Arsenal to cement EPL top 4 before Internationals?

Arsenal have got the impetus now and are looking in a pretty strong position to get that Wenger trophy once more, although if the Gunners can win two more games at Wembley we might have to think about calling the FA cup the Wenger trophy.

The confidence that our Premier League record in 2015, combined with the Gunners ending the long wait for an Old Trafford victory last night, has given the players should not be underestimated and we can really set down a massive marker in our two remaining EPL games before the next international break coming up after next weekend.

On Saturday we play host to West Ham and none of the teams around us play until later, meaning that three points for Arsenal will really ramp up the pressure, lifting us to within a single point of Man City, four clear of Man United, six clear of Liverpool, seven ahead of the spuds and eight better off than Southampton.

With Man City away to Burnley, Chelsea hosting the Saints, Spurs going to Old Trafford and Rodgers taking Liverpool to his old club Swansea, the chances of dropped points are very good. And then next we travel to Newcastle while United travel to Liverpool. If things go our way, it could be a very happy bunch of Gunners that break up for the internationals.

Have the Arsenal boss and his players done it again?

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  1. Hafiz Rahman says:

    not only our players are complacent….

    even the fans are complacent….

    nothing is confirmed till we officially qualify…

    till the last wire

  2. cheeterspotter says:

    Your guessing results like I do the same on a sat to try and win the lottery. I still can’t win.I wonder why?

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      its easier to win money by betting on Arsenal results…

      1. Budd says:

        Just like you did before United game. Feck off already.

  3. goonereri says:

    As long as we win our games we will be fine. Our rivalry teams lose is more of a bonus

  4. Andrew U says:

    Where would Arsenal be if they had a goalkeeper like David De Gea?

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      no much of a Diff, prob in City position?

      we dont have a proper Striker to score goals….

    2. xi_gunner says:


  5. MK3-Cazorrrrrrllllllaa says:

    What is the need to think about the internationals…from right now….just focus on West Ham and Monaco at the most… top 4, we will be there as always but not sure which position we will finish…….so wait, pray and watch…!!

  6. FFFanatic says:

    IF results went our way we could walk into the international break looking like this:

    Chelsea 63
    Arsenal 60
    City 58
    United 55
    Liverpool 52
    Spurs 51

    That’d be nice wouldn’t it? More then likely though you’ll see something more like:

    Chelsea 69
    City 64
    Arsenal 60
    Liverpool 57
    United 54
    Spurs 54

    Still not gonna complain. If we win our games, good things will happen. We just need to keep winning.

  7. fred cowardly says:

    I agree. After a bad start to season, this season could end up decent. We should take it one game at a time

    It’s possible to win the FA Cup
    It’s possible to finish in the top 3
    I’m not giving up hope with Champions League. Schalke gave me hope last night by beating Madrid and finishing 4-5 on aggregate. They nearly did it.

    So keep hope alive. Don’t be down
    We are in a much better position than we were a few months ago.
    Lets take each game as they come and who knows?

  8. goonergaz2000 says:

    What we need to do is to just win our matches and everything else will look after itself

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