it’s not done yet, allot can go wrong.

    1. Giroud knows more about football then you and me. So if he is speaking then it must be done.

      On the Higuain/Vidal saga: The manager did not speak; Ranieri has accepted that the bid has come in and they are powerless.

  12. I don’t see Wenger signing another striker this window, it will be very Unwenger like. I think he will go for a CB and wrap up our activity in the market. Maybe he could go for an attacking midfielder at the end of the window if a quality player is available to snatch up.

    1. You’ve got a point and I partly agree but. This isn’t really been a wenger style window so far so I wouldn’t be surprised if this one was different

  13. Well it’s a good thing that He is buying players before the window closes and I hope all these buys will pay off cause enough is enough the fans will be quite happy if He does win a trophy for the club. Yes win a trophy for the club so Mourinho’s cloud hovering over his head will be off.

  14. Signing Jamie Vardy will be a big boost for the team and buying Milik or Jansenn will be awesome.

    But I think Wenger isn’t trying to force Walcott out, rather, he wants Theo to stay on the Wing.

  15. If we get another signing it will be a young quality striker u21 eg gabigoal, Embolo, the Argentinian lad we linked with

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