Arsenal to buy Real Madrid star? Seriously?

A major coup for Arsenal to sign Modric? by Neil Watson

One of my pet hates is poor sports journalism. Sadly we are surrounded by it and, like a lot of you, I tend to buy into the back page transfer rumours in order to make me feel positive about the future. Sadly, as is so often the case, it’s complete and utter boolocks.

The press know as fans, not just Arsenal ones, we love to read that “Wenger considers Suarez Switch” followed by some utter claptrap that Arsene Wenger is weighing up a swap deal plus cash involving Luis Suarez and Lacazette which is about as likely as Danny Welbeck winning the golden boot at Russia 2018!

This morning’s latest nonsense comes in the form an article written in The Sun that Luka Modric might be involved in a sensational switch to north London for £53million….Let that sink in.
Who pays £53million for a 32 year old to ‘rebuild’ their midfield?

So, with that in mind, the stories about Jack going to Everton, Ramsay going to Chelsea….. really? If you believe what you read, and we especially know this with Wenger, very few clubs offload multiple high profile players in one transfer window. They may move 2 out, perhaps a maximum of 3, but if the papers are to believed Ramsay, Cech, Jack, Xhaka and Bellerin are all leaving (5 players!!) and not too many similarly high profile players are coming in, save for Real Madrid’s 32 year old midfielder who would be as likely to freshen things up as a soiled pair of Mustafi’s undies.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d be thrilled to see Xhaka, Cech and Bellerin on their toes, moderately pleased if Jack and Ramsay went, but let’s not kid ourselves in order to sell them and replace them with better would mean a summer outlay in excess of £100 million… Arsenal.

Media bullsh*t is a huge industry that so many of us buy into. I recently phoned Talksport to discuss something on air and while on hold watch the balance of my pay as you go plummet. By the time I had been put through I’d paid £3 for the privilege of rowing with that Spud idiot Adrian Durham. His outrageous statements are made purely to motivate fans to react, to pick up the phone and hold while the Talksport cash counter is racking up the pennies.

Newspaper back page headlines grab your attention and convince you to buy them, hoping that something John Cross says might eventually be true. The law of averages says ‘eventually’ one thing might come from his column that has the smallest amount of truth in it.

And so, despite being a sucker for this nonsense myself, I am struggling to imagine Modric lining up for Arsenal next season just as I am visualising an image of Comrade Welbeck receiving his prolific goal scoring award from the honourable President Putin…

Neil Watson


  1. Sue says:

    32 years old???? Oh come on, I want someone much younger!! Yes he’s good, but we’re better than that surely

  2. GB says:

    @Neil Watson. Best article for ages by far. ?✌??
    So true that we all get sucked in to “it’s in the Telegraph so it must be true” and similar stuff.

    1. Jaydawg says:

      Agreed, enjoyed this read. Bravo Sir!

      To think that the media spins that Arsenal don’t have a plan in place at all and that Arsenal react slowly to contracts etc. Obviously Arsenal seem to allow contract negotiations to go on for far too long. But this is down to the club’s business modal and penny pinching. The club is a multi million pound business they have a plan they just don’t share it with the fans or the media so we make up things. For instance it wouldn’t be inconcivable that they began negotiations with Jack years ago but low balled him every 6months or so. In the meantime of all of Jack’s rejections, they scouted players that would cost less in contract fees and hopefully better.

      1. Jaydawg says:

        Jack was an example. Ozil is a case in point that would have been tied up long ago but timing on announcement is everything. Media we as left guessing and the player was actually happy to stay.

        So Modric story is a load of poo and more than 2 top players will not leave in one window lol

  3. Muff diver says:

    Laughable rumour
    32 an ex Tottenham
    Never happen

    However Moley an expressive are adamant our first choice is allegri an we spoke to him before the Tottenham juve games ..both sides keen

    Please Allah Buddha Tupac
    Make it so

  4. Scubagooner says:

    I can see pogba, shaw and mata leaving utd this summer. In my opinion all at the right price could be good options.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    If Tott weren’t a CL team these days then Modric would join Arsenal.
    He does not come across like a Podolski or Szczesney type character were they take it seriously and become fans of the club long after leaving the playing part of sport.

    Modric is a R Madrid player, Tott was only a means to an end for him, if it wasn’t Madrid it would have been anyone in England, higher up, depending on his contractual circumstance. Maybe he might appreciate how Tott served him up to Madrid, but playing regular football and earning an end of career type salary might murky the water a bit.

    I see him going to Tott if they call (Also Pep/City interest I see coming), but will he drop Dembelle or Dele to give him his minutes, Dembelle would not stick around and he’s good at a bit of everything, he helps Tott scrap their way out of trouble. Dele Alli is a very good player, plays a little higher up, though he’s a bit overrated other than his goals-coring prowess.

    Modric is twice the ability of both of those players when we’re talking about the stuff that they’re good at, an amazing talent and a player all kids should aspire to be like in some ways. Perfect replacement for Cazorla, if we are looking for something similar, and like Cazorla he learned how to roll up his sleeves and get busy with the gritty. His age along with the money been mooted is making this rumour sounding very paper made. I wouldn’t mind having Modric for a season or two, we’ve all seen the difference Cazorla’s absence has made, we loose balance and composure so easily without him. Right now we found some again but for how long?.

  6. Grandad says:

    N,diti of Leicester is the type of defensive midfielder we should be seeking.He was impressive again today against Chelsea and has been consistent all season.

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